Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?


I joined Wealthy Affiliate by reading a blog post. The image was catchy. The image said ‘Would You Like To Earn While Sitting On Your Sofa With Your Laptop?’. Who doesn’t want that right? Why not earn money online now? That’s what I thought to myself. Honestly, I did not even bother to check if the wealthy affiliate is worth it or not. I decided to try their free 7 days trial. After all, they did not want my credit card. earn money with wealthy affiliate
Also, I had a laptop and I was sitting on a sofa. It was time to earn money, so I decided to check it out.

I created my free account and I started exploring it. Within the 3rd day of the trial period, I completed all free training that was available. I implemented learnings from those lessons to the best of my knowledge. I did not make money. I thought perhaps if I go through the rest of the training I might make money, so I upgraded to the premium membership.

I went through every training and implemented every possible thing. And guess what? I still did not make any money after one month.

Does that mean wealthy affiliate is a scam? Is it even worth trying? I tried exploring why I was not making money with wealthy affiliate. Here are some observations based on my stint here with WA.

Is Everyone On Wealthy Affiliate Earns Money?

Nope. In fact, there is a big chunk of 2 million members who may not be earning any money. Yes, you read that right. There are 2 million members with WA. While there is no concrete data available on how many are earning money, my guesstimate says that at least 80% are NOT earning any money.

In fact, not all 2 million members are active for sure. When you join wealthy affiliate premium membership, you get a rank assigned. When I joined, my rank was 300,000+. That means no more than 500,000 members are active out of two million.

I guess, they stopped using WA or they are dormant because they did not earn the money they were hoping to earn.

Is There Anyone Earns Money There?

Oh yes, there is a good chunk of people earning money, but the percentage is smaller compared to people who are not earning.

But isn’t it obvious? If you look around, who do you see more? successful people or failures? obviously failed and depressed people. As per the popular belief, 80% of people hold 20% of wealth and 20% of people hold the rest 80%.

WA is not an exception. These 20%  people are earning good money.

Then Why Aren’t All Making Money?

There are many reasons for it. Let’s dive deep behind the reasons why you won’t succeed with wealthy affiliate and think it as a scam.

  • Difference In Expectations: I feel the main reason is the difference in expectations. People think that online money is available for grabbing without putting much effort.. There is a lot of money on the table and not many takers. They see many posts asking them to earn $1000 in 48 hours or $15000 in 7 days. false money making adsThey come to WA with the same mindset. They think that they can start earning thousands of dollars in a few days from joining. Eventually, you will make thousands of dollars but certainly you won’t make them overnight. As I keep saying, Affiliate marketing is not fast food. It is a 7-course meal. The ads like these are mostly scams in online money making.
  • Wrong Notion Of Affiliate Marketing: People think that affiliate marketing is very easy. Just sell someone else’s products and bag the commission. They see some products that give $500 per sale and think that even if they sell 10 products they can earn an easy $5000. Things are not that simple my friend. Can you simply go to a stranger and ask him/her to become your spouse? There are hundreds of things you need to do before people start trusting you online and start purchasing from you. You need to create a website, write blogs, review products, create videos, do FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and email marketing, run paid ads before you even see your first sale. WA teaches you everything but it will take time.
  • Overwhelming Training: People can get scared when they look at the training module of WA. As mentioned in the previous point, there are hundreds of things need to be done before you are successful. WA teaches pretty much everything. Obviously there is a lot of training for that. People never expect to put so much effort to earn money online. They think that making online money is very easy and needs very little effort. They simply give up and needless to say fail.
  • Not Ready To Make Investment: Every day people come across ads like work for 2 hrs every day and earn $15000 in one week, no investment needed. They think that it is possible to earn money with zero investment. That is NOT true. Like any other business, even online businesses need investment. WA offers you pretty much everything from training to class website hosting for a mere $49 per month (Read Wealthy Affiliate Review For more details). There are other investments like running ads on various platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. People also need to invest their time in going through all the training and perform various activities. Their mind is not ready for investing time & money to earn money. They simply quit & call wealthy affiliate a scam.
  • Learning Curve: People have a notion that they can earn money online with a click of a button. Sorry my friend, again not true. If you are reading this post then you must know that there are many things to be done. Many of them are technical. While we don’t really need to write the code from scratch, there is a learning curve involved if you had not done them earlier. Depending on the IQ of people, this curve may vary. Some people will quit while very few will succeed.
  • Putting Efforts In The Wrong Direction: While some people are dedicated to their work, they are not the smart workers. They keep on putting efforts in the wrong direction. Not only that, they fail to take the lesson if they don’t succeed. If you want to go to the moon, no matter how many airplanes you change you will never reach there. You will need a powerful rocket. Similarly, in WA, people will keep marketing products that don’t get purchased or offer very less commission. It is important to take corrective actions.
  • Quit Too Early: Patience is a virtue, but people want everything fast. Some people put effort but quit when they are on the verge of becoming successful. One member little mama on WA did not earn anything in her first 1.5 years. But now she is earning higher side of 4 figures per month. Patience is virtueIn fact, she was one of the top referrers on WA and got a chance to go to Las Vegas convention held by WA. Imagine if she had quit after one year. Remember, there are 380 websites get launched every day and there are 1,295,973,827 websites in this world as of Jan 2020. It is not easy to stand out for most people and people give up.

So What’s The Verdict? Is WA Worth Or Not?

There are people who started earning within the first quarter and there are people who took more than a year to start earning. It is surely worth for these people.

Then there are people who quit in between, did not put effort and failed. Wealthy affiliate is a scam for them. It depends on how you look at it.

