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How To Promote Affiliate Products Using Solo Ads?


I had mentioned solo ads briefly in my earlier article ‘how to promote affiliate products using paid traffic.’ Solo ads are a form of influencer marketing. Someone with high authority in your niche promotes your products on your behalf (and taking money to do so). Today I will show you a strategy on how to promote affiliate products using solo ads. We will also discuss the benefits, disadvantages and conclude whether it worth going for solo ads. Solo Ads Explained

What Are Solo Ads?

Let’s consider an example if you were to buy a tennis racquet and come across two tennis racquet brands. One of them is average quality, and the other one is of the best quality. I am promoting the best quality racquet brand, and Roger Federer is promoting the average quality racquet brand. I am Mr. Nobody in the world of tennis. Whose racquet brand will you buy?

Of course Roger Federer’s brand. A similar principle applies to Solo Ads. You need to find an equivalent of Roger Federer in your product niche who will promote your products on your behalf. This person will send an email to his followers (aka mailing list) vouching for your product. Since these followers trust Roger Federer, most of them will buy your product.

The person who promotes your products is called Solo Ads Provider. He will sell you several clicks on your product link. E.g. if you purchase 100 clicks on your product link, then he will keep sending emails to his followers till at least 100s of them click on your product link.

The clicks are available from 5 cents to a dollar per click. There is software like clickmagic to track how many times your link got clicked.  People who click on your link may buy the product if they are convinced.

Are They Better Than Google/FB?

“If I have to spend money to promote my products, then why shouldn’t I use FB ads or Google ads?”, you may ask. Of course, you can. You should test every paid channel and stick to the one which is getting you the results.

Let’s compare solo ads with FB and Google. No doubt that Google is one of the best media to market, but two reasons will make solo ads a better choice.solo ads vs google FB

1. Your product ad will not appear in front of people unless someone explicitly searches for the product or the related keywords on google. If you don’t appear, your product doesn’t get sold.

2. Usually, you want to promote new products to people. The majority of the population doesn’t even know about these products. Chances of them searching for the products and your product listing appearing in front of them are almost negligible.

With solo ads, the emails will be sent to people who may not be looking for your product. They may get curious and buy it.

With Facebook, people are not really in a purchasing mindset. They are there to socialize. The ads on Facebook solely depend on the impulsive buying nature of people. They are called cold buyers. Most of them will not buy it. Whereas with solo ads, people had given explicit permission to the solo ad provider (The Roger Federer in your niche) to send them information about new products.  They are called warm buyers. They had purchased from this guy earlier, and chances of them buying again are high.

If you find the right solo ad provider in your niche, then solo ads will surely give you better results compared to google or FB, especially for the unknown yet captivating affiliate products.

Disadvantages Of Solo Ads

You should be EXTREMELY CAREFUL using solo ads. When it comes to running ads, FB and Google are respected names, and their algorithm is automated. With solo ads, you are dealing with human beings, and I don’t have a favorable opinion about the human race. I will trust a dog or even a snake blindly but not a human being.  The following are the cons of dealing with solo ads.

1. Fake Traffic:  As mentioned above, you can purchase clicks from 5 cents to over a dollar per click. Some solo ads providers send fake clicks (aka bot clicks) to your link, and you keep wondering why your products are not getting sold.

2. Poor T1 Traffic: T1 stands for tier 1 traffic. It is traffic from T1 countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). These English speaking countries are known for their purchasing powers. The chances of your product getting sold in these countries are high. Some solo providers will send the traffic from third world countries to your link. Though that may not be fake traffic, you will still keep on wondering why your products are not getting sold.

Pro Tip #1: These cons are associated with people trying to cheat you, however, you can tackle these cons by using link trackers like clickmagick. With Clickmagick you can track how many are real clicks and how many are bot clicks. You can also track the percentage of T1 traffic that you are getting.  NEVER EVER USER SOLO ADS WITHOUT CLICKMAGICK

3. Stale Email List:  You may buy a racquet from Roger Federer, but will you buy it from Ken Rosewall? You may not. Because he is an old tennis star and many of you won’t even know him. The same happens with the email lists. If the email list gets old, then people start losing interest. They may not even open the emails from your solo ads providers, or even if they open, they may not purchase anything. You must insist on sending your product emails to the fresh subscribers of your solo ads provider. However, there is no way to check if they are promoting your product to the new list.

4. Non Availability In Most of The Niches: You may easily find solo ads providers in the make money online, health, and dating niche. You may find a few in meditation and self-help niches too. However, if you are promoting other niches, then you may not find competent and reliable solo ads providers easily.

Mistakes People Do With Solo Ads

Other than trusting the solo ads providers blindly, the following are the mistakes they do with solo ad implementation.

1. They Don’t Build Email List: People give the direct links of their affiliate page or product review to the solo ads provider. That way, they don’t get to know who is visiting their product page. They can’t promote future products to these people. (Read the solo ads strategy below to understand how to build the email list )

2. They Don’t Have The Follow Up Email Sequence: Most of the time, people don’t purchase in the first instance. They need to be convinced again and again to buy the product. Sometimes people build the email lists, but they don’t send these follow-up emails later to persuade people to purchase the product

3. They Keep On Promoting New Products: People fail to nurture their email list that they build through solo ads. They keep on promoting new products in every new mail they send to the email list. Of course, people get frustrated with so many promotions and unsubscribe from the list.

