ClickMagick review

Click Magick Review: Is It Really Magical?


ClickMagick is an ultimate tracking tool. Yes, you read it correctly. I did not make any spelling mistakes. It is indeed, ClickMagick. And I purposely wrote ‘Click Magick Review’ in the title to get an easy keyword benefit 🙂

You may track visitors to your website and check which links they are clicking with google analytics too, but clickmagick can do many more things than just link tracking.  With its 125 tools and features, you can do much more than just tracking the link.

Let’s explore ClickMagick in this review.

What Is Clickmagick?

In one line, ClickMagick is a link tracking web interface that does many more things beyond link tracking. Do you want to track your links? It can do it. Do you want to monitor bot traffic? It can catch those bots. Do you want to track pages that you don’t own? You got it. Do you want to know where your traffic is coming from? It can tell you. Do you want to have popups to promote something on your links? Well, it can do that too.

The features mentioned above are not even the tip of the iceberg. ClickMagick boasts 125 tools and features that you can implement on your web links. Frankly, I have not used all of them and not intending to use them, but if you happen to use any other features mentioned in this post, then will you please write your opinion in the comment section?

There are many features with clickmagick that you don’t even know you needed. Some of them may be complex to understand in the beginning. Let’s see some of the cool features of clickmagick. I won’t be covering all elements in this post as first of all, I haven’t used them all, and if I still include all features, then this blog post will become bigger than an encyclopedia.

Clickmagick Features

1. Everything About Link tracking: If you are an affiliate marketer who runs solo ads to promote your affiliate products, then this is a must-have feature for you. You need to track how many unique clicks you get for your solo ads link. You need to know how many of them are from T1 countries. How many of those clicks are by real humans and how many of them are by bots.

This is how the summary of your clicks looks.

ClickMagick Tracking Summary

TC: Total Clicks

UC: Unique Clicks

FC: Flagged clicks (bot clicks or clicks flagged by you earlier from tracking. E.g., your own clicks)

A: Actions that you set on your page. E.g., if someone enters an email id on my opt-in page, then it will get counted as an action. If someone just opens my link but don’t enter email id, then only TC will get updated, and not the A. Actions need to be set up before starting to track.

ACR: % of action taking place

E: Engagement. You can set what should be the engagement. People watching webinars after entering the email id can be an engagement. You can track that too. Engagement also needs to be defined before starting to track.

S: Sales. You can track sales for your link. You can track them even if they are not happening on your website. Again this needs to be set up before.

SCR: % of sale conversion.

This feature itself is sufficient if you are tracking your links for solo ads.

2. Split Testing: You can split test your different landing pages with clickmagick. You can enter the links for two or more landing pages along with the traffic % each link should receive. Clickmagick will then split the incoming traffic randomly and determine the winner.

3. Link Cloaking: Accept it, most of the affiliate links are ugly. They shout that they are affiliate links. It’s a human tendency not to let other people earn from them. So how to hide those nasty links? Use the cloaking feature of clickmagick. Using this feature, you can hide those ugly affiliate links behind something short and clickable links. E.g., people will think twice clicking on this link, but they will click You can beautify your original links using the cloaking feature.

4. Tracking Conversion On Other Websites:  Tracking sales on your own websites is easy, but affiliate product sales happen outside your website. You may be running FB ads, google ads, bing ads, or solo ads to promote the same affiliate link. You may create an individual link for each of these platforms,s but none of these platforms will be able to track the final sales as they happen outside your website.

Sure, your affiliate provider must be tracking them, but how will you know which link is contributing to that sale? Well, using clickmagick, you can follow the conversions happening beyond your website. This is a complex feature to understand and implement. I don’t want to bore you with the technical details of it. Just know the fact that you can track conversions happening on other websites for your links.

5. ClickMagick Popups, Bars, and Timers: This feature lets you create the popups, Bars, and timers for your website or landing pages.

There are four types of popups possible with ClickMagick, on load, delayed, exit intent, and exit redirects. Do you know the best part? You don’t even need to own a website or page for displaying these popups. That means you can post these popups on your affiliate link pages too.

You can also create bars and count down timers such as promo bars or notification on websites and landing pages. Again, you don’t have to own these pages.

6. Content Locking: This feature is an underrated yet handy feature of ClickMagick. E.g., you want to show a video about your product, but you want to ensure that you collect their email id before showing them the video. With the content locking feature, the video will be enabled if they give the email id.

You can use this feature for collecting your potential client’s contact details before giving them full access to any article or document downloading, or you can also make them share something on social media before providing the access.

There are plenty of other features such as retargeting, geo-tagging, dynamic sub ids, link rotations, and many more (125 of them). These features are not less than any magic. I am excluding them from my post, but be sure to at least read about them if you decide to go for ClickMagick.

Here is a screenshot of how clickmagick compares with other link tracking tools. Again, this screenshot doesn’t have all the features.

Clickmagick Support

Clickmagic does not have a phone or chat support. They have email 24×7 email support. Depending on your package, you will get a reply to your query within 1 to 4 hrs.

I wanted to know how to track my sales outside my website. I was not even aware of such things earlier. Their support patiently explained the process and helped me with the setup over emails. We had to exchange a few emails over two days (mainly because of my lack of understanding).

Unlike other email support where the representative simply sends you a pre-written article, the ClickMagick support team took pains to understand my query and responded.

I still wish they had live chat support, though. Maybe then the pricing may go up.

Clickmagick Pricing

ClickMagick has three different pricings, $27, $67 and $97 per month. If you have less than $10,000 visitors on your website, then $27 package is more than sufficient for you. You get access to all the essential features that you will use in your daily life. You can always upgrade if you want some additional tracking features which you rarely use. You also have 14 days FREE trial and 30 days money-back guarantee too.

ClickMagick Pricing

In my opinion, this is the best tracking tool available with all capabilities compared to other tracking tools, which are at least three times expensive than ClickMagick.

Clickmagick Training

They do have training videos and articles mentioning the various features. Just search for help on the topic, and the corresponding help tutorial will be available.

Their tutorials and videos are very concise and to the point. They also have other courses on FB, Twitter marketing. If you ever get stuck, then their support team will help you.

Clickmagic Disadvantages

  • Overwhelming Features: After logging in, you may get overwhelmed by the capability of ClickMagick. You may not use all the features. There is also a learning curve involved (which not a disadvantage by the way).
  • Complex Features: Some features are compelling, but they are complex to understand. That may be a disadvantage for non-technical people, but that’s not bad.  If you make it a point to get good at these features, you’ll have a massive advantage over much of your “competition” who are all too lazy to track their affiliate sales accurately.
  • No Live Chat or Call Support: Because you will need the support only during the initial few days to understand something, at least a live chat support would have been useful. Perhaps that may make it a little expensive then.
  • HTML Knowledge Required: To implement a few features like popups, timers, and bars, you need a basic knowledge of HTML.

Final Verdict

  • Name: ClickMagick
  • Tracking Feature Availability: 10 out of 10
  • Training & Tutorials: 8 out of 10
  • Support: 7 out of 10
  • Price: Three packages $27, $67 and $97 per month. 25% off on annual packages.
  • Overall rating: 8.3 out of 10
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Where to Join: You can signup for a 14-day FREE trial here

Tracking, monitoring your links, and making necessary modifications will set you apart from your competition. If your website is seasoned and you have regular traffic or if you sell affiliate products, then you may go for ClickMagick. If you run FB, Google, or Solo Ads, then you must go for it. If you are a newbie, then you can ignore it for the time being but keep it on your radar.

As mentioned earlier, if you are using ClickMagick, then I would like to know about your favorite feature in the comments.


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