Whether you succeed or not, one thing I can assure you is that WA is NOT a scam. This platform has everything that you need to succeed except for patience and your will to succeed.

Remeber, no two people put the same efforts and intellect at their work. Whoever puts better intellect and more effort in the right direction will succeed. It is as simple as that.

If you

  • Have the patience to earn
  • Won’t quit
  • Go through the training, learn & implement things
  • Invest time & money
  • Learn from the bad patch

Then sooner or later you will succeed with wealthy affiliate. Let’s look at some conservative numbers.

WA costs you $49/month. That’s approx $600 per year ($359/yr if you pay yearly). With wealthy affiliate you can create 50 different websites. Let’s say you just create five and work hard on those for a couple of years. If these websites start earning $5000 per month then we are talking about $25000/month. Even if you achieve half of that, it is worth it, right?

Do read my detailed review of wealthy affiliate platform. If you are ready to make the above commitments then click on the button below and sign up for your free trial, else I wish you all the very best with your money-making journey. I would like to hear about your notions of online money making in the comments 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?”

  1. I think you’re right. There are people who have unreasonable expectations as far as their time and effort required to invest as well as the money. You need to make sure when you are looking to start with a project and use wealthy affiliate to help you monetize that project, you really need to go for it. All in. Give it time, put in the effort, and use the platform and all its benefits, and it’s hard to NOT succeed. If you’re looking for someone else to make money for you, good luck with that. lol
    It’s on you.
    You did a really good job of making that clear. Thank you!

    • Hey Randi,
      Thank you very much. Yes, the difference in expectation is the main reason for failures on WA platform. People want quick money and don’t want to put effort. I just wanted to highlight that it is not that way. I hope I was successful in highlighting that.

  2. To be successful in most things, you will need to learn the skills to be better than most and then be able to use those skills to create something that is a little better than all or your competitors.
    Internet Marketing is no different, the quick fixes only make money for the people at the top taking your money without giving any results.
    The training platform at Wealthy Affiliate has all of the tools to give you an advantage if you learn and use them. As with any tool, if you fail to use it, was it worth the money. Like a vacuum cleaner that sits in the closet and never gets used, your floors will never be clean.
    Do you think that most people find the WA platform too overwhelming?

    • Hey John,
      Thank you for stopping by. I loved your analogy of the vacuum cleaner. I am gonna use it in one of my posts 🙂 Yes, the WA platform can be overwhelming in the start, however people fail to realize that they don’t have to consume all that information overnight. They need to have the right balance between learning, actions and socializing on WA platform.

  3. Hi Prav,

    Great post. It’s great to see an honest opinion of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You are right it is worth it, but only if you are willing to put the effort it. It’s amazing how many people think setting up an online business will be simple but they wouldn’t have the same assumptions if it was an offline business such as a self-employed carpenter. It takes time to build up your customer base, your reputation etc and ultimately to start earning.

    It’s interesting that you managed to do the free training in 3 days. You must been going like the clappers and had some previous experience and knowledge. I know it took me almost 2 weeks to complete all the free training available and that was spending over 5 hours a day. But like you, at the end of it I was convinced WA was the way forward and I was quite happy to subscribe to premium. A decision I am sure I will not regret.

    • Yes Lawrence,
      I have experience with building websites and paid ads. That is the other gig that I do. I kept doing the pieces of training and implementation for more than 10-12 hrs in the free period. I just wanted to make the most of the free membership 🙂
      Not to mention, I am very happy too 🙂

  4. Hi Pray,
    Thank you for this thorough and helpful post on is Wealthy Affiliate worth it.
    I agree with you WA is not a scam and it worth it.
    What WA members get inside the platform, I will be honest they can’t get it elsewhere for this investment.
    I see people stating WA is a scam but when you delve deeper, you will find those people are recommending their own product to readers.
    It is not because I didn’t get what I expected when joined WA, I have to say it is a scam.
    As you said, it is like any business, and everyone need to invest (their time or.and money) to make it works.

    • Totally agree with you Sebastian.
      Everyone should treat this as any other business. If people put time,effort and money in the right direction, there is no need for any business to fail.

  5. Hi Pravin
    It is quite an informative article.
    Training can just give you the direction and show the path and you will have to travel your self. Every object in this universe is unique and hence no two person can adopt the training in the same fashion.
    I am a premium member of WA for the last few years and making a full-time income but lot of people who joined after me have tasted more success and there are people who joined much before me, have not been able to make that much money.
    Every student in the class can not be a topper and topper may not necessarily be making the highest money.

    • Hey Arun,
      Thank you for stopping by. Totally agree. Every student is not a topper and topper may not make the highest money. I am very happy that you are earning from your site. Hope that earning quadruples 🙂

  6. This is a great and honest review of WA. I think it is like any other business that you start. It takes work, consistency, investment and patience. It’s hard work actually, but I agree that I don’t think it is a scam. Everything about WA feels real and legit and it’s an honest attempt to help people succeed. Everything else is up to the individual person. Thanks for being so honest about it! I think lots of people will appreciate it.

  7. I am a part of Wealthy Affiliate and what I can say in my opinion that by far this is the best online Affiliate program that is out there and the good part is that you can start fro free. For anyone who is looking for a system that has proven to work then give Wealthy Affiliate a try. You will be so happy that you did.

  8. Great review

    I concur with all the points you said about why people do not make money at all. I am an example. I only started earning money with wealthy Affiliate after 10 months.

    But to be honest it was on that 10 month where I nearly quit that website to start another because I saw no commission. That 10th month made all the difference to me and that is why I will be kicking forever until I reach my goals.


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