HOW TO FIND & JOIN affiliate marketing Programs

How To Join Affiliate Programs: A Comprehensive Guide


The answer to ‘How To Join Affiliate Programs’ is relatively simple. Just find an affiliate program related to your niche, sign up using your email id, connect your payment details, and you are set. Sell the products available and start earning the commission.

I guess you already know that. That’s not what I am going to tell you today. I am going to tell you how to find and evaluate the affiliate programs before joining them.

Before I proceed, I am making two assumptions.

1. You understand how affiliate marketing works, at least the high-level flow mentioned in the diagram.affiliate marketing lifecycle

2.  You have a broad level idea about your niche. Finalizing your niche must be the first step that you should be taking.

Pro Tip #1: I am not going to be philosophical like others. I won’t tell you to follow your passion, and your niche should align with your passion. Naah. I mean, nothing is wrong with that. If you can align your niche with your passion, then it’s well and good. If not, then it is fine to select other niches (as long as you can earn money out of it).  You should try to choose 3-4 niches for evaluation before finalizing your niche.

Pro Tip #2: Once you finalize a niche, try to find a specific micro-niche. E.g., weight loss is a niche, but weight loss for people suffering from XYZ disease can be a micro-niche.

Pro Tip #3: If there are multiple niches capable of earning money for you, then DO NOT MIX THEM under one brand. Run them separately.  Selling baby diapers and condoms under one brand will never going to work 🙂

Sorry for straying from the main topic. Let’s get started.

How To Find Affiliate Programs?

Once you have finalized your niche, the next step is to find affiliate programs that can make you some moolah in that niche. Use the following techniques to find such programs.

1. Join An All-in-one Affiliate Network: Many affiliate networks cater to multiple niches. They are reliable too. Clickbank, Jvzoo, warrior plus, CJ are few of the reputable affiliate networks having vendors selling products across many niches. Their process is automated too. You don’t need to worry if your commission is getting credited or not. You can simply sign up and focus on selling

2. Join A Specific Program: The problem with all in one network is that many people are promoting the same product. Not all products on these platforms are good. Some of them have a high refund rate, which can affect your commissions too.

The solution is to find relatively unknown affiliate programs related to your niche. There are many products that you can sell, which have somewhat less competition. Simply perform the following google search to find such programs.

Your niche + affiliate programs. E.g., Weight loss + Affiliate Programs.

You will be amazed to see how many affiliate products are there that you can promote.

Pro Tip #4: It is good to promote products with less competition, but don’t worry about the competition. There are 4 billion people on the internet. You don’t need more than a few hundred out of 4 billion to become successful.

3. Promote The Tools That You Use: If you are a digital marketer, then most likely, you must be using a lot of too. You must be using a website; then you can promote the hosting program. The programs like click funnels that you are using to build the pages can be promoted. Email autoresponders can be promoted too. In short, promote whatever tool that you are using for yourself. You won’t realize how many tools you are using daily.

Characteristics Of The Best Affiliate Programs

Not everything is good. Though you can join as many affiliate programs you want to increase your chances of earning more, you may end up spending more time and money in promoting products that don’t convert or have a very less commission. Let’s see what are some of the best characteristics that an affiliate program should have.

1. Reasonable Commission Rates: You must earn a substantial amount. The affiliate commissions range from 1% to 75%. Your marketing efforts to promote a product pretty much remain constant. Why not promote a product which has a better commission in that case?

Pro Tip #5: This is not a good criterion to judge as 1% of a $5000 product will be higher than 50% of the $50 product. You should compare multiple programs with similar priced product ranges and go for the program with the highest commission.

2. Cookies Duration: Your affiliate links usually have a cookie duration. E.g., amazon affiliate links have a cookie duration of 24 hrs. If someone uses your affiliate link after 24 hrs, then you won’t get the commission. Go for programs with a cookie duration of at least 30 days, more the better.

3. Automated Commission Structure: When you become an affiliate marketer, your focus should be on selling. You don’t have to worry about if you are going to get a commission on time or if the commission calculation is correct. Trust me; I had come across affiliate programs that did manual commission calculations. You don’t want to be associated with such affiliate programs.

4. Low Minimum Payment & No Delayed Payments: You cannot cash out your commissions until you reach a minimum threshold of a payment. Many programs hold your commission until the refund duration of the product is achieved. You get the commission only if the product is not returned.

Select a program with minimum threshold OR at least be aware of the threshold payment. In my opinion, a $25 is a decent minimum threshold (but it will be challenging to find programs with that threshold).

Also, if you are new, then you cannot avoid delayed payments. Don’t get disappointed. Affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich tomorrow scheme.

