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No Investment Online Business:Is It Really Possible?


Everybody is looking for a business that can fetch thousands of dollars every month. When someone sees ads or posts like this on Facebook, they just jump on the opportunity. scam offersAfter all no investment online business is lucrative. While it is a known fact that you will need less initial capital for online businesses, let’s try to explore if doing online business is really possible.

Online Businesses With Zero Investments

The idea is to start and launch a business with $0. Is it really possible? The short answer is yes. It is possible. Let’s discuss two avenues that an individual can follow to start an online business with $0 as long as there are a computer and internet connection. The first option is very broad and pretty much covers every possible avenue to earn money with zero investment.

1. Selling Your Skill (aka Freelancing): You can earn money by doing what you do best. Are you a digital marketer? you can work for people who are looking to manage their social media and ads. Are you a photographer, designer or artistic type? you can create content for others. Are you a writer? Write for others. You won’t guess how many people are looking for help with the skills that you possess.

All you need to do is find the right people who are looking for your skills. Get in touch with them and earn money for offering your services.

You need to list yourself on the platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Create an amazing profile boasting about your skills and people will come to you. Complete their jobs and earn money. Fiverr and Upwork will charge a small fee for getting you the jobs.

Alternatively, you can start your own website and market yourself using the free channels (FB page, insta profile, free forums etc). This way you don’t need to share your earnings with anyone.

2. Affiliate Marketing: In short, Affiliate marketing is earning a commission by selling the products that you don’t own. You don’t have to worry about the inventory of the product, shipping, returns or refunds. Just sell the product and bag the commission. The commission can be as small as 1% and as large as 75% of the product value.

All you need is a website and/or email list to which you can keep selling the products. With Blogspot or wix you can create a website for free. You can sign up with Clickbank, jvzoo, and other affiliate networks for free. You can apply/create for the affiliate links of the products that you wish to sell. List those products on your free website and whenever someone visits and purchases the product, you get the commission.

Are They Really Zero Investment Businesses?

In the previous section, we saw that we can start an online business with $0. It is very much possible to start a business with absolutely zero investment. The next question is whether a business can be sustained and grown with zero investment?

Thanks to the free versions of products from companies like Google, Mailchimp, Wix, Blogspot, etc, you can get everything up and running for $0, but each of these companies has paid version too right? They too have a big company to run and they too have expenses. They too wish to earn money. After all, there are no free meals in this world. You probably know that already.

There is a limitation to free stuff. Free stuff lets you test the waters. Free websites will be slower and substandard compared to the paid ones. Business email management will have advantages over free emails like Gmail or yahoo. The paid versions of various tools will have an edge over free versions. Paid marketing will reach more people compared to free marketing. Paid business automation can eliminate errors and save time and efforts compared to the manual management of a business. For freelancers too, you need to invest in products related to your skills.

The list can go on and on. If people could earn thousands of dollars with free stuff then why will someone pay hundreds of dollars per month in a monthly membership for these tools?

So to answer the question directly, you can start a business with zero investment but you can’t sustain or grow your business.

What Is the Bare Minimum Investment Needed To Start An Online Business?

We established the fact that we need to invest in online business in order to sustain and grow. The trick is to keep that initial investment to the minimum. Reinvestin the business from the profits each time so that the profit keeps growing.

Let’s see how we can keep the initial investments to the minimum.investment needed for online business

Website: This is your online shop for your business. This can’t be substandard or slow. The free websites are never sufficient for running a full-fledged business. It does not look professional either. A decent website will cost you anywhere from $25 to over $100 per month. Let’s assume $25/month for a website.

Tools & Technology: This list a never-ending list. Depending on your niche you should invest in products. While you can go crazy with purchasing the products, you should control yourself. Get the paid versions of only the must-have products. Though this can range anywhere from $10 to $300+, let’s consider two such tools for $25 each. That’s $50.

Training: It is important to stay updated with the latest trends, techniques and, technology related to your online business. You can’t win a war in 2020 with the weapons of 2nd world war. I hope you got the point that I am trying to convey. Training is the best way to stay updated. There are free trainings available on YouTube for almost everything, however, digging good training from the ocean of videos on YouTube is very difficult.

