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Landing Page vs Squeeze Page vs Sales page: When To Use What


If you are new to affiliate marketing then chances are there that you must have heard these terms: landing page, squeeze page, sales page, and bridge page. When I was new to affiliate marketing, I was thoroughly confused with this terminology. I thought that they are the synonyms and represent the same thing. But they don’t. Let’s compare landing page vs squeeze page vs sales page in this article.  I will also explain when to use which page.

All these pages are mainly related to the paid ads. Of course, you can reach these pages by promoting them using the free traffic methods too but we will explore them from the paid ads point of view.

Landing Page

In one line, it is the first page your visitors visit. It can be the homepage of your website, a blog post, a squeeze page, or a sales page.

Depending on your goal, your ad will direct your visitor to one of the pages mentioned above. If you just want the traffic to your website then you can direct them to a home page. In case you want to promote a blog then you can direct them to a blog post. If you want to build an email list then you will send them to your squeeze page. If the goal is to generate sales then you will send them to your sales page.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the above paragraph. I will explain it shortly. Just understand that the first page visited by the visitor is called the landing page and it can be any page from the list above.

Sales Page

This is your money page. Visitors will land on this page and purchase the product or service that you are trying to sell. He/she will click on the ad and land on this page.  This is the landing page for the visitor.

The aim of the page is to convince the visitor to make the purchase so that you make money.

Squeeze Page (a.k.a. Bridge Page)

The purpose of the squeeze page is to collect the contact details of your visitor. It is also known as the bridge page as it sits between your ad and the sales page.

The flow is simple. A user clicks on your ad, reaches your squeeze page, enters his contact details, and then lands on the sales page to make the purchase.

When To Use A Squeeze Page

But why add one more layer? Why not send the user directly to the sales page? The answer is simple. You add this extra page so that you can contact the user later again if needed.

Usually, the person doesn’t buy your product/service on his first visit. If the person doesn’t buy and you don’t add a squeeze page in between then you have lost him.

On the contrary, if you had collected his contact details you could contact him again and convince him to buy your product or service.

You may also try to sell him your future products. And the best part, you won’t have to spend money on ads to reach this person again.

Characteristics Of A Good Squeeze Page

Think of the squeeze page as the teaser of a movie. If the teaser is good then people think of watching the movie.

The purpose of your squeeze page is not only to collect the email id but tease the user to get excited about seeing the sales page. Then only he will enter his email id.

Following are some of the characteristics your squeeze page should have

1. Consistency: Your squeeze page should be consistent with your ad. If your ad says you are selling dog collars then your squeeze page cannot say cat collars.

In fact, it should not even say pet accessories. The squeeze page (and landing page) should be consistent with your ad.

If needed create separate landing pages for cat and dog collars. Don’t mix them.

2. Short & Simple: Don’t unleash the hidden crazy designer in you for designing a squeeze page. Follow the KISS rule. Keep It Simple Silly 🙂

All you need is a headline, sub-heading, contact form, submit button, and link to the privacy policy. Do not use crazy backdrops and hundreds of different colors.

The main aim of the squeeze page is to take the user to the sales page at the earliest. Hence, the message should be very precise. DO NOT copy the entire text from the sales page.

3. Highlight The Key Benefits: If your product has 10 benefits then just highlight the 2-3 most relevant benefits on your squeeze page and just say many more. The key is to tease the visitor to go to the sales page.

4. Contact Form Placement: Most of the visitors these days use mobile phones. Your contact phone should be available before the first fold on the page. In other words, visitors should not need to scroll for more than once to reach the contact form.

Here are a few examples of the squeeze pages that worked for me.

Free FB Traffic

Belly Fat Fix (product discontinued but you can check the squeeze page)

squeeze page vs Sale page

Characteristics Of A Good Sales Page

The characteristics of the sales page are very different from the squeeze page. There are mainly two types of sales pages, A video sales page, and a text+image/video sales page. All these characteristics mentioned below are general characteristics for both.

1. Consistency: This is exactly the same as a squeeze page.

2. Long & Convincing: Unlike the squeeze page, the sales pages are usually long and explain everything in detail. The video only sales page can be short but then the video should explain everything in detail.

Though some people prefer the short sales pages, however, the sales pages with the maximum information convert better in my opinion.

3. Follows The Proper Flow Of The Sales Pitch: Do not randomly list the benefits. The sales page should follow the basic flow of a sales pitch. It has three steps 1. explain problem 2. Explain the solution 3. Explain how your product/service is the best for the problems.

Make use of images, videos to explain the benefits of your product or services

4. Use Video Testimonials: Text or image testimonials are good but video testimonials are great. You don’t need the professionally recorded testimonials, testimonials recorded on the mobile phones will also do.

5. Include Multiple Payment Methods: Include as many payment methods as possible. The visitor shouldn’t leave because you don’t have his payment methods. Bare minimum, you must accept the payment using PayPal and credit cards.

6. Maximize Your Sells With Upsell Pages: Try to sell multiple upgrades to your buyer and maximize his buying mindset after he buys the first product.

Unfortunately, I don’t sell any products of my own yet but if you take a look at the sales pages of popular products on Clickbank, JvZoo you can see many great landing pages.

But Why To Use These Pages When My Website Has Everything?

Glad you asked that question. Let’s say you have a pet store. You may think that you will run an ad and send visitors to the homepage of your website. Then users can search whatever they want and buy it.  Cat lovers can buy cat accessories and dog lovers can buy dog accessories. That’s the simplest approach right?


You should never ever send visitors to your homepage if you want to generate sales.

You may ask why. That’s because the people have a very short attention span these days. They don’t have time to put effort. You should make things as easy as possible for them.

You must run separate ads for dog lovers and cat lovers. You must create separate squeeze and landing pages for dog lovers and cat lovers.

That way, cat lovers don’t have to browse items for dogs and vice versa. They don’t have to figure out where are the accessories hidden on your website that they are looking for.

As mentioned above, make things easy for them. Make use of dedicated landing pages and squeeze pages. Trust me my friend, your sales will increase 🙂


To summarize, never ever send visitors directly to your home page. Create squeeze and landing pages satisfying the characteristics mentioned above. Create email sequences to follow up. That’s a known secret to making money online 🙂

What do you think about this article? Did I miss anything? I would like to know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Landing Page vs Squeeze Page vs Sales page: When To Use What”

  1. Thanks for sharing the great content, Simple and informative! I finally get it what are the differences and purpose of those pages. Before that, i totally don’t know why there are so many different pages.
    Once again, thanks to your great content!

    Keep it up for more great content!

  2. Thanks, Prav. As always, I find your post very informative. I’ve started an email marketing campaign and decided to include a bridge (squeeze) page in my funnel. As you said here, KISS is the best approach. My conversion rate from visitor to the subscriber is 50% – 60% all thanks to the simple approach you have laid out here. And I did exactly what you said. A short squeeze page leads my visitors to a long sales page. And thanks to this approach, I get much more from my traffic than I did before. Awesome work!


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