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Perpetual Income 365 Review: Scam Or Legit?


In this ‘Perpetual Income 365 review,’ we will validate their claims of earning $497/day profit and determine if it is a scam or legit.  Will you be interested if someone tells you that you can make $497/day by following the secret algorithm that Netflix uses to mint money? Well, not for the $497, but for knowing the secret algorithm of Netflix, I got lured into trying this.

Let’s dive deep into this software, which claims to expose the Netflix MCCA algorithm and make money for you.

What Is Perpetual Income 365?

As mentioned above, Perpetual Income 365 (PI365) works on the MCCA algorithm. It stands for Micro commitment, consistency, compounding algorithm. It works on the principle of getting customers with micro committed first. Netflix offers the first month at a very cheap and affordable rate. They get their customers committed to micro spending first. Then comes consistency. Once people get hooked to Netflix, then they don’t mind paying the regular monthly charges to Netflix. They pay month after month consistently. Now is the turn of compounding. Netflix makes more and more profit when more and more people join Netflix.PI365

PI365 also works on the same principle. They let you try the interface at an affordable rate (Micro commitment). Once you are comfortable with their interface, then they charge you their monthly rate (consistency). Slowly more and more people join PI365 with your link and PI365, and you start making money (compounding).

How Will You Earn Money With It?

It is an automated form of affiliate marketing. Following is a short end-to-end flow of affiliate marketing.

1. You select a product to promote. Here you are promoting PI365.

2. You create a beautiful landing page explaining the product.

3. You drive traffic to your landing page.

4. You collect the contact details of the persons who are interested before letting them access the product.

5. If they buy it then voila, you have started earning money.

6. If they don’t buy it, then you keep sending them emails daily.

7. Some of them buy because of your email followups.

For every sale, you get a 50% commission, and you start building your email list. You can later promote other affiliate products to this email list and make money.

What’s new in this flow? You may ask. Frankly, nothing new, and the pain area of bringing traffic remains the pain area even with PI365.

But rest everything is available on a platter. You get the pre-designed landing pages that are known to convert. You would agree that designing a landing page that converts is an art and not everyone can do it. You get a pre-designed sequence of 31 emails that go out daily. Again, this sequence is known to convert. You should be able to convince a few more people to join PI365 (compounding).

You keep on earning money every month (consistency) for all your sales (till they keep paying monthly fees). Moreover, you can promote new affiliate products later too.

And about the pain area of traffic? Well, they have got it covered too. They recommend Solo ads to promote their product. There is a video explaining how to do that.

So you see, all in all, you have everything readily available that is needed to succeed.

Tools You Will Need With Perpetual Income 365

To make sales with PI365, you will need to signup for ClickBank and GetResponse. The email sequence is compatible with GetResponse only.

Clickbank is required to collect the commissions from each sale.

Apart from ClickBank and GetResponse, you will need a mechanism to get the traffic to your landing page. PI365 recommends Solo Ads. However, you can use any method of your choice to get the traffic (other than free methods).

If you are looking for solo ads, then I will recommend Udimi and $10SoloAds.

The point I wanted to make is that you need to earmark the budget for GetResponse and paid ads along with the fees of PI365. I will explain in detail in the pricing section of this blog.


As per PI365, the only support is email support. The SLA is 24 to 48 hrs to reply to your query. However, they have a private Facebook Group where members post the success stories and help each other with any issues.


I am now coming to the critical part, the pricing. Let me explain that with bullet points for better understanding.

  • You can try PI365 for $9 for 14 days (Micro Commitment), and then it is $47 per month.
  • The GetResponse is free for the first 30 days, and then it is $12 minimum. It depends on the number of subscribers on the email list.
  • The hidden pricing is for the paid ads. There is no fixed cap for the paid traffic, but you can spend anywhere between $50-$100 per month.

So, in short, your expenses for the first month will be $97 ($47 fees and $50 paid ads), and from the second month onwards, they will be $109 per month. You get a 50% commission per sale. i.e., ~$24. You will need 5 sales each month to break even.

Can You Make $497/day?

If all stars align and every person who signs up makes a purchase, then yes, you can surely make it. You can keep accumulating subscribers every month, and eventually, you might make it.PI365 $432/day claim

In reality, however, that is not possible. Don’t get me wrong. You can make sales every month, and those sales are recurring every month, but frankly, $497/day is a distant dream.


With the basic version of PI365, you just get 2 money pages (or landing pages) out 7. The following are the upsells that PI365 has.

  • Perpetual Asset ($127):  You get additional 5 landing pages. It is better to do split testing. You never know which landing page will work for you. 7 landing pages are better than 2.
  • 5 Clicks Profit Activator ($197): You can customize your landing page, add an extra banner, display visitor’s country flag, “spots available” display, and track visitors.
  • Email ATM ($297): This is a useful feature. It uses “Content Fountain” to re-write email swipes automatically, “Spambox Filter” to cloak your affiliate links to avoid your email landing in spam, and send a broadcast (one-off emails) using “Instant Broadcasts.”

Pro Tip: I wouldn’t sweat too much over these upsells, at least initially.

