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CreativeLive Review 2020: Can You Get Creative With It?


If you are looking for guidance to explore and expand your creative juices then CreativeLive is your one-stop solution. Period. Sure, YouTube is there. The courses on YouTube are free too, however, it is very time-consuming to filter the droplets of great courses from the ocean of average and poor courses on youtube. Today I am going to do the CreativeLive review. Is it still valid in 2020?

Why am I the right person for doing this review? You may ask. Well, I am a wedding photographer & Content Creator (read I am a creative person). I always looked for something new to feed my creative diet and I was frustrated most of the time. Either the courses were bad and if they were good then they were not enough.

My search pretty much took a full stop when I came across creativelive. After going through some of their free courses I was convinced about their quality and I took one year pass. I ended up spending most of my time learning something new and creativelive kept feeding me with more and more courses.

What Is CreativeLive

In one line, creativelive is heaven for creative people. It’s an online platform for creative people to get quality education through online courses conducted by the best instructors in the respective field. You can watch those courses anytime from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Creativelive focuses on different categories such as artists, moneymakers (aka entrepreneurs), photographers, musicians, content creators, and crafters.  That pretty much covers everything that possibly a creative person can create.

You can watch their courses for FREE when they are being conducted live. You can also purchase the recording of the courses if you can’t watch it live or want to refer that course at a later point of time.

How Does It Work? 

As I briefly mentioned above it’s an online platform of the creative courses and you can watch them anytime online on your computer, tablet, or phone. There are three major ways you can watch the courses. You must create your account before you can watch their courses.

1. Watch The Courses For FREE: All the courses on creativelive are conducted live and recorded. You can watch them absolutely FREE when they are being conducted. You can also ask questions on their chat forum when the course is being conducted live. If you like the course or want to refer it later then you can purchase it at a discounted price while it is being conducted live.

You cannot watch the same course again later if you don’t purchase it. Also, not all courses are available at a discounted price for purchasing.

2. Purchase Selected Courses: You can purchase courses that you like. They get added to your library and you can watch them anytime.

3. Subscription: You can get access to almost all courses with their monthly or yearly subscription model. This is the best way to go through the courses as purchasing selective courses can get pricey.

Please remember that not all courses are available under this model. Courses conducted by a few instructors are not available under this. If you explicitly want those courses then you will have to purchase them separately. Make sure you check out the exclusions before you sign up for monthly or yearly subscription.

It is better to go through one of their free courses to understand the quality of the course and then purchase either the selective courses or the subscription.

Courses Availability

There are plenty of courses, boot camps and new live pieces of training to happen on creativelive. There are 1500+ quality courses available. Even if you watch 2 courses per day, you will not exhaust all courses for over a couple of years 🙂 Not to mention the new courses that get added are available too.

The most important part is the quality of the courses. They are not created just for the sake of creating. Even if you think you know a topic in detail, you will still be amazed by the quality of the courses.

Creativelive has the courses in the following categories. There are subcategories under these categories too. If I mention all of them then this post will become very long and boring:)

Photo & Video

Creativelive photo & video courses

Money & Life

Creativelive Money & Life courses

Art & Design

Creativelive art & design courses

Craft & Maker

Creativelive craft & maker courses

Music & Audio

Creativelive music & audio courses

The best way to explore creativelive is by creating a free account and check out the courses that are available. Each course lists the table of content and the feedback by participants.

Who Can Benefit From CreativeLive?

In short, every person can benefit from creativelive. As I mentioned above, it is a heaven for creative folks but if you are looking to earn money or get peace of mind or sort your life out there are courses available. Following are the people who can benefit from creativelive

1. Photographers & Cinematographers: If you are a photographer and still not on creativelive then you are missing something in your life. Stop reading further and get on it 🙂

2. People looking to earn money: With their Money category, people can go through the courses related to skill improvement, entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales, etc.

3. People looking for sorting their life: With courses in lifestyle, self-improvement, wellness and time management category, people can get their life back on track.

4. Creative People: People interested in art, design, the craft can benefit from creativelive platform

5. Musicians: People who are looking to master the basics, polish their mixes, write songs with guidance from Grammy winners.

6. Affiliate Marketers: Yes you read it right. They may not go through the courses but they can bring creative people to creativelive and earn commission on every sale. Want to earn money from creativelive? then join here.

Good Things About CreativeLive

1. Quality Content By Top Instructors: The content in creativelive is awesome. It is created by the best instructors in the industry. Rest assured, if you don’t get the best courses here, it is almost impossible that you will get them anywhere else.

2. Can Watch For FREE: This is a unique feature offered by CreativeLive. ‘On Air Now’ courses are absolutely FREE to watch. Technically, you can watch all the upcoming courses without spending a penny.

3. On-Demand Courses: The courses can be purchased and watched anytime on a computer, phone, or tablet. They can also be downloaded for offline viewing.

Not So Good Things About CreativeLive

The two disadvantage of CreativeLive is that I can think of.

1. It can get a little pricey if you purchase the courses separately, however with the monthly or yearly creator pass, it becomes really affordable.

2. Watching ‘On Air Now’ courses from countries like India becomes difficult as the courses happen during the USA morning time and usually run for more than 2-3 hrs (sometimes 6 hrs). It gets very late to watch them live and FREE.

CreativeLive: Final Words

  • Name: CreativeLive
  • Course Availability & Quality: 9.5 out of 10
  • Customer Support: Never needed
  • Price: Free to watch live, courses range from $23 to $199,  Creator pass available for $39/month or $149/year (course exclusions apply). The prices are subjected to change as creativelive usually keeps on having special discounts for its members.
  • Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10
  • Recommended: Yes

No matter whether you are a creative person or not, creativelive has something for everyone (Who doesn’t want to earn money and peace of mind in their life?). If you are a creative person and not on creativelive then you are missing something very important.

I do have the Udemy membership as well, however, creativelive beats them by a long margin.

But don’t just take my words for it. The best way is to try it out for free. Just follow the following steps.

1. Create a free account

2. Browse ‘On Air Now’ section for the free live courses.

3. Watch the courses Free and determine if the quality is good.

4. Instead of purchasing the individual courses, go for the monthly or yearly creator pass, and utilize it to the maximum.


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