9 tips & tricks for affiliate marketing

9 Pro Tips For Affiliate Marketing


I realized that I give a lot of pro tips in my articles on this website. Not everyone reads every post here so I decided to combine all those tips in one article. So here is the post with ‘Pro Tips For affiliate marketers’.

Remember that there is no particular order to these tips. Depending on what you do online, some tips at the bottom may be more useful to you than the tips at the top.

So here you go.

Tip #1: Make Making Money Your PassionMoney passion

This tip is related to affiliate marketing. People advise you to follow your passion and select the niche related to your passion and sell products in that niche.

It is the best way to follow your passion & make money online. This must be followed as far as possible


Sometimes, it is not possible or profitable to sell or find products related to your passion. Don’t give up on affiliate marketing. Make earning money your passion and select other niches that can make you money.

Tip #2:  Never Mix Your Drinks… I Mean Niches

This is a continuation of tip#1. If there are multiple niches capable of earning money for you, then DO NOT MIX THEM under one brand. Run them separately.  Create different websites for each of them.

Selling baby diapers and condoms under one brand will never going to work 🙂 I am sure you will agree to this.

Tip #3: Competition & Market Saturation Is A Myth

It is good to promote products with less competition, but don’t worry about the competition. There are 4 billion people on the internet. You don’t need more than a few hundred out of 4 billion to become successful.

Initial few days will be hard, but once it starts rolling money competition and market saturation myth gets destroyed. The problem with people is that they quit in the initial few days itself. DON’T QUIT, at least not for an initial couple of years.

Tip #4: Read This If You Are From Third World Countries

I personally hate that belittling term ‘third world countries’, but unfortunately that is a widely accepted term. If you are from third world countries then affiliate networks like ClickBank are not allowed. Even wealthy affiliate doesn’t accept affiliates from certain countries.

If you are from India then you can follow this article to signup with Clickbank. It may work for other countries too but I am not sure.

You can also register your company in T1 tier countries remotely and still run affiliate programs using the credentials of your company.

Tip #5: Track Your Traffic

Even though this world is full of good people, there are some $#@!@# who will try to cheat you, scam you at every possible step. You may purchase the traffic (especially from the solo ads provider) but if you don’t track it then these cheaters will send bot traffic to your link and you will lose money.

you can tackle these cons by using link trackers like clickmagick. With Clickmagick you can track how many are real clicks and how many are bot clicks. You can also track the percentage of T1 traffic that you are getting.  NEVER EVER USER PAY FOR TRAFFIC WITHOUT CLICKMAGICK.

track web traffic

Tip #6: Do Not Piss Off Your Email List

People love value. The same is true for your email list. They are real people who read your emails. Don’t just promote new products in every email and irritate your potential clients

Give more value. 2/3rd of my emails are non-promotional.

I usually build an email sequence in three parts. In the first email, I describe a problem in my niche area. In the second email, I propose a solution to solve that problem and in the third email, I promote the product to solve the problem.

I have a separate email sequence convincing to buy the product for people who open all three emails. They are warm leads and chances of them buying a product are more.

Tip #7: Google Ads Or Facebook Or…

This is a never-ending question. There are so many platforms where you can advertise. If you are an established brand then you must explore everything.

If you are just starting out, then start with Bing even though it has a smaller market share (just 4% in 2020).

There are 4.54 billion people on the internet. Even if you considered 25% of those who are interested in buying stuff, that makes it 1 billion people. 4% of one billion is 40000000 people. You just need a few hundred people to become successful 🙂

Tip #8: Don’t Accept The Upsells Blindly

Did you know that McDonald’s earns millions by simply asking one question, “Do you want fries with that?” It just costs you a few cents but McD earns millions.

This concept of upselling is very popular and people try to exploit it. If you are like me who likes to purchase the product before writing a review about it then chances are that you will come across many upsells.

DON’T BUY immediately.

Keep noting down the direct URLs of upsells (OTOs) and keep clicking no thanks. Complete your basic purchase first. Then at leisure go through each OTOs and purchase only if necessary.

Most of the products let you purchase the OTOs in the member’s areas too.

Remember to tame your horses during the initial purchase. That’s when you are most vulnerable to purchase something that you don’t need.

Tip #9: Learn Before You Earn

I believe this should have been the #1 tip. People think that affiliate marketing is just selling the products and earn a commission. They fail to realize that there are proven ways to get things done. There are strategies to maximize your earnings.

My advice. Learn before you earn. There are many free courses out there. Consider going through the end to end course rather than watching random videos on youtube.

I recommend this 100% free end to end course that will not only teach you affiliate marketing but it will open a possibility of earning from 50+ income streams. You may read the review of this program right here.

Hope you liked my pro tips. I would like to know your tips too in the comments section.


8 thoughts on “9 Pro Tips For Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hey,

    I am quite new to affiliate marketing, meaning I haven’t started yet and as one of your tips says, I am learning before I earn. I am so pleased I came across your article as it has been very helpful. I will put into action what I am learning and hopefully I can become a successful marketer like you.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work on your site.

    All the best,


  2. I enjoyed reading your 9 tips. My favorites are definitely 1 and 9. You have given excellent advice and many people will find it very beneficial.
    I believe solo ads are a huge risk with not much reward, I would stay away from that option.

    • Thank you for stopping by Lisa. Solo ads are just an example of tracking the links. In fact, one should track the traffic irrespective of its source.

  3. These are some great tips! I would agree with most of them, especially about not mixing your niches 🙂 This is something that many beginners are confused with at the start so they make mistake promoting different products. Also, the competition myth is something that I agree with completely. When you think about it, there’s no competition as long as you understand keyword research. Great post once again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Prav, great post!!
    This was such a good idea, putting all your tips in one post.
    And they’re all wonderful.
    I’ve been doing online marketing for some time now, and I love reading other marketer’s tips.
    It’s always a good refresher as well.
    For me, it was reminding myself that Bing Ads aren’t a waste of time. They do indeed drive traffic, and it’s much cheaper than Google or Facebook.
    I hope you add more tips in the future!


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