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How To Promote Affiliate Products Part 1: 5 FREE Avenues Online


You have got an amazing affiliate product that you feel will sell like hotcakes. The affiliate commission is awesome too. You are already dreaming of thousands of dollars in your bank account because the product is awesome. Just two small problems. 1. How will you find the buyers for this product? 2. How will the interested buyers know that you are selling this product? The buck stops if you don’t know how to promote affiliate products that you think are awesome.

The success of any affiliate marketer depends on how well he can market the product. Even the awesome product cannot make you reach if it does not reach in front of the ‘right’ buyer. You cannot sell the most lavish 7-course meal to a person who just finished his lunch but you can surely sell a burger to a person who is hungry. Finding the “right buyer” for your product is the key here.

Today, I will tell you about the 9 proven ways (free and paid) to get your product in front of your potential buyers.

WARNING: Please note that each of these avenues has a learning curve if you have not done it before. It can appear very simple but if you do not get the targeting right, you will end up wasting money on the paid avenues.

Your strategy should integrate one or more avenues so that after all expenses you should make a profit. Let’s explore the 5 FREE avenues in this part of the article. Do check out the remaining 4 paid avenues here.

1. Video Promotion (Free+Paid Avenue)

I know, you may be confused when I said free+paid above. I will explain, just follow me. One of the very effective ways to promote is video promotion. In 2020, if the content is the king then content in the video format is super king. Everybody loves videos. Many people prefer watching videos over reading posts like this.

If you have a product that can be explained using videos, you must do it. Your video will be ranked higher compared to the other person who is explaining the same product using text. You can create a Video MarketingYouTube or Vimeo channel and post them there. Facebook is also looking to grab the share of videos. Upload the same videos on your Facebook page (and IGTv). FB will promote them more organically compared to the text or image posts. You don’t even need an expensive camera setup. Just start shooting videos with your cellphone. The basic smartphones offer full HD video capabilities these days.

This way you can reach more people without paying anything extra compared to your text or image blog posts. If you have money then you can use the same videos and run paid ads on YouTube. If people skip them, you will not be charged. This is the second-best free promotion method for advertising your product.


  • Very powerful medium to keep viewers engaged. If people watch your videos till the end then chances are there that they will purchase your products.
  • Videos will be promoted aggressively in 2020 compared to text or images by all platforms.


  • Creating and editing videos has a bigger learning curve
  • Producing a professional quality video can be time-consuming.
  • People get conscious of appearing in front of the camera (Though it is totally optional).

2. Free Forums

As the name suggests, you need to promote your products in free ad forums. There are many ad platforms like FreeAdzForum and AdsFreeForum where you can post your product links for absolutely free. These platforms have good footfall (or click fall) too. Chances are there that someone will see your link and buy your product.


  • It’s free 🙂


  • It’s free. Hence very crowded. Thousands of postings per day. Very rare chances of conversion.
  • The traffic you receive is not trustworthy and may have lots of bot clicks.

3. Email Marketing (Free+Paid Avenue)

Did you ever hear people saying that the money is in the list? They are talking about email lists. Whenever you have a new product to sell, you just email to your entire email list. Someone from the email list will buy your product.

You can keep track of your contacts in Excel and mail them each time. However, you need to maintain Email Marketingthe list manually. If someone unsubscribes then you need to manually remove him from the list. OR you can use autoresponders like mail chimp, Aweber, getresponse to manage your emails. You need to pay a monthly fee to automate your email marketing. The price depends on the number of email ids that you have.


  • The people in your email list trust you. The chances of buying are high.
  • Automation is possible with paid options.


  • Building a list from scratch is very difficult and time-consuming
  • The email list can become stale over the period and it will stop responding to your emails.
  • Aggressive selling can lead to an increase in the unsubscribe rate.

Pro Tip: Have the right mix of free information and selling when you email. You should not sell in every email. Rather, in most of the emails, you should give free information to keep your audience engaged. The right strategy here will be to create a few informative emails for the product that you are trying to sell. In the first few emails describe the problem and possible solutions and in the final email introduce your product. Your chances of product getting sold will be very high.

