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Learn How To Make Money From Free Traffic: Review of $2 Method By Empire


Would you believe me if I say that you can learn how to make money from free traffic? Not only that, you just need to spend $2 to learn this method?

You will probably think that it is a scam. I too thought the same and avoided it before giving up to the nagging mind which was telling me to try it.

So here is the review of the free traffic method #1 by Empire.

What Exactly is The Method?

Well, it will not be appropriate for me to disclose the entire method in my review when it just costs $2. I will quickly review what is it about.

This method is about getting traffic using Facebook, Facebook pages & Facebook groups. No, I am not talking about Facebook ads. This method is absolutely free and cleaver use of your Facebook friends to get traffic and eventually sales.

Disclaimer:  This method will ONLY get the traffic, the sales are not guaranteed. Sales are dependent on how good is the product/service that you are selling. This method works in every niche but there is work involved.

Now that we are done with that disclaimer, let me tell you this, you just need to spend $2 to learn this free method. Here is a quick walkthrough of the method.

How Many Free Traffic Methods Are There?

As of now, there are three free traffic methods in the Empire member’s area. However, as mentioned in the video above, only the first method is available for $2.

For the second method, you should have completed 14 days from joining and paid an additional $37. This is not mandatory though. You can just learn method #1 and cancel your account.

For the third method, you should wait 30 days after the second method is available and pay an additional $37. Again you can cancel after learning method #1 & #2.

In other words, to learn all three methods you will need to pay $76. Remember that the methods are free but the learning is not.

Again learning method #2 & #3 is not mandatory. You can cancel your account in 14 days.  Method #1, if implemented correctly should make you many sales.

You can watch a short video walkthrough of the member’s area here.

Pricing & OTOs?

The pricing is just $2 for method #1 that you can access for 14 days.

As mentioned above, if you don’t cancel within 14 days then you will be charged $37 for the method #2 and another $37 for method #3 if you don’t cancel after method #2

There are three OTOs

1. Done For You high converting bridge page template and viral posts: $17

2. Setup your own membership course: $17

3. Done for you Facebook messenger bot funnel: $97

I have not upgraded to any OTOs. However, I have gone through method #1 and found it to be useful.

You are also backed by 60 days money-back guarantee (not applicable for $2 payment).


Only email support is available and never needed to try it so far.

Good Things About The Methods

1. It is a great method to learn for $2. It can’t get better than that.

2. The method is implementable. Everyone needs the best traffic to their sales page and this should get the quality traffic to your sales page.

3. The training sessions are short and precise. They are easy to follow and implement.

Not So Good Things About The Method

None that I could think. Frankly, even if something was bad I might just ignore it for $2. Having said that, I didn’t really like the look and feel of the member’s area 😉

Final Verdict:

  • Product: Free Traffic Method By Empire
  • Does What It Says?: 9 out of 10
  • Support: Not tried
  • Course Quality: 8 out of 10
  • Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10
  • Price: $2 for 14 days and $37 monthly (new methods will be added)
  • Recommended? Yes.
  • Where to Buy: Click Here Or on the button below.

If you are still thinking about whether to get it or not just go for it. Think that you bought coffee and spilled it. I am not interested in learning free method #2 & #3 and I will again review them once they are opened for me.

If you are the one who only wants everything free and does not want to invest in your business hope you soon realize that there are no free lunches in the world.

Those who are interested can click the button below and sign up.

Learn Free traffic method


10 thoughts on “Learn How To Make Money From Free Traffic: Review of $2 Method By Empire”

  1. Hi and thanks for sharing this. It does sound very interesting and as you say if you are not willing to spend $2 on something that takes a couple of hours to learn and then I don’t know how long to implement and is shown to yield results then that doesn’t make sense.
    I would be concerned though, presumably you pay by credit card. What mechanisms are there to prevent them from automatically charging you for the other two $37 after 14 days and then 45 days. I know everyone considered money-back guarantee to be such a great thing but personally I would rather not have to give the money in the first place unless I know and trust it will work.
    From what little information there is available on this it does look interesting and probably worth a try. Thanks again for sharing. Best regards, Andy

    • Thank you Andy for this detailed comment. Technically there is no such mechanism but you can pay by PayPal/Credit card. If you raise a cancel account request and if they still charge then you can raise a dispute with Paypal or your credit card. It is a hassle but you won’t lose money. I have purchased many products and if I didn’t like the products, I have returned them. A couple of times I had to raise the disputes with Paypal but I always got the money back. Moreover, this program is listed on Clickbank. It is a trusted name in the affiliate marketing world for last 20 years. So I have good faith in the program 🙂

  2. Hey, thank you for this article. What I loved the most aside from learning about leveraging free traffic is that it is well written and somehow the color scheme made it easier for me to understand and you had the video. Very helpful. Thank you.

    • Thank you Thomas for stopping by. Good to know that you liked the layout. Do try the product, I am sure you will love it too.

  3. Yes I have heard of Empire before but thought for $2 dollars what are they trying to give me? But then I watched the videos and I can see some of the benefits of trying this out, so thanks for the info and I will look into trying it out sometime.

    • Thank you Kevin,
      As a business owner, I should be ready to gamble a bit. $2 is worth the gamble and I learned something new. That made me curious and I am going to continue and learning all three methods. In other words, I am going to pay $76 at least.

  4. For $2 that is a small investment to get traffic to one’s website. This deal sounds like a winner in helping you to get the traffic that you need. Now you have me thinking as I must look into this. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank you, Norman,
      Well, even if you don’t traffic that you are expecting $2 is nothing to learn something new. I have been using FB since 2009 but this approach never struck me. I have started implementing it. Let’s see how it goes.


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