What Is The Best Solo Ads Strategy?

Some people try solo ads once and crib that they don’t work. Solo ads are not fast food. It is a 7-course meal. In other words, you need to follow a long term strategy to succeed with solo ads. I am going to explain the strategy step by step. I am assuming that you have found an excellent solo ads provider (aka Roger Federer) in your product niche.Solo ads strategy

1. Run Solo Ads To Build An Email List:  If you are running solo ads for the first time, then you may not get any sales. This will happen even with the best solo ads providers.

Your first goal is to create an email list of people who are interested in your niche. So instead of giving the direct link of your affiliate page, you should create a page called landing page (aka squeeze page).

This page will collect the email ids of people who are interested in your affiliate product. After obtaining the email id, direct the person to your affiliate product page of the product review page. This way, you will start building your email id.

Remember, not everyone who clicks on your page will leave an email id. So don’t get frustrated with that.

2. Send Follow Up Emails: As mentioned earlier, people don’t buy in the first instance. If they keep hearing (or reading) about your product again and again, then they may buy it.  If you collect the email ids of people, then you can create an email sequence convincing them to the product. You may get a few sales now after sending follow up emails.

3. Reinvest In Solo Ads: As mentioned earlier, solo ads is a longer game. The first time when you run solo ads, you may not get any immediate sales, but you will collect a few email ids. With subsequent email follow-ups, you may get a few sales. YOU WILL NOT break even immediately.

If you spent $100, you might get back $20-$30 only. You should again reinvest in solo ads despite not making a profit. You may not get sales still, but you will collect a few more email ids. Like this, you will keep building your email list. Soon you can start promoting other products to your email list and start making a profit. The idea is to keep running solo ads with the “right solo ads provider” again and again till you start making a profit.

Hypothetically, let’s say you built an email list of 5000 email ids. You can promote as many products as you want to this email list. Assume that you want to promote a product where your commission is a mere $10. Industry-standard of purchasing is approx 20%. That means 20% of your email list usually buys the product. Let’s just consider half of that. With a 10% conversion rate, you will earn $5,000 by selling one product. And you will promote products where you get little more commission that $10 right?

4. Nurture Your email list: As mentioned earlier, don’t just keep on sending the new products to your email list. You must add value to the life of your email followers. Send a few emails giving a few tips to improve their experience free of cost. Then occasionally, you send a product promotion email. Create the right email sequences to nurture your email list.

Pro Tip #2: 2/3rd of my emails are non-promotional. I usually build an email sequence in three parts. In the first email, I describe a problem in my niche area. In the second email, I propose a solution to solve that problem and in the third email, I promote the product to solve the problem. I have a separate email sequence convincing to buy the product for people who open all three emails. They are warm leads and chances of them buying a product are more.

So just to sum up the strategy, run solo ads, and build an email list. Reinvest in solo ads and keep building list. Nurture the email list and keep promoting the new products. As you can see here, solo ads are not a one-time thing.

Where Do I Find The Solo Ad Providers?

There are many places you will find solo ad providers. Since they are human beings, always proceed with caution, even on reliable platforms.

Most Reliable & Expensive Solo Ads Providers

  • Wayne Crowe: He is an individual solo ads provider who is perhaps the most expensive and reliable guy out there. He even guarantees you sales if you buy 1000 clicks or more from him. If you don’t get sales then he will keep sending you traffic till you get sales.
  • Soloadsx: In this platform, every week, top solo ads providers are handpicked based on their past performance. They have been doing this since 2012. They also boast about 100% human traffic and even give a conversion guarantee.
  • Udimi: This is a platform where you will find many solo ads providers listed. People who avail the solo ads services on this platform leave positive or negative reviews for the solo ads providers. This surely helps you in selecting the right solo ads provider for your niche.

Reliable & Affordable Solo Ads Providers

  • 10 Dollars Solo Ads: As the name suggests, you can run the ads for just $10. Depending on your package (once, weekly or deluxe), your ad will be shown to a certain number of peoples. You can have the real-time tracking of your ad and also avail the professional ad writing service. You can use this service to test the waters. Trustpilot has rated 5 stars for this service.

Least Reliable & Extremely Affordable Solo Ads Providers

  • Facebook Groups: There are hundreds of solo ads groups on FB, where many new solo ads providers sell the solo ads for the dirt-cheap rate. They also provide you a great discount and usually over-deliver in terms of clicks. You may find a few gems here but not before testing some useless stones. Be extremely careful here.

Is It Really Worth It?

Yes, you bet, but only if you follow the proper strategy. You need to do the heavy lifting of nurturing the email list. Don’t go solo ads route if you solely want to depend on solo ads provider for your sales.

If you decide to go solo ads route, then don’t forget about the pro tip mentioned above for tracking the link clicks.

Have you used solo ads? How was your experience? Do you have any reliable solo ads providers? Please do mention them in the comments section.


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  1. I’ve been reading about solo ads for a long time, but couldn’t find the right source of information. That is, until now. I heard that this form of paid advertising is highly effective if you know what you’re doing so I got interested. Your post is worthy of bookmarking and studying. Thanks a lot!

    • Yes. Solo ads have tremendous potential. The only problem with that is there are a lot of low-quality solo ads providers. People go to them to save money but eventually, they get what they pay for. Thank you for stopping by.


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