Good Things About Perpetual Income 365

  • Readymade Landing Pages: 7 readymade money earning pages are available for you.
  • 31 Days Email Sequence: I don’t mind spending $47 for the first month to try the system out and see this working email sequence. Frankly building email sequences that are converting is a very tough job, and PI365 seems to have got it working.
  • Email List Advantage: The email list that you build is yours to keep. You can use it to promote future affiliate products.
  • Training: Good videos explaining solo ads, how to make $2k profit per month and how to find solo ad providers

Not So Good Things About PI365

  • Only two landing pages are included in $47. I wish there were a couple of more.
  • You can’t modify the landing pages (at least in $47/month package)
  • Frankly comparing PI365 with the MCCA algorithm of Netflix is just a marketing gimmick. Everyone uses it, and it is not a secret exposed. So I was disappointed a little with that.
  • You will need Clickbank and GetResponse. I wish at least the autoresponder was inbuilt into the system. Also, getting a Clickbank account from third world countries is very difficult.
  • Another marketing gimmick was mentioning a 7-year-old YouTuber earning millions. Nothing is mentioned in the member’s area.
  • Another marketing gimmick is fake testimonials. There are a couple of fake testimonials by the Fiverr actors.

PI365 fake testimonials

  • Last but not least, you will be blacklisted from buying any product by this vendor if you claim a refund. They claim that it is because of misuse of the refund policy (which is true though).

Final Verdict

  • Name: Perpetual Income 365
  • Automation Of Process: 8 out of 10
  • Training & Tutorials: 7 out of 10
  • Support: 6 out of 10
  • Customization: 5 out of 10
  • Price: $9 trial, $47 monthly fees and upsells worth ~$600
  • Overall rating: 6.5 out of 10
  • Recommended: Depends. Read the last paragraph. It is not a scam though.
  • Where to Join: You can signup here.

Who Should Go For It?

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer who knows how to create landing pages and email sequences, then stay away from this. Use those $47 to run your ads.

If you are a newbie or not very comfortable with creating your landing pages or don’t know how to develop convincing email sequences, then join it at least for one month and try your luck. You may or may not get sales, but you will learn by seeing how the landing pages are designed. You will also understand the flow of the convincing email sequence. This will undoubtedly be useful in your future journey of affiliate marketing.

The steps mentioned in ‘How Will You Earn Money With It?’ are the exact steps one needs to take to sell any affiliate product. The biggest challenge is to get the converting traffic by paying the minimum amount. If you can manage 5 sales in the first month, then continue for one more month and see if you get more sales. If you don’t break even then you may stop or extend depending on your risk-taking abilities. Just remember the fact, like everything else, nobody can guarantee success. Not even PI365

Good luck!!

The overall rating for the perpetual income 365 is just 6.5. Do you want to know a “realistic” way of earning money with a program with a rating of 9.2? Click on the button below to know more.

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12 thoughts on “Perpetual Income 365 Review: Scam Or Legit?”

  1. I saw this video. The guy was fed up with how Netflix was treating people and he was going to run to the press… whatever. The story and comic book look was kinda cool, but the advertising was not convincing to me. Glad to see I did save my money by not buying into it?

    • Thank you for stopping by Greg,
      Yes the ads were very annoying but I got intrigued when he mentioned about Netflix 🙂 Glad the post was useful to you.

  2. Sounds interesting, but what exactly is the product being sold? If it’s just landing pages to sell their product, that’s a rather circular sales funnel to sell someone else the same sales funnel to sell someone else… etc. I could be misreading that part, and if you buy the upsell I guess you could optimize the landing pages for something else.

    In the end, you have the same problem… getting traffic. Sounds like they help by teaching you how to target your ads, which is useful. Without proper targeting, you’ll lose your money.

    Thanks for the write up on it. It was an interesting read.

    • Hi Steve,
      Yes, the product is PI365 itself. It is a partially automated version of affiliate marketing. You promote this product with their squeeze pages and email sequence that converts. You earn commission for every sale.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Thanks Prav,
    This was a very interesting review. I appreciate that you pointed out the fake actors, and what would concern me greatly is the solo ads and low quality email lists.
    I am curious, have you actually tried the program yourself and if so for how long did you try it?
    You give it an overall rating of 6.5/10 so this looks like you are overall supporting the profitability of this strategy.
    Thanks again, John

    • Hi John,
      I always write reviews after trying. Either I or someone from my team tries new products very often. The overall rating shot to 6.5 because of the automation part. I kinda support it because that’s how the affiliate products are to be sold and they have automated the process. With proper marketing breaking even is not difficult.

  4. Hello Prav, I looove your website! Very nicely written and good information. I’ve been with WA just for 3 months now and it’s still new for me been an affiliate. But with your website, you answered so many questions I had since I started…. so happy to have read a couple of your posts. The one Clickbank vs W.A., I’m also with Click bank but not register just promoting. And I have an etsy shop so now I’m going to read what you wrote for E commerce. Thank you for this website it as been helping me a lot.


    • Hey Lyne,
      Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. I am glad that my website could help you. I am yet to write about e-commerce websites. I will surely write about it in the future.


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