There are a few good folks who keep track of the changes in the online world and incorporate those in their training. Subscribe for such training. Again, such training can cost you anywhere from $10 to $100 per month. Let’s consider $10 per month for the training.

Marketing: Do you know the major hurdle in online business? It is letting people know that your online business exists. Getting traffic to your website using free methods is very difficult. Creating an email list is next to impossible with $0.

Marketing plays an important role in the success of your business. The paid marketing is a separate training course in itself. Assuming that you know how to do it, you should have a budget of $5-10 every day. i.e. about $150-300 per month. Let’s consider $200 for our calculation.

The total is $285 per month. That’s the bare minimum expenses per month you should be ready to bear for your online business. While this may seem a lot initially, it will be negligible once you start earning.

My #1 Recommendation For Online Business

If you exclude marketing expense i.e. $200, then you just need $85 per month to keep your business afloat every month. You should make the best use of these $85.

What if I tell you I can save you $46 per month from these $85? i.e. in just $49 per month, you can start and run the online business of affiliate marketing. The best way is to spend your time, effort and money on affiliate marketing.Recommendation for online business

Will you believe if you get the following features for just $49 per month?

    • 10 Extremely fast WordPress websites. That’s 10 online shops to sell products from 10 different niches.
    • SSL Certificate, malware and spam protection.
    • Keyword research tool.
    • A sophisticated grammar and plagiarism checker.
    • Step by step affiliate marketing training.
    • Step by step marketing training covering marketing on google, bing, pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms.
    • Extremely efficient customer support if you ever get stuck.
    • Guidance from thousands of experienced members who are earning money online for over 10 years. No, you don’t have to give a penny to these people to get the guidance.
    • Live training each week explaining a trending current topic.
    • Recordings of all live training done so far in the past 8 years
    • Access to training created by other members on the platform. In short, you will rarely find a topic that is not covered.

All the above features for just $1.6 per day. That’s less than the cost of one coffee. Not only that, you can try this system for FREE for 7 days, no credit card required. You get to learn 10 FREE sessions out of 50. You can create one FREE website. You get to ask, interact and get guidance from real people (not bots) who are doing this for the last 10-12 years. And do you know the best part? There are absolutely no upsells. You get everything promised within $49. Others will charge you at least $500-1000 in upsells and you won’t even get all this.

Do you want to know the name of this program? It’s called wealthy affiliate

All you have to do is follow the steps below

1. Create a FREE account with wealthy affiliate.

2. Upload your pic and write a small paragraph about you. You can upload any pic if you don’t want to show your face.

3. Go through the free training, complete the assignments after each lesson.

4. Get your website up. Yes, it is possible to do it in less than a week.

Later, if you find value then you can purchase a premium account and get advanced training step by step. If not, you absolutely have nothing to lose.

If you upgrade within 7 days, you will get the first month for just $19. This will unlock everything for you. This way you can explore everything and decide for yourself 🙂 If you follow the step by step instructions in the course then you can set up a business that can fetch at least four-figure income. In fact, 10 such businesses you can start, maintain and grow for just $49 per month.

A Word Of Caution


Yes, I wrote that in caps. It is better to set the expectations clearly in the beginning itself. Like any other business, online business also takes time to establish.

If you start a website today, there won’t be thousands of visitors from day 1. These visitors are your potential buyers. If you are persistent, consistent and patient, this visitor count will go up steadily. Soon you will start making money from your website.

To summarize, yes, it is very much possible to start an online business for $0 but it is not possible to sustain or grow it. It is important to use investments wisely.

What is your experience with online business? Did you start earning from day1? Did you ever get duped or scammed while doing online business? I would like to hear about your experience in the comments section.


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  1. A very good guide on no investment online business and I am one of those few people who did start out online in affiliate marketing without investing a penny, how I did this was to learn how to be successful on my social media pages and Linkedin. So it is possible to start out without investing any money to test if this business is actually right for you, and you can join as many affiliate programs at no cost and promote your links online on social media, Linkedin, and ever free classified sites to get started


  2. I enjoyed reading this very well written post on the possibility of starting an online business with no investment. I agree you get what you pay for, and as a WA member, I can honestly say you get excellent value for money:)


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