5. Affiliate Resources: Some affiliate programs want you to succeed. They provide you with affiliate resources such as converting banners for your ads, converting email sequences, free bonuses, etc. to help you in promoting the products. They spend time and money on coming up with such resources. They know that they can succeed only if you can promote their products successfully. Give preference to such affiliate programs.

Challenges In Joining Such Programs

1. Approval: Affiliate programs want you to be successful. If you are successful, then the affiliate programs thrive. Hence, most of the affiliate programs are very selective about giving access to their affiliate programs. If you are new, then getting approval of many programs will be difficult.

Pro Tip #6: Join affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates Program which don’t need approval. Build your affiliate website and let it season before applying for the other affiliate programs which require permissions.

2. Third World Countries Issue:  If you are from third world countries, then your life is complicated. Many affiliate programs don’t allow affiliates from third world countries to promote their products. E.g., ClickBank doesn’t allow members from India, Bangladesh, or Nigeria.

Pro Tip #7: If you are from India, then you can use this method to signup with ClickBank. This may work with other countries too but don’t know for sure.

Pro Tip #8: If you are from third world countries, then you can register your company in T1 tier countries and still run affiliate programs using the credentials of your company.

3. Delayed Commission: As mentioned above, if you are new, then most likely, your commissions be delayed. Nothing much can be done for that. Just be aware of all the terms and conditions.

How To Join Affiliate Programs?

As mentioned above, joining is very simple. Most programs will ask you to fill out a form indicating the following information.

  • Your website link: They will visit your website. They want to see if your website is capable of selling their products. So if your website is new or under construction, then most likely, you will get rejected.
  • Your promotion strategy: They will want to know how you are going to promote the products. Merely listing the products on your website will not get it sold. You may want to present your previous marketing stats in the form of a screenshot or table format. If you are new, then YOU MUST read the last section of this post.
  • Payment Method: Some require you to select the payment methods too. If you don’t have that payment method, then you will get rejected. E.g., some affiliate programs make payments only to a PayPal account. If you don’t have it, then you are most likely to get denied.

The process can take anywhere from few hours to a couple of weeks (even more in some cases).

If you are new, then the best approach is to build your affiliate website from scratch by promoting products from affiliate networks that don’t need you to have any previous experience and then apply for these affiliate programs later.


Many new people think that affiliate marketing is merely selling the products and earn commissions. They also believe that it is straightforward, and people are just waiting to buy their products. Slowly they realize that it is not that easy. Days, even months go by, and they don’t sell any products. They start getting disappointed and start thinking that affiliate marketing is a scam.

Are you in the same boat? Well, I don’t blame you. It is quite natural. If you are also experiencing the same or just started with affiliate marketing, then I want to tell you two things

1. Affiliate Marketing is NOT getting rich immediately income stream. Online money reality 1

2. There is a specific approach to succeed in affiliate marketing. If you follow that approach step by step persistently, then nobody can stop you from succeeding at affiliate marketing.

And do you know the best part? You can learn that approach. Step-by-step. No matter what niche you are in, you can follow that approach and succeed. It is similar to driving. Doesn’t matter what make and model you have, if you know how to drive you can drive it.

You can learn this step by step approach in a step by step manner by someone who has been doing it for the last 15 years. Do I need to say more about credibility? That name is wealthy affiliate. You can get started with them in less than 5 mins. You can try this platform for FREE for 7 days and complete one certification FREE.

You can also create one website free. You don’t even need to enter the credit card details. Just signup, undergo these 10 detailed training sessions and create a website for your affiliate marketing business absolutely free. Just click the button below, sign up and get started. In fact, I had made this website on the second day of my training there. It is that easy 🙂

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  1. Your content is amazing! Wish I had seen that when I was starting! You’re perfectly right and I agree with you on all points, except the niche maybe: I mean, affiliate marketing is hard, if you do something that you are not passionate about it becomes even harder. But it depends on attitudes and maybe the best thing is to move to more lucrative niches – if your niche is not lucrative enough – only when you are able to make some money with the niche you love. This can improve your confidence and your method. But it is just my point of view, your content and your tips are great!

    • Hey Rosalia,
      Thank you for stopping by. Maybe I slightly miscommunicated that point. It is absolutely fine to align your niche and passion. However, people leave affiliate marketing if their passion cannot be monetized. In that case, make money making your passion and move on to the other niches. Hope now I made myself clear 🙂

  2. Awesome article. Great advice that covers important elements laid out in an easily followable format! Plus, it doesn’t get any better than Wealthy Affiliate in terms of affiliate marketing opportunities. Also, they have the best training for affiliate marketing that I have seen, and have tried many programs. Well said!

  3. You have given so much information that will both help those that are just starting out or for those that have started but needs a clearer undestanding. Thanks for the great breakdown making it so simple and easy to understand.


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