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wrong way of doing affiliate marketing

How Not To Do Affiliate Marketing: 7 Ways To Fail

So you have decided to become an affiliate marketer? great. You have a hot product to sell? awesome. You can’t wait to get going? amazing, BUT WAIT….. Read this article before you take any step towards affiliate marketing. Today I am going to tell you how not to do affiliate...

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Clickbank India

How To Open Clickbank Account In India?

I understand your frustration if you are an affiliate marketer from India (or other third world countries). Clickbank does not allow affiliates from India (and other third world countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria etc). That makes you miss many good products which you can market and earn. However today I...

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Make Money On Internet Scams

Make Money On Internet Scams : How To Spot & Avoid

Let’s be honest. Scammers are usually one step ahead than honest people. Be it real life or online life, we, the honest people get scammed from time to time. Since we are talking to each other online now, we’ll tell you how to spot and avoid make money on internet...

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Affiliate Marketing Tools

Start Affiliate Marketing Business: 6 Must Have Tools

It is very easy to start affiliate marketing business. Just find a good product, sell it to people in need and bag the commission. Many products give 75% commission. It is very easy to earn thousands of dollars per month (or per day) in a short span of time. Was...

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate by reading a blog post. The image was catchy. The image said ‘Would You Like To Earn While Sitting On Your Sofa With Your Laptop?’. Who doesn’t want that right? Why not earn money online now? That’s what I thought to myself. Honestly, I did not...

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Promote affiliate products paid methods

How To Promote Affiliate Products Part 2: 4 Paid Avenues Online

In the previous article on how to promote affiliate products, we explored the FREE ways of promotion. Let’s accept, free avenues have their limitations. You can’t really target the right people, there is a lot of competition and if it is really good then it is not fast enough. After...

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Promote affiliate products free methods

How To Promote Affiliate Products Part 1: 5 FREE Avenues Online

You have got an amazing affiliate product that you feel will sell like hotcakes. The affiliate commission is awesome too. You are already dreaming of thousands of dollars in your bank account because the product is awesome. Just two small problems. 1. How will you find the buyers for this...

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Affiliate Marketing Definition

Affiliate Marketing Definition: What, Why, Where, How…

In one line, ‘Affiliate Marketing’ can be defined as earning a commission by selling products or services that you don’t own. You don’t really have to worry about inventory, shipping, refunds, exchanges etc. Just sell the product and bag the commission. Sounds simple right? But that’s a very basic affiliate...

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start money making journey

I Want To Earn Money Online: Where Should I Start?

Did you know that a man from India earned almost 6 billion dollars in just two days? There are a lot of other people who are earning in millions (and possibly in billions) using just the internet. They don’t even have to step out of their house, commute in crowded...

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Grow money online

Myths About Making Money Online: Busted.. 5 of them

Have you ever dreamt about earning lots of money? Maybe earn those dollars as fast as possible and then build a mansion, get that Ferrari under your a$$, retire before 40 and travel the world (and if possible, to the other planets too). Well, hold your horses. Making money online...

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Crypto Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams: & How To Avoid Them In 2020

If you have seen one of the messages below and can’t wait to earn those thousands of dollars overnight then stop. Today we are going to expose crypto currency scams. It is important that you read this even if you don’t like it. Just remember that there are scammers everywhere...

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How to do affiliate marketing activities

How To Do Affiliate Marketing: 25+Things To Do

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is selling a product that you don’t own to someone and earning the commission. You don’t need to deal with product stocking, refunds, communication and all other headaches that are associated with selling a product. It is the best business that you can start with...

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Get money online

Get Set.. Go & Get Money Online : 4 Realistic Ways

First of all, if you searched for ‘easy ways to get money online’ or ‘make money fast on the internet’, then you may stop reading here. It is possible to get money online but there are no shortcuts. The most important aspect of making money online is patience and efforts...

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