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Converdy Landing Page Builder Review: Yay or Nay???


First of all, converdy doesn’t have an affiliate program (yet), so you can’t really make money, but it is a landing page builder that is available for a one-time purchase. Unlike monthly membership of other landing page builder, converdy doesn’t charge you monthly membership fees. You save on the money and we feel that money saved is money earned.

But is converdy really a great page builder? Let’s find out.

Who Should Use Converdy?

In one line, whoever wants to create a landing page to collect name, email, phone numbers (and other details) can use converdy. If you are paying $59, $75, or $97 monthly to other landing page builders then you can stop using them and get converdy.

If you have clients for whom you create landing pages, then also you can go for converdy as you can create unlimited projects (or client folders) and unlimited landing pages under those pages for the one time cost.

What Exactly is Converdy?

As mentioned earlier, converdy is a landing page builder. You can create multi-page landing pages and collect information such as name email phone numbers and other details. Decent looking landing pages and thank you pages can be created in converdy.

You can link your own domains to your landing pages or use converdy domains for your landing pages. One domain is free with your account additional domains are less than $2/ per domain per month. Converdy also includes 50k page views per month for your account.

Converdy boasts about the fastest landing pages compared to its competitors and we found it to be true. This all is available for a one-time cost. It also includes lifetime updates.

Training Programs

Converdy has got training inside your login account. 80% of the training is in the form of articles and the rest 20% are small how to do videos.

However, new training is not added frequently. The ones that are available should get the basic job done, however, the training about the new features are not added regularly.

The training interface is very plain and basic. It is also difficult to locate the training initially.

Converdy Training Articles


One word for this, pathetic. They have email support if you face any issues however, there is no SLA for the tickets that you raise. Some of our issues were open for over a month and in spite of multiple follow-ups they were not solved. There is no phone or chat support available at this point.

They have a closed Facebook group for people who purchased converdy. There you may ask your queries and they may get resolved faster there, but the technical issues will take their sweet time.

Good Things About Converdy

  1. One Time Cost: You get a decent landing page builder with all future updates for a one-time cost. You get one domain free and 50k views per month. You can purchase an additional domain for just $1.75 per month so that is not expensive either.
  2. Page Load Speed: It is ultra-fast compared to its competitors. The page almost instantly loads up even on slower connections.
  3. Unlimited Projects & Funnels: Unlike other landing pages who charge you monthly and limit on how many pages you can create, converdy lets you create unlimited pages. We create one project for each of our clients. We have created unlimited funnels under that. Converdy Projects
  4. Unlimited Contacts: The contact details are saved within converdy itself. So you need not really have an autoresponder if you are just starting out. You also get an instant email as soon as someone signs up on your page.
  5. New Updates: Every fortnightly, the converdy team tries to add a few new features. You get fortnightly updates about the changes they made through email.
  6. Facebook Closed Group Community: You can pretty much interact with almost everyone who has purchased converdy in this group. You can ask questions, get your issues resolved, or just rant about their support in the group.
  7. Ease of Page Building: Very easy. You can create working landing pages within a few minutes. In fact, our record is to create and publish a landing page from scratch within 6 minutes. The ready templates and blocks make life easier.
  8. Royalty Free Images: Converdy has got a tie-up with Unsplash, pexel, and pixabay for the royalty-free images. In fact, those interfaces are integrated inside converdy media gallery for each project

Not So Good Things About Converdy

While there are so many good things mentioned above, the kind of the bad thing of nullify the good effect 🙁

  1. Pathetic Customer Support: As mentioned above we did not find any other word to describe their customer support.
  2. Aesthetic Looks of Pages: While the pages designed are decent enough, converdy is not for you if you are looking for wow landing pages. You can’t even change the font type and size selectively. They have predefined font sizes and pre-defined primary and secondary fonts. We even faced challenges to get the image size right on our pages.
  3. Integrations: While basic integrations are in place but they are not sufficient. Almost 100% chances are there that the integration that you are looking for may not be available. Here is the list of all integrations that are available with converdy. While you can still get the work done, it is certainly not enough. Converdy Integrations
  4. No Quiz Forms, Evergreen Timers & Checkout Features: Yes, you read it right. These are pretty much available with every landing page builder these days but they are not available with converdy. While they keep on adding the new features every fortnight, they made it clear that these features will have to wait and there is no definite timeline for them.
  5. Poor Training: While training materials are there, they are not sufficient and they are never updated regularly.
  6. Slow Development: The new feature development is painstakingly slow. In fact, we have even stopped asking when they are going to launch the quizzes and checkouts.
  7. Plain Interface: The interface is so plain that it almost gives you the feeling that it has been designed by a novice designer. Perhaps you would have got the same feeling from the screenshots above. Thankfully the templates and blocks that you use to build your pages are not average looking

Converdy: Final Words

  • Name: Converdy
  • Ease of Page Building: 9.5 out of 10
  • Speed: 10 out of 10
  • Training Program: 5 out of 10
  • Support: 0 out of 10 (in fact we would want to give negative)
  • Features & Integrations: 4 out of 10
  • Price: $279 one time with free lifetime updates. Phase 1 is sold out, Phase 2 will be launched soon
  • Overall rating: 5.7 out of 10
  • Recommended: Yes, wait no.. Ummm please read on

Most of the people use their page builders just to collect name, email and phone numbers and pay monthly fees. They don’t even use the other advanced features of their page builders. If you are one of them then stop wasting money there and jump on (whenever it is available).

If you are the one who takes pride in wow looking landing pages, use a lot of integrations, always on your toes with your demanding clients then please don’t even think of getting converdy for the next 1 year. Well make that 2 years.

Which other one-time landing page builder you would recommend?

Update on 10-Jun-2020: No improvement shown by converdy so far.  Apparently 2.0 is in progress for last many months but nothing has been launched. Stay away from it. 

Although you are looking for a landing page builder, I am going to recommend learning affiliate marketing as your side hustle. Try out my #1 recommendation to earn money by learning affiliate marketing.

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