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Myths About Making Money Online: Busted.. 5 of them


Have you ever dreamt about earning lots of money? Maybe earn those dollars as fast as possible and then build a mansion, get that Ferrari under your a$$, retire before 40 and travel the world (and if possible, to the other planets too). Well, hold your horses. Making money online is not difficult but we wanted to make sure that you earn them instead of losing them fast. Today we will discuss the myths about making money online and bust them.

There are hundreds of wrong ideas floating on the internet related to earning money online. Let’s discuss 5 of them today? We will tell you our views about them and you tell yours. May Maybe add a few myths to the list in the comments. Deal?

Myth 1: You Get Rich Quickly

Well, if you remove the word ‘quickly’ from this myth then it is true. There is no overnight success. It will never happen that you started putting efforts today and started earning hundreds of dollars from tomorrow. You might have read some schemes which will help you earn thousands of dollars in the next few hours. BEWARE, you will lose money fast here. Just think, if someone can earn hundreds of dollars in a few hours or days, why will he share that secret with you and not earn more and more dollars for himself?get rich quickly

We often focus only on the success of people and conveniently ignore their struggle, failures, sleepless nights, thoughts of quitting and rising again like a phoenix bird. Trust us, it takes a lot of hard work, learning new skills to earn money online. Sure, the getting rich duration may Maybe shorter for someone with great skills but you will NOT get rich quickly.

Myth 2: You Get Rich With Zero Investment

Seriously?? did you really believe that? It’s like getting a big tree with zero seeds. Sure, you can start with free tools and get the proof of concept validated but in order to scale your business beyond 6-7 figures, free is certainly not the way. Remember that there are no free lunches anywhere.

Just to give you an idea, let’s say you have 100 followers on your FB business page. You make a post about your new product then only 10 or fewer followers will see that post. The rest 90 of them will not see that post. FB wants you to run paid ads to reach a bigger chunk of people. Even Mark Zuckerberg has to pay his grocery bills right?

Don’t stay under this misconception of zero investment. Prepare yourself to invest money to make more money online. Remember that money is the catalyst in making money.

Myth 3: Everything About Making Money Online Is A Scam

Some believe that you can get rich quick on the internet while others believe that everyone is a cheater on the internet. Both of them are wrong. It is very much possible to make money online. Sure there are scammers but that’s part and parcel of any business, whether it is online or offline. You just need to find the right product or program and you should know how to sell it online.
Online Money scam

The online industries are growing year after year. More and more people are getting access to the internet across the globe. Many people prefer to shop online instead of burning gas and shopping in stores. This trend is going to go skywards. There are billions of people online ready with their credit cards. You just need a few hundred from these billions to earn money online. There are a lot of people who are making a fortune with make money online niche and you can Maybe one of them too.

Myth 4: 4 hr Work Per Week Is Possible

BS. It may Maybe true for Tim and a few others who we can probably count on fingers. Don’t count on it till you make your first million dollars. Every day get up, check your bank balance and if you don’t find at least a million dollars in it, then motivate yourself and work your a$$ off till you make it.

Then invest your money and time wisely to make more money. Then may Maybe you can think of working for 4 hrs per week. Are any of you really working just for 4 hrs and making at least a million dollars every year? we would like to hear from you in the comments section.

Myth 5: You Just Need A Website To Make Money

We feel pity for you if you believed that. Sure, you need a website to make money but that’s not all. You need skills to show your website to your potential clients to make money. A new website is launched every few seconds. That’s at least 100 new websites while you were reading this blog post. Not to forget the existing billion websites. Your new website is not even a drop in the ocean of websites. Online money making website

The real work starts after your website is up. Marketing it to get traffic, keep track of your traffic, communicate with your potential clients, promoting new products, keep updating that website of yours and so on. These activities are not even a tip of the iceberg and need to be done regularly to keep yourself afloat.


Did we just disappoint you with these myths? well, don’t get dejected. At the end of the day, the whole idea of earning money online is an intricate mixture of good and bad. It’s a sensible job path if you’re ready to face the challenges.

Wish to start? There are plenty of ideas that you can check out, including these means for teens to earn money online (not that grownups can’t attempt them). Various other chances consist of instructing online, marketing digital books online, as well as these mini work that benefits part-time earnings. So shed that dejection and go make your own success story.

What are the other myths that you have heard while earning money online? Do share your experience with us in the comment section.


6 thoughts on “Myths About Making Money Online: Busted.. 5 of them”

  1. Love the heads up and information. There are a lot of scam out there and it’s hard to choose but if we follow the right people we will succeed.

  2. Great article Prav,
    You have beautifully taken down the myths about making money online. Couldn’t agree more that it takes time, effort and patience. Absolutely love the sentence on working your ass off till you see the million dollars in your bank account.
    Keep sharing the knowledge 🙂

    • Hey Gaurav,
      Thank you for stopping by. People just ignore the patience and effort part and jump in to earn money. Hope it will alert at least some people on what to expect in their journey 🙂

  3. Absolutely incredible truth. I really enjoyed the read and that is very accurate information which is very much appriciated in this day and age because this isn’t just fairydust magic well maybe it is a little 😉 gotta put in the work~

    • Thank you Johannes for stopping by.
      Yepp, the mantra is simple. No pain no gain. That’s what people are ignoring these days.


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