4. Telemarketing

Assuming that the voice calling is almost free these days, I have listed this under free avenues. I also assume that the products that you are trying to sell are B2B products. For e.g. you can make cold calls to agencies if you are trying to sell agency management software. People say that the cold calling is outdated but trust me, it is not.

With the right script, right pitch and right attitude telemarketing can be a good option to try. If it is a high ticket product then even visiting your potential client’s office is worth your time.


  • Free to try. Even one conversion after 1000 calls is worth it.


  • People will reject and humiliate you for calling them. Be prepared for that.
  • Very low conversion rate hence should be tried only for high ticket items.
  • The learning curve is there in perfecting the sales pitch.

Warning: Not all countries, states or cities allow cold calling due to privacy reasons. Please make sure you check if you are legally allowed to make telemarketing calls to your potential clients. I personally don’t recommend calling people for B2C products. Use this avenue very carefully.

Pro Tip: Use this only for high tickets. 

5. Organic Traffic

This is the number one free avenue and everyone should strive for that. It will not happen overnight. It will not even happen in one or two months. Coming on page 1 of Google will take months (or Organic Trafficsometimes years). If you keep publishing the quality content with right keywords frequently then sooner or later you will achieve regular organic traffic.

People will start trusting you and they will start buying from you. If you start getting a lot of organic traffic per month then someone or the other will keep buying your products.


  • Organic traffic is the best thing that can happen to your website. You don’t have to spend a penny to sell your products.


  • Coming on page 1 of Google is not very easy. A lot of efforts required to be put on SEO and maintaining your website.
  • It is very time-consuming. Sometimes it will take more than a year to build regular organic traffic flow.

Pro Tip: If you ever want to learn this way of promotion and everything about affiliate marketing then just follow this link and create a free account. You can explore this platform free for 7 days and also create one free website.

Do I Need To Do All Of These?

I would say yes if you have enough time. Before trying for the paid methods it is always better to exploit the free avenues first. At least everyone should put effort into getting organic traffic and video marketing. These efforts will surely prove helpful when you are ready to pay and promote your products.

Do you know any free avenue that I might have missed? I would like to hear about it in the comment.


9 thoughts on “How To Promote Affiliate Products Part 1: 5 FREE Avenues Online”

  1. Hey,

    Great article. I have recently set up my own you tube channel, so video marketing is what I am going to concentrate on first. I don’t want to do too many at once, I want to try and master one (or nearly master one) and then move on. For my niche I think LinkedIn will be the best social media platform for me to try next.

    Thank you for your advice, and I will keep your site bookmarked for future reference.

    All the best,


    • Yes. In today’s world, we all should be a jack of all and master of one at least 🙂 Great to know that you are focusing on the right medium first. All the best Tom.

  2. What a wonderful post!

    I specifically like your warning at the start, regarding learning curve and it appearing easy. Your post actually makes it sound easy !!

    I’m currently in the realms of creating content (your no 1 choice) and will soon be moving onto videos (your no 2 choice) but I certainly intend to do 4 out of 5 of these methods in the future (hopefully within 6 months). B2B is not for me at the moment, so I will not be using telemarketing.

    • Thank you Lawrence for stopping by.
      You are surely on the right path. And I like the fact that you are not impatient. You know that the great things require time 🙂 All the very best.

  3. Hey there, thank you for a very informative read. I myself am not going this direction, at least not yet, I do like to keep up to date with such ideas and tips though, just in case I make that transition. I don’t have any sites come to mind that you have missed, there are free images available for building content here though: they have great HD quality images and can be accessed. All I would say with regards to your post is, under 3. Email Marketing, the second paragraph is a little bit confusing and may need a little re-wording. Other than that, I thought it was a wonderful read.

    Kindest Regards,

    • Hey Adam,
      Thank you for stopping by. I use 2-3 images per post. I use pexel, pixabay, unsplash and canva. Thank you for pointing out the confusing part in my post. I have removed it. It was anyway redundant.

  4. Thank you for this great and informative article. We appreciate the PRO tips you share in each of the avenues on top of their Advantages and Disadvantages. Well written!


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