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How To Announce A New Business


I recently wrote an article about how to start an online business. Point 6 talked about announcing the new business to the world. One of my readers Jonath asked me if I could elaborate on that point. So, I decided to create this article on how to announce a new business to the world.

Do you know the fastest ways to announce the world? Record a TV commercial with a Hollywood celebrity like Tom Cruise and create a front-page ad in the leading news.

But then you won’t be reading this article if you had that kind of money πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, in this article, I will show you a few cost-effective ways to announce the business to the world.

Though there are many proven ways to announce the product launch for different types of businesses. In this article, we will focus on generic ways that any online business can tailor and used to launch its business. If you have an e-commerce website or selling own product or you want to promote a blog, you can utilize these methods.

Warning: Before launching the business, ensure that your business is fully functional. The testing is completed and the website is stress tested to handle the influx of visitors. The first impression is the last impression. You don’t want to fall on your face with any issues on the day of your launch.

There is no particular order to the methods mentioned below. All of them should be implemented together.

Create Offers For The Launch Day

You need to create a hype of your business to get a few eyeballs rolling. You need to make your future customers curious. You need to get their attention to your business.

The best way to get attention is through various offers that clients will get once the business is launched. There are many proven offers. Below are a few of the launch offer ideas.promotional offers

  • 50% storewide discount on the launch day/week
  • Buy 1 get 1 free on all products on the launch day
  • You shop we pay. 10 customers will get a 100% refund on the launch day.

The idea is to get the traffic on your website when you launch your business. You must get creative with your offers. Don’t be a miser with these offers. If the offer is exciting then people will be interested in it and they will visit your website and purchase.

Validate those offers for the correctness and any loopholes. In other words, create your “*conditions applied” carefully. You don’t want to go bankrupt on the product launch day πŸ˜€

Create Pre-launch Campaigns On Social Media

The business launch is similar to a movie launch. Movies create excitement by launching teasers/trailers before the launch. Your business launch should be similar to that.

Create a countdown timer for the launch. Put a coming soon banner on your website, FB page, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever possible.

Create a few paid ads announcing your business and circulating the various offers that you created. Run those offers continuously for 7-15 days. Let people see those ads multiple times.

This will register the business launch date in people’s minds. They will wait eagerly for your business to launch, just like a movie.

Pro Tip: Make sure you collect email ids (and phone numbers) before you hand over the coupons to your future customers. This should help you in promoting your future products and offers.

Send Emails + Influencer Promotions

Another way to promote your business is to send emails and newsletters to your potential clients. I know you won’t be having your own email list yet. There are people who will send emails announcing your business to their email list. They are called solo ads providers. You can find them on Udimi and soloadsx. There are many more available on various FB groups.

Another way is to contact people with a lot of followers in your product niche on Instagram. They can promote your business launch on their Instagram page. They will send their followers on your website.

Again, don’t forget to capture the email and phone details before handing over the offer coupons.

This is a little expensive way but the leads that you will get will be interested in your business and you may get a few loyal customers.

Warning: There are a lot of scammers out there. Be extremely careful while selecting the solo ads providers and influencers. They may have stale email lists and fake followers. If their price is too good to be true, then most probably they are scammers.

Create Quiz & Contests

quiz and contestShould I ask you a question? Did you just answer yes in your mind? That’s the power of quizzes. Everybody loves to answer questions.

Create interesting quizzes and contests and award winners (or everyone) an exclusive coupon to be redeemed on the product launch date.

Utilize social media ads to promote these quizzes and contests. Again, collect their email id (and phone numbers) before showing the result of the quiz.

Ask Friends & Family Members

This is one of the least effective ways (unless the entire city or state knows you), but it is a free way to launch your business. Ask your friends and family members to promote your business. You may also create family specials on the launch day.

Pro tip: Create separate coupon codes for each of these methods. That way, you will know which way got you the most of the referrals. You can later scale your marketing campaigns based on the method that got you the most referrals.

Final Words

These are generic ways to launch any product or business online. There may be more ways specific to your niche, do explore them in addition to this. If you noticed, I have been stressing on collecting email id and phone number. Keep the phone number optional though. This will help in promoting future products as well as you can utilize these email ids and phone numbers to create a lookalike audience on Facebook. I am not going to explain this advanced way of marketing now but you should be already knowing it (or have someone doing it for you) if you are planning to launch a business online,

Remember, the traffic that you get on the product launch day will not last forever. You need to keep marketing your business using free and paid methods continuously.

What are the other ways that you have on your mind to launch your business? I would like to learn from you.


8 thoughts on “How To Announce A New Business”

  1. This is crucial information and people need to know so they don’t make silly mistakes. It is really important to get everyone hyped about what you are about to offer and having a way to stay in touch with them.
    Great job

  2. A very informative post. The influencer paragraph has struck a cord with me. I know a few people who 16k+ followers. I think ill see if I can get them to promote my business for me. Thanks for a great post. Ill let you know how I get on.

    • Hey Russ,
      Thank you for stopping by. Just see the engagement of those people with 16k. They should have engagement over 2-3k. if not, then most of their followers are fake. All the best.

  3. Very interesting article, it’s something people need to read before launching.
    The things covered make good sense and are very well explained.
    The only question I have is what would you give away if was promoting WA?

    • That’s a good question Lisa. You could create a free course on how to do affiliate marketing. You can create a pdf of the same. You can offer this pdf for free (usually $30) and in the pdf plugin the information about the WA.


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