Money Is In The List

Money Is In The List: Have You Started Building Yours?


“Money is in the list.” How many times have you heard this phrase? Yet, most of the people ignore it thinking that who checks email these days and why to waste efforts on building an email list.

The reality is far from this assumption. Even after 42 years since email was invented by V.A. Shiva, email still remains an integral part of marketing and I believe it will remain that way for the next 10-15 years at least.

Who Needs An Email List?

If your business client is a human then you need an email list. You can be an affiliate marketer, digital marketing agency, dropshipper, doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, or any other business that deals with people, you must have an email list.

Whether you like it or not, if you want to save the cost of marketing and stay in the business then you must start building your email list ASAP.

Money Is In The List, But How?

But in this era of social media, who checks the emails? All I get is spam in my mailbox and so are others; then why waste my time in building the email list? And most importantly, how will the email list make money for me?

I am sure, you must be having at least one of these questions on your mind. The truth is that almost 3.9 billion folks have email ids in 2020 and that number is set to cross 4.3 billion by 2023. That’s half of the world population with the email ids.

I still have the email id created back in 1998 and I am sure most of you have it too. I am showing all this stats to stress that email is not dead. If you have an email list, it doesn’t matter how big or small they are your first go to customers whenever you have a new product or services to promote.

Assume that your product costs 100 bucks and you have 100 people on your list. Just one person buys that product. You made 100 bucks without spending any money on the paid ads. That’s just 1% conversion and very likely. Now extrapolate those numbers to 1000 emails or 5000 emails or 10,000 emails and just see how much you will earn just with 1% conversion.

That’s just one product. When you launch another product, you can repeat the process. Even if one person buys 5 times per year then the yearly value of that customer is 500 bucks. I am having email since 1998 and if I was your customer even for 10 years, I would have made your pockets heavier by 5000 bucks. And that’s just 1 customer. With an email list size of 10,000 and a 1 % conversion, you can make 50,000 per year. That too by not spending a dime on paid ads. Not to mention, 1% is a very conservative estimate.

Not only that you can promote other people’s products to your email list for a service fee. This method is called solo ads. All you need to do is send the email to your list promoting the product and grab the service money

Why Email List When I Can Do SEO & Paid Ads?

Have you heard that saying? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. The same applies to the email list. Who has a better chance of buying from you? A stranger who has not bought anything yet or the person who has bought something from you in the past?

I hope you have your answer. Rather than searching for new birds each time with SEO and paid ads, it is better to tap your email list first.

Other than that I believe the following reasons should stress the importance of the email list for you.

  • Protection From The Algorithm Changes: Google, FB, and other ad networks keep changing their algorithms. Sometimes Google changes something and your website gets penalized without your knowledge. That drops the traffic or makes the ad spend suddenly expensive. Even worst, Facebook is known to suddenly disable your ad account. You end up losing all your pixel data and other useful information. Only emails remain constant. You can send them whenever you want.
  • Maximum Chances Of Visibility: Your organic posts on social media hardly reach 2% to 10% of your followers. Emails are not perfect either. About 20% of emails land up in the spam folder. Still, it has 80% chance of getting seen by your potential clients.
  • Emails Can Be Referred Again & Again:  You like something on social media and try to search it again after a few days. Can you search for it easily? of course not. It gets buried under tons of new social posts. Emails are not like that. You can search emails sent in 1998 (if you have not deleted it) easily.

If you prefer to watch a short video on the importance of mailing list then here it is 🙂

How To Build An Email List?

This is a vast topic. There are many strategies to build the email list. Rather than explaining them in detail, I will recommend two exactly opposite and absolutely FREE courses on email list building

1. Traditional Way Of List Building: Attend this 11 sessions free course by Traffic Domination. It talks about the traditional methods of list building. This training takes about 2 hrs from the beginning to the end. Do read a detailed review of this training course here.

2. Revolutionary Way Of List Building: The traditional way is slow and expensive. Would you be interested in a revolutionary way of list building? This 90-minute webinar explains one revolutionary method to collect the email ids very fast. Not only that, but you can also earn while building the email list. Just click here or on the banner below and get started. The webinar runs every 15 mins. Make sure that you can sit for 90 mins to learn the technique. Otherwise, you have to start all over again if you stop in between.

10k subscribers in 30 days


A building an email list is vital. Period. Don’t miss this opportunity to promote your business without sending a dime. If you have not started collecting emails then you must start ASAP. In fact, you must start immediately after reading this post. If you are not clear how to do it then start with one of the two training programs of your choice but you MUST start building your email list immediately.


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