Set & Forget Review

Set & Forget Review: Set It OR Forget it?


Are you interested in earning money in your sleep? All you have to do it set the system and forget it. That system will then make money while you forget about it. Tell me again, are you interested? I will tell you about a SAAS application called ‘Set & Forget.’ In this Set & forget review, I will tell you whether you want to set it or forget about it.

What Is Set & Forget?

It is an application that lets you promote 5 products from ClickBank on autopilot. You can promote the products at various social media channels within the application itself.

The following are the 5 products that are currently available for promoting within the application.  You can upgrade to promote additional products.

  • CB passive income 5.0
  • Ted’s woodworking
  • The 3 weeks diet
  • Acne no more
  • The big diabetes lie

In addition, Set & Forget creates backlinks to your affiliate links over the period of 20 days, so that you get the traffic to your affiliate links automatically. You don’t have to pay for the traffic too. Pretty cool right?

It also has over 600 ready templates to promote your own products too.

How To Earn Money From It?

The flow is pretty simple.

1. Register and login to the platform. This is how the dashboard looks like.

set & forget dashboard

2. Click ‘create new campaign’ and select the product that you want to promote.

3. Enter your Clickbank affiliate id and save. You need to have an active ClickBank account in order to use this platform.

set&forget setup

4. Get your affiliate link and promote it on various social media channels. You need to have an account on various social media channels.

5. Repeat the steps fro 2 to 4 for remaining products.

As mentioned above, Set & forget will create backlinks to your affiliate links over a period of 20 days. The idea is that people will visit your affiliate links through the backlinks and various social media channels. They will purchase these products.

That way, once you do the setup, you don’t have to worry about it. It will keep fetching the commission in the background.

You may purchase their various upsells to promote additional 1000s of products and repeat the same process of setting and forgetting for those products. They even have an upsell where you can scrape the traffic that Set & forget getting (They claim that they get 10-20k per day (or a week, I don’t remember) ).

You can utilize their traffic to purchase your affiliate products.

Pricing & Upsells

The base version is just $13 one time price. The price is expected to go up depending on when you access the product.

There are multiple upsells from $67 to $197 each. The following things mentioned from an upgrade to platinum are various upsells that they have.

set&forget upsells

I had purchased the unlimited traffic. In that, you need to give your google ad tag to them and create a remarketing audience for retargeting. They will set your tag in their system and let you scrape through their traffic for running the remarketing ads to your link.

Pro Tip: Whenever you are going through upsells, keep saying, ‘No thanks’ and move ahead. Bookmark those upsell links to access later. Some times, the first upsell is expensive and when you say no to that, they slash more than 50% amount from the upsell.  Even if they don’t do that you don’t have to keep buying every upsell. Later you can buy the best one from the upsell list using your bookmarks.


The support is pretty bad. They don’t have chat or phone support. Email is the only support option that is available. If you did some good deeds in your past life, then only you will get a response from their support.

I guess I was a hardcore criminal in my past life. That’s why I haven’t received any response to my emails. In fact, I told them to cancel the account but they are least bothered.

Sorry, I had got one reply claiming that they have 100,000 members and it is difficult for them to reply to generic queries. Seriously?? you have 100,000 members and don’t have money to invest in good customer support?

I am going to return this product. I will update this post with my return experience.

Good Things About Set & Forget?

Ummmm… let me think…

Yeah remembered, there is none. The backlinks and unlimited traffic could have set them apart but it is not. Read more about it in the next section.

Bad Things About Set & Forget

  • They promised instant traffic. I got pretty excited about that. Apparently the instant traffic comes from the social channels where you have to have your own account. The application just lets you share your affiliate link on those social channels. I mean why should I pay them to promote my affiliate links on my own social channel accounts? I can do that on my own right?
  • They promise to create backlinks for your affiliate links.  I would have mentioned this under good things above, but… But none of the backlinks that they create are accessible.
  • Unlimited traffic appears to be a scam too. They claim that they get thousands of visitors on their page, however after creating the remarketing audience, even after 72 hrs the audience count is 0. Either they don’t get any traffic or they forgot to add my google tag.set&forget google tag

Final Verdict

  • Product: Set & Forget
  • Does What It Says?: 2 out of 10
  • Support: 1 out of 10
  • Training: Fairly straightforward
  • Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10
  • Price: $13 basic version and upsells ranging from 67to 197 each.
  • Recommended? No. So the final verdict is to forget it.
  • Where to Buy: If you are still interested then you can search and buy it on Warrior Plus

Update: I didn’t receive any response from them about my refund request, so I have escalated it to PayPal. As soon as I escalated it, the status in warrior + changed to refunded but the amount has not been refunded to me yet.

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12 thoughts on “Set & Forget Review: Set It OR Forget it?”

  1. Wow, I got really excited when I first started reading your post. It sounded like a great possibility. However, I am very grateful for your open and honest review regarding the negative side of the app. I hope with your post that you will save many people from the bad experience you have had. Thank you.

    • Rightly said Susan. This had the potential of being a great product but bad customer service kinda ruined it. Thank you for stopping by Susan.

  2. Set and Forget sounds very unreliable, especially when they claim you receive that amount of instant traffic through backlinks to accomplish conversions by people clicking your affiliate links.
    I think your experience with support says it all for this company – unfortunately, they have no interest in members. Wishing you all the best regarding your refund request.
    Thanks for the pro-tip – sound advice,

  3. I’ve heard this sort of rubbish so many times before, but it never stops making me smile a bit when I read some of the outlandish lies that these kinds of people try to sell us – thanks for this post.

    • Yes Simon. That’s true. I was intrigued by the unlimited traffic part which I believe is great if they really got the traffic that they are claiming for. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Hello,

    You did a great job talking about this product, you know I have found from my experience social media auto-post tools are nice, but if you are not going on social media to form relationships they often are not really worth using them as your only social media marketing strategy. People will notice you are posting an awful lot, but you are not sharing other pages and this will tell many of them you are only after their money.

    Just my own experience

  5. Thanks for your article, Prav. Your post is laid out very nicely and easy to follow.

    At first I was getting kind of excited about the product until you started pointing out all the flaws. Your article has definitely convinced me NOT to buy. Thanks for educating us on the negatives so we won’t make the mistake to buy.

    The very best to you,


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