Wanna Earn $42,879 In Next 30 Days By Doing Nothing?

Seriously??? Are you going to believe that? Do you think it is possible to earn that amount if you are just starting away?…. And that too by doing nothing??? Duhhh!!

If you are looking to earn that kind of money immediately, then let me save you some time.  Stop reading & go back. You will not earn that much with my recommendation because it focuses on earning money realistically. 


Watch this video on how getting a proper training on affiliate marketing and implementing it can make you “REALISTIC” money.

What People Say ?

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Is Anyone Earning Money?

These are not fake screenshots. These are real earning by real members of wealthy affiliate. And no, they did not make that money overnight. 

Wealthy Affiliate has different people from all different walks of life are experiencing success – from a 21 year old to a homemaker mother to a retired pensioner, everyone is making money by learning and implementing the approaches given in the training at wealthy affiliate.

The best part is that once you get going with affiliate marketing it grows exponentially fairly quickly and takes less effort to keep the business running. I think of it like an engine, it takes more energy to get the engine started than it does to keep it going and once it gets going – less energy is required to keep it going.

The best part is you can try this system for FREE for 7-days. Just click the button below and get on the same train as these people above.


Affiliate marketing is earning commission by selling other people’s products. You get commission ranging from 5% to 75% of the product cost and you don’t even need to worry about keeping the inventory, shipping or handing returns/refunds. 

You don’t even need a website to sell. However, that approach is for the experienced affiliate marketers.

If you are just starting then you may want to create your own authority website and sell products through your own website.  

You can either wait for the organic traffic through SEO (longer but free approach) or run paid ads and bring traffic to your website and sell the products to earn commission.

Absolutely yes. You only need a proper step by step training to do both, and who else other than ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ is suited for this job?

Wealthy affiliate has been producing successful affiliate marketers for the past 15 years. 

They will teach you everything step by step. Starting from how to choose a niche and develop a website to how to do SEO and paid ads to promote your website.

Everything is covered step-by-step along with the assignments to implement your learning. 

With your membership, you pretty much get everything included to start and promote your authority website to earn money.

Everything that is needed to learn and implement is inclusive. 

Following points are just a tip of the iceberg.

  • All inclusive faster than the fastest hosting for 10 websites (1 website free during your free membership). That’s 10 online shops to sell products and earn commissions.
  • 50 step-by-step training sessions (both text & video based) along with the assignments to implement the learning.
  • Weekly live training and recordings of all live training sessions over the period of 8+ years.
  • A keyword research tool & a text editor to proofread your articles.
  • 24x7x365 customer support if you get stuck technically.
  • Opportunity to interact, ask questions, network with the successful affiliate members in the group (My favorite part).
  • And 40+ total features.

You can use this training, create your authority website, include your commission links in the website and promote using free and/or paid methods to make realistic money.

Don’t worry, everything is taught inside ‘Wealthy Affiliate’.

Let me answer this question by asking another question. Do two people doing the same business earn exactly the same? No right? It depends on the time and effort that you put into this.

It has tremendous potential for earning. Look at the screenshot in the previous section. Someone is earning $1000/day while other is earning $500. Some may be earning less than $500 and some may be earning more than $1000 per day.

Some start earning within a month and some take a few months to start earning their first dollar. 

I am earning mid four figures per month and I took 4 months to earn my first dollar. 

So in short, it depends on your effort level, the time you put, and the products that you select to sell. 

If you are looking for one of the following then affiliate marketing is not for you.

  1. Get rich overnight.
  2. Earn unrealistic 5 figures in 48 hrs or a week.
  3. Earn by just pushing a button. In other words, with zero efforts.

Trust me. If someone is promising that then you will only lose money in trying that. None of the get rich now methods work overnight.

With affiliate marketing, you will not make a lot of money overnight, but you will make it for sure if you are persistent and don’t quit.

Well, there are two levels of memberships.

  1. Free membership: It is absolutely free for 7 days. You get 10 sessions out of 50 and 1 website included. You don’t even need to provide your credit card.
  2. Premium Membership: The premium membership is all inclusive membership. 

Premium membership costs you $49/month or $495/year (That’s just $1.35/day or almost $100 off). 

If you upgrade within 7 days of your free membership then you can get it just for $19 instead of $49.

Unlike others, there are absolutely no upsells over your monthly (or yearly) fees.

Absolutely not. Everything is included in your membership.

Well, except for one thing. The domain cost for your website hosting. 

You can either import your own domains that you already have or purchase one here. 

The domain cost goes to the domain provider, hence it is not included in the members cost. 

If you have yearly premium then one .com domain is included in your membership. Not only you save on yearly membership but save on domain cost of one website too.

That’s highly unlikely as people are with Wealthy Affiliate for over 10-12 years.
But just in case, you are not satisfied then during the free membership period you don’t have to worry at all. Your membership stays intact at 10 sessions and you won’t be charged.
If you decide to stop during the premium membership then just cancel the membership a few days before your next billing cycle starts.
You don’t get a refund for any unused portion if you decide to cancel your membership in between.
So the best approach is to go monthly for the first three months and upgrade to yearly if you are satisfied.

How To Get Started?

Just click on the button below and sign up using your email id for the free membership. No credit card is required.

After signing up, create your profile, go to the training section and start with the first training. If you get stuck, I will be available inside to help you along with millions of helping members from all over the world.

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