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7 Qualities Of Successful People: How Many Do You Have?


#1 money earning recommendationPlease don’t confuse these ‘7 Qualities Of Successful People’ with the ‘7 Habits Of Highly Effective People’ from the book by Stephen Covey. That’s a wonderful book and everyone who wants to be a successful person has read those 7 habits. Those of you who haven’t read them, here is a gist of 7 habits of highly effective people.

Yes, the habits mentioned in the book are important, no doubt. But to succeed in business, a few more qualities are needed along with these 7 habits. These are the qualities that these successful people have developed over the period. Some were born with them and some developed them.

So if you think, you don’t have these qualities inf you then think again. You too can develop these qualities. Let’s see these qualities.

1. They Have Patience & Persistence

Trust me, if you don’t have patience and persistence and think you cannot develop them, you should not even think about starting any business. Sorry for being blunt, but patience and persistence are non-negotiable qualities.

Successful people knew that they will not become successful overnight. Did you know that the apple company was founded in 1976 in a garage and it was pretty much struggling till the late 80s? Look at Apple today. Imagine if Steve Jobs had lost patience in the first year or two, you wouldn’t be boasting about your apple products today.

His rival, Bill Gates said, “Patience Is A Key Element Of Success”.

I mentioned persistence along with patience because these two qualities go hand in hand. Patience without persistence is useless. If you are not persistent towards your goal then no matter how long you wait, you will never get there.

2. They Find Time

How many times have you said this to yourself? man, I’m so busy. I don’t have time.

Ok. If you want to become successful then I want you to stop saying that going forward. Are you busier than Bill Gates? Did you know that Bill Gates plays bridge? He always found time to play it even when he was busy with Microsoft.

Let’s just assume that we divided the entire wealth in this world equally among all people. Do you think it will remain that way forever? certainly not. People who make the best use of their time will grow their wealth compared to those who don’t.

Every person on this planet has the same 24 hrs. You just need to make better use of it. Successful people find time for the things that must be done.

You must stop procrastinating and prioritize your tasks to find that time. If it is still not possible then get up early and get those things done which are pending due to lack of time. Sleep is anyway overrated.

No matter what you do, find time to get things done. Just like Bill Gates found time to play bridge.

3. They Don’t Procrastinate

Do you know how successful people make time mentioned in point 2? by staying organized. They set their goals and break down the tasks in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly tasks. At any point, they know what they are going to do next.Procrastinate

They don’t procrastinate to complete these tasks. The tasks may take more time to complete but the reason won’t be procrastination for them.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of success. You may have all other best qualities to run a business but if you procrastinate then the success always stays away from you. Getting rid of procrastination is very important, so if you are affected by procrastination then I recommend taking this 21 days course to stop procrastinating permanently. Stop procrastinating and click that link now 🙂

4. They Never Stop Learning

Things change. Earlier they changed slowly but in this digital era, they change pretty fast. Successful people never stop learning. I am not only talking about learning from books. Sure that is important too, but life is the best teacher. Better than any university or college.

The lessons that you get practically must not be ignored. Never stop learning new things.

5. They Adapt To Changes

Did you know that Kodak once had 1700000 employees and 85% market shareholders of photo-printing paper worldwide? In 2012, it filed for bankruptcy. Kodak company failed because it failed to adapt to digital photography.

As mentioned above things change very quickly in this digital era. If you don’t stay updated then you become outdated. You cannot fight the wars of 2020 with the weapons of 1940 right?

6. They Take Care Of Their Health

Health is wealth. No matter how much money you earn if you are not in good shape to enjoy that then better don’t earn that money.  Here I am talking about both physical as well as mental health.

Successful people, they put their health first. They find time to take care of their health. Their diet includes healthy food and the schedule includes time to exercise and meditation.

Sure you may see some rich folks eating unhealthy food, drink till they vomit, smoke their lungs out, and so on but most of them got that money easily. Inherited or some illegal money.  You won’t find that with folks who work hard to become rich.

So always put your health first.

7. They Don’t Quit

Last but not least. Failures are part and parcel of businesses. Successful people know that. They don’t give up no matter what.

Do you know how many times Soichiro Honda failed before finally starting Honda Motors? 4 times. And they were not simple failures. He lost everything four times. They all were huge failures. Do read the story of Honda’s failures and success right here.  A normal person would have given up at the first big failure but not Mr. Honda.

This one quality you will find in every successful person. No matter what happens, they refused to quit.

As they say, ‘when the going gets tough, tough gets going’. Sometimes you don’t know how close you are from success. 

closer to success

Don’t Worry If…

You don’t have these qualities in you but it is important to work towards them. You will not acquire these overnight. It may take days, months, or sometimes even a lifetime.  There is no perfection in these qualities. You just need to become better than the last time concerning these qualities. Good luck, you can do it. Let me know in the comments section your challenges in achieving these qualities. Maybe we can try to find a solution together.

These qualities are important in becoming rich, however, selecting the right path also matters. Check out my #1 recommendation for earning money realistically. 

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10 thoughts on “7 Qualities Of Successful People: How Many Do You Have?”

  1. I just read your article…. word for word. You obviously are a good communicator. To be perfectly honest, I am familiar with Steven Covey’s book “7 Habits” but I have never read it all the way through. Just re-visiting those 7 points was helpful to me. Then there’s you and your article… I am moved by your candid, approach. So many people these days lack what was once known as a “Work Ethic”. They don’t understand that excellence demands a certain unfailing resolve that can not be moved. The balance in your article between hard work, rest, and clarity was very helpful to me. I truly wish you great success and I believe you’ll reach your goals! Thanks very much, you encouraged me today.

    • Hey Jim,
      Thank you very much for your kind words. I checked your website too, I loved that chocolate cupcake recipe. Gonna try that today.

  2. 7 qualities of successful people are tips we all should write down, I am going to write these down and tape them to my compute desk for motivation and a reminder. We often get discouraged when things are not going quickly enough for us, but as I have learned from this business patience is the one skill you must learn to succeed.


  3. It is so amazing how we look at people that have accomplished so much but what we need to realize is that they are just like us the only difference is their mindset. This has to do with the way they think. Sure they have failures and have challenges just like us but they never give up along with what you have listed is the keys or formula to having success. Thanks so much for sharing a well-detailed post that is so insightful. Great post that will inspire.

    • These qualities inspire me a lot. I have them printed and stuck next to my desktop. I am glad that others are getting inspired too 🙂 Thank you for stopping by Norman.

  4. Amazing list of things that I think everyone should apply to their everyday life. I personally try to stick to all 7 of them. I would be interested to see part 2 of this post.

    • Thank you Ladia for stopping by. Part 2 is not really on cards but I may come up with something else related to this.


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