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2020 Clickbank Affiliate Program:- The Good & Not So Good


If you are an affiliate marketer then you must be aware of ClickBank. It is one of the reputed names in the world of affiliate marketing. It was founded in 1998 and currently has over 200+ million customers across the globe.

But is it really good? Is ClickBank affiliate program a scam? Is it too crowded? Today we will give you an honest review of this affiliate program and we will recommend whether to go for it in the year 2020. Please note that most of this review is from the affiliate marketer’s point of view. If you are a vendor looking for ClickBank review then bookmark our website, soon we will create one from the vendor’s perspective.

Who Should Join Clickbank?

Both vendors and affiliate marketers can join Clickbank. While it is fairly straightforward for affiliate marketers to join ClickBank, there is a review process for vendors to submit their products on the platform. Clickbank has over three thousand products to promote almost on any given day, so there are enough products to promote for the affiliate marketers.

Product Availability

When it comes to product availability then perhaps ClickBank is one of the top aggregators of affiliate products. As the products go through a review process, their product quality is one of the best. The following are the various categories in which products are available.

clickbank categories

While ClickBank takes the utmost care in its review process, not all products will be great. Like all other affiliate platforms, some scammy products are there. Be cautious when you select a product to promote. Thankfully, Clickbank has a good filter mechanism. You can sort products by popularity, gravity(how many affiliates are selling it), commission amount and so on. With the basic pre-checks, you can surely find some great products to promote.

Training Programs

One of the best things about ClickBank is its training program. Clickbank provides the training through their training channel called ClickBank university 2.0. They have two main streams of training, one for affiliate marketers and the other for vendors.

The program for vendors is a 12-week step by step instructions on how to select a niche, how to do the research, how to do market research, what is needed in winning sales copy and so on. Check out the image below for the detailed coverage.

Vendor affiliate training on clickbank

The program for affiliates is an 8-week step by step instructions on how to go about selling the affiliate products from scratch. Check out the image below for the detailed coverage for the affiliate training.

affiliate training module in clickbank

Apart from these two main tracks, there are various other training such as how to get traffic, how to run FB, Google and YouTube ads are available. In addition to these training, there are weekly live training explaining a certain portion of affiliate marketing in detail. You also get access to the previous live training recordings too.

In addition to all this, they have a closed forum called CBU (ClickBank university) forum where you can ask questions, interact with other members and get more insights.

The quality of these trainings is very good. We have personally gone through these trainings and found them very thorough.

Support for Affiliate Marketers

There are two types of support available to marketers. 1. If you face any issue with ClickBank platform 2. The material you need to promote the products.

In the first case, you need to raise a support ticket with ClickBank’s support desk and your query will be handled. It is fairly good. We didn’t face any issue in getting through. Phone support and 24×7 support is not available.

In the second case, most of the vendors will have a promotion material ready for you. You will readily get their high converting funnels, responsive email swipes, videos, images, banners, etc to promote their products. You can also get in touch with the vendors and ask for additional bonuses or discounts to promote their product. If you are an experienced affiliate marketer with a proven track record then you may get a positive response from the vendors.

All in all, you will have all the help needed on this platform.

Good Things About Clickbank Affiliate Program

Here are some good points about ClickBank

  1. Wide range of products: As mentioned above, there are thousands of products available to promote at any given point in time. You can sort these products based on their popularity, the possibility of selling (gravity), commission amount, recurring amount, promotional material availability, etc.
  2. Automated payment system: You can promote one or more products from different vendors. You don’t have to worry about contacting these vendors for commission. The payment is 100% automated and will be directly credited to your bank account or PayPal account (or other means available). The threshold is as low as $10 biweekly. So your money won’t be held up for sure.
  3. Amazing training system: As mentioned above, the training available at the ClickBank university 2.0 is out of the world. Everything is covered in detailed and it is very informative for both affiliates and vendors. We highly recommend attending this training whether you decide to join ClickBank or not. You can utilize the learning and pretty much sell any affiliate program that is available on the internet.
  4. Money-back guarantee: Clickbank offers 30 days money-back guarantee on all products. Since the products are selected through a thorough review process, the quality of most of the products is good. With this money-back guarantee, it gives additional confidence to the buyer and as an affiliate, your chances of conversions go high.

Not So Good Things About Clickbank Affiliate Program

Well, not everything is good here 🙁 Following are some points that are not so great with ClickBank

  1. Though in general, the product quality is good, still there may be some spammy products that may appear very good initially but later won’t get sold.
  2. The amazing training mentioned above is not free. You need to pay $50/month ( the amount may vary a little). While you get permanent access to vendor and affiliate training even after you cancel, you lose access to CBU forum, live training, and other updated training modules.
  3. You may find many negative reviews online but perhaps most of them will be from people who don’t put genuine efforts. We keep telling everyone that make money online is not a become rich overnight niche. Proper efforts in the right direction are needed.
  4. Most of the products are digital, ClickBank doesn’t recommend selling physical products.
  5. Though the payments are made promptly, you may experience delays in payment If you are a new affiliate marketer with ClickBank.

Clickbank Affiliate Program: Final Words

  • Name: Clickbank
  • Affiliate Products Availability: 9.5 out of 10
  • Affiliate/Vendor Training Program: 9.8 out of 10
  • Support: 8 out of 10
  • Success Stories: 8 out of 10
  • Price: Free for affiliates, per product fees for vendors
  • Overall rating: 8.8 out of 10
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Where to Join: Affiliates can create an account here and vendors who wish to sell their products can create an account here. (Please note that ClickBank is not available in all countries)

The review is a little longer than I anticipated. Clickbank is NOT a scam according to our review. We are users of this platform for over 4 years now and we are still using it (and making money). If you are an experienced marketer with a lot of traffic to your website or a huge email list, then you may start earning quickly. Novice affiliate marketers, you won’t start earning from the word go but follow the steps, be persistent and patient, surely you will make money.

If you have any questions about the ClickBank platform, please feel free to ask in comments.


2 thoughts on “2020 Clickbank Affiliate Program:- The Good & Not So Good”

  1. Awesome review. I agree for some of the bad reviews you may find online. Some of them didn’t put in as much effort. Making stable money online especially in the long run is not an overnight get rich quick thing.

    • True. While there may be some really bad experience but I feel that the bad experiences in MMO niche are usually experienced because of the unrealistic expectations.
      Thank you for stopping by.


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