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4 Online Business Facts That Nobody Tells You


Everyone wants to quit a job that they have and start earning from the comfort of home. Everyone wants to become a millionaire and that too tomorrow and with zero efforts. In short, people want to earn loads of cash by simply doing nothing. People are taking advantage of this impatient human nature. Today I am going to tell you 6 online business facts that you must know before starting an online business.

Many people use webinars to promote their businesses. If you attend any webinar on how to earn 6-7 figures by doing nothing then you will see a common pattern.

  1. The presenter was broke. He/she couldn’t even afford the rent of the place and had a family to feed.
  2. He/she tried many businesses but ended up increasing the debt beyond repayment.
  3. Then he/she started with the online business that he is promoting,
  4. Soon (typically within 90 days) he started earning millions of dollars. He/she not only cleared all debts but now has a Ferrari and a private jet. He/she is always traveling the world. (Thankfully, the vacations to the moon are not started yet).
  5. Now he/she wants to help you in becoming a millionaire. Hence, he/she has developed a system which “anybody” can follow and become a millionaire.
  6. Usually, the cost of that system is worth $100,000 but just because he/she likes your efforts of going through the 1 hr webinar, you will get the same system for $1000 only.

Give me a high five if you have wasted money on such schemes. I have wasted money like this. If you have already wasted money like this then my sympathies are with you. Nothing much can be done about it now. But if you are just starting into the online money world then read this post and make yourself aware of the harsh realities of online businesses.

1. Online Business Require Equal Effort Like A Real Offline Business

People get into online business because they think that they can earn thousands of dollars by putting almost zero efforts. That’s how they get lured into doing online business. Here are some sneaky promises these online businesses do to get you investing in their business.

  • Our generous compensation plan gives you multiple ways to earn thousands of dollars in 48 hrs.
  • Quit your boring 9-5 job and join our plan to earn 4 times your salary
  • Work for just 4 hrs per week and become a millionaire.
  • No experience needed. Even a person with an average IQ can follow our steps and earn thousands.

Then they show the testimonials of their current subscribers earning thousands of dollars every week by doing nothing. Their presentations are so good that you will take out your credit card and join their company, business or plan. You won’t even think twice to check the credibility of the plan.

I won’t blame you if you do it. But soon you will realize that all such unrealistic promises are unreal in reality. Online businesses require almost equal efforts like any physical business. Sure, you don’t have to go out in the sun but by no means, the efforts are less. In fact, here is a gist of various activities that you need to do regularly to grow your online business. No matter which business you do online, you have to do most of these activities.

2. The Income Proof Testimonials Can Be Fake

People show the screenshots of WhatsApp chats, Facebook posts, bank deposits of their members to convince you. DO NOT GET FOOLED BY THESE SCREENSHOTS. It is very easy to create fake screenshots of Whatsapp chats, Facebook posts or text messages. In fact, creating a fake screenshot of anything very easy. I can create a screenshot of one million dollars in my bank account even if I don’t have a penny in reality.

I am not going to teach you how to do that but here is a screenshot of Mr. Donald Trump appreciating my efforts by starting the online money reality website to warn others 😉 Of course it is a fake screenshot.

Fake FB post

3. Getting Refund Can Be Pain In The …

Most of the programs offer you a money-back guarantee but when it comes to getting that refund, things can get ugly.

I have personally faced this issue a few times. I have written a review of the backlink indexer where I had faced this issue. Do read it to understand how getting a refund can be frustrating.

Many times the refund process is straight forward. But there may be some fine prints that you need to fulfill for getting a refund. You lose not only the time but also the peace of mind in getting that refund.

It is difficult to get hold of these people as everything is online. So don’t invest anything unless you understand their refund policy completely.

Pro Tips: Take the screenshot of their refund guarantee. Always pay using your PayPal id wherever possible. Always ask for a refund at least 3-4 days before the expiry of the trial period.

4. Earning Thousands Of Dollars In Short period Is NOT Possible

Online businesses take time. Don’t be fooled by such ads. If you are just starting with an online business then you must give time to establish it.scam offers

If you are starting it today then YOU WILL NOT EARN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WITHIN 48 hrs, or 2 weeks or 1 month. In fact, in the initial few months, you may not earn a penny.

I bet nobody told you this fact before. I have been doing this for the last 5+ years. You may either take my word and change your expectations about online business or get the experience yourself and then change your opinion 🙂

Does That Mean Everything Online Is A Scam?

No. All online businesses are not a scam. As I mentioned earlier, online businesses take time. You will not become successful overnight.

Then are all those overnight success stories fake? Well, they may not be. But there are more failure stories than these success stories. Nobody talks about them.

Remember one thing if online business offers are too good to be true, then they probably are. As I keep saying, If you are starting today then you will not earn thousands of dollars tomorrow, but you will surely earn them if you are persistent, consistent and don’t quit in between.

There are hundreds of ways to earn money online. Do read my post 4 realistic ways to earn money online for more details. I do recommend affiliate marketing. Beware of people who will try to loot you by promising you thousands of dollars withing one-week using affiliate marketing. Don’t fall for their fake offers.

You can learn affiliate marketing step by step and implement your learning. You will not earn from day one but you will start earning for sure 🙂

Did I miss anything? Do let me know in the comments 🙂


8 thoughts on “4 Online Business Facts That Nobody Tells You”

  1. Yes very interesting, can you tell me where I should go to start an online business, I haven’t got much money to start one ? and I dont know how to run an online business would you help me ?

    • Thank you Mark.
      Glad that you asked this question. Though I can surely help you but I don’t have enough bandwidth to teach you. Instead, would you be interested in learning affiliate marketing step by step? If yes, then create your FREE account at wealthy affiliate and get started with the training. You can try this platform free for seven days. If you find any value then you may take up the premium membership.

  2. The funny thing is that fake Donald Trump tweet isn’t the craziest tweet that he’s posted this week alone! Nice job with that BTW. To your point about online businesses, or any business for that matter… there is no free ride. For any business to get off the ground whether it’s an online business or a lemonade stand there is a requirement…WORK. It’s going to take effort… blood, sweat & tears. Anyone entering any business thinking that they can “mail it in” and be successful is delusional and will get the results that they deserve/earned.

    • LOL Bob. I do agree about Mr. Trump. Hope people realize that there are no free meals and correct their expectations. They will surely succeed 🙂

  3. Wealthy people rely on multiple streams of income. That’s what building an online business is all about. Building up your brand by consistently and actively putting out valuable and very focused content through various forms of social media. That means knowing how to build and publish well-researched content, videos, infographics, Instagram posts, and more. There is a learning curve involved but once you get to the point that it all becomes second nature to you, then you’ll know how to employ it over and over again. Rinse and repeat. Internet marketers don’t rely on just one site, they have multiple sites and many, many landing pages.

    • Thank you for adding the point that was missed by me 🙂 Learn, rinse and repeat. It will be fairly easy to implement it once you know how to do it.

  4. I am just starting my own business, and it is very important for me to get advice or informational help from knowledgeable people. Thanks for sharing the tips. I hope they will help me!


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