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How To Do Affiliate Marketing: 25+Things To Do


In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is selling a product that you don’t own to someone and earning the commission. You don’t need to deal with product stocking, refunds, communication, and all other headaches that are associated with selling a product. It is the best business that you can start with zero investments and earn thousands of dollars every month on autopilot. If that’s your definition of how to do affiliate marketing, then you are not 100% correct.

Yes, you are correct when you say that there are no headaches that come with product creation and product management. The product owner takes care of that while you just sell the product. You can also earn thousands of dollars every month (or per day) and it is the best business too.

But… It is not easy. You will not start earning thousands of dollars from day one. You will surely need to invest money to earn money. You will need to put effort to get that money.

Today, I am just going to list down the activities associated with affiliate marketing. While not all activities are mandatory, you never know where your future client will come. Depending on your product type and results you get you can focus more on certain activities and ignore others.

If you are totally new to the affiliate marketing world, then I suggest you read the article ‘Affiliate Marketing Definition’ before going through this.

The activities listed below are not in any particular order. You are expected to form your own schedule for these activities. Wherever I have mentioned ‘Learning Curve’, that is a big topic in itself which will require training if you have not done it before.

List Of Affiliate Marketing Activities

  1. Finding a profitable niche
  2. Affiliate platform research
  3. Affiliate product research
  4. PayPal and other bank account creations
  5. Signing up for affiliate programs
  6. Communicating with the product owners
  7. Creating your own bonuses for the product that you sellThings to do in Affiliate marketing
  8. Website creation (Learning Curve)
  9. Content writing (Learning Curve)
  10. Creating graphics for your posts (Learning Curve)
  11. Performing SEO activities on your website (Learning Curve)
  12. Social Media Management
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Twitter
    4. Pinterest
    5. YouTube
    6. Others as per your needs
  13. Videos (Learning Curve)
    1. Video creation
    2. Video editing
    3. Video SEO
  14. Podcasting
  15. Email marketing (Learning Curve)
    1. List Management
    2. Email sequence creation
    3. Broadcast message creation
  16. Run paid ads (Learning Curve)
    1. Facebook ads
    2. Google ads
    3. YouTube ads
    4. Solo ads
    5. Push Notification ads
    6. Bing ads
  17. Writing in forums related to your product/niche
  18. Performing live product demos on FB, Insta, and YouTube

I know I said 25+ activities and you can see only 18 here. Please do count the sub-activities too 🙂

That’s all??

This is not an exhaustive list either. Depending on your products, there may be other product specific activities that you may have to do. For e.g. certain products might require to do tele-calling, print media ads and so on. You will have to form your affiliate marketing strategy around these activities.

As I mentioned earlier, you may or may not do all the activities. If you have money to spend then you can outsource most of these activities to the experts in the respective areas too. But it is always better to at least know all these activities on a higher level.

Will You Teach Me All These?

No. Sorry to disappoint you, but frankly, I am not a great teacher. Chances are that you will get frustrated and start pulling your hair if I even try to teach you 😀

Why not learn these activities from someone who has been teaching these activities for the past 15 years? Someone who is being trusted by 2 million people for affiliate marketing?

You can learn most of these activities at Wealthy Affiliate. In fact a brief introduction of almost all these activities you can learn for free in 10 training sessions in 7 days for FREE. You can also create one website absolutely free. You don’t even need to enter the credit card details. Just sign-up, undergo these 10 detailed training sessions and create a website for your affiliate marketing business absolutely free.

If you decide to become a premium member later, you can not only learn everything in detail but also create 10 different websites for your affiliate business while you learn how to do that business. These 10 websites, training, and a lot of exciting features are included in your premium membership. As a bonus, if you upgrade to premium membership before 7 days then you will get your first month for just $19 instead of $49. For the starter, just sign-up and enjoy all the learning for 7 days here.

I tried my best to list down the activities as per my experience with affiliate marketing. Did I miss anything? Please write them in the comment section below.


16 thoughts on “How To Do Affiliate Marketing: 25+Things To Do”

  1. Thanks for the very good laid out introduction to affiliate marketing activities. It is covering all the needs of the affiliate marketer, and it is an excellent checklist. I was hoping that it will have more meat into it or refer me to where I could find more meat.
    I hope you’ll have yourself more work now to build meat for every point you highlighted.

    • Hi Lucky
      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, adding meat on the bones will happen soon. If I had added even the description of these points, it would have become too boring to read. The point I wanted to make was that people should know what really goes into affiliate marketing. It is not that simple.

    • Rightly said Gaurav,
      These are just points. Each point is worth an ebook here. Hopefully, people will understand the effort they need to take to succeed in affiliate marketing .

    • Thank you David,
      I purposely kept the sidebar out as I wanted to have a clean looking website. I am not really planning on running google ads now. When I plan to run them, that time I will get the sidebars added.

  2. Whew…that is one amazing list. From this post, people will see how much work and commitment it takes to start and maintain an online business. I appreciate this list because many people presume that you automatically start making money once you build your website. Affiliate marketing and any online business is definitely not for the faint of heart.

    • Exactly Geri,
      I saw a post on FB guy asking for methods to earn $500 in two days. I told him that it was next to impossible if he is just starting out. To which he said that he had done it in the past and when I told him to repeat the same thing now he had no answer and apparently I was wasting his time. Maybe I will create a video on that 🙂 People should realize that it is not easy money. Earlier the better.

  3. I learned so much about how to do affiliate marketing from your article, I found this a great guide for anyone interested in getting started in affiliate marketing to know more of what to expect.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate a good training program for someone with absolutely no experience with website design and tech skills?


    • Hi Jeff,
      Thank you for your comment. To answer your question, yes it is still possible but there is a learning curve involved. If that someone doesn’t give up during the learning curve, he/she will be successful.

  4. This post shows that there is much more to affiliate marketing than you first think! Which means there are many different skills you will need to learn and many avenues you can continue to work on to keep improving your affiliate business. Thanks for the insight Prav. It would have been good to get a little more info or description for some of these items listed and how exactly they relate to affiliate marketing.. but I guess I will have to go to Wealthy Affiliate to find out 😉

    • Hey Carly,
      Thank you for stopping by. I will elaborate on most of these points in my subsequent posts 🙂 And ofcourse, you can always go to wealthy affiliate and find out 🙂


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