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Spin Rewriter: Can It Spin The Best Content?


The biggest challenge every blogger faces is content creation. Don’t get me wrong if you are a gifted writer who can write 1000+ words in less than an hour. Feel free to skip this article in that case. However, if writing doesn’t come naturally to you and your struggle for the content is real then read on. I am going to review the Spin Rewriter in this article.

Can spin rewriter actually spin the content magically for you? Will that content be copyright free? Will Google consider it a duplicate content and penalize your rankings? Come, let’s find it out together.

What Is Spin Rewriter?

Spin rewriter is a spinning tool. Like any other spinning tool, it can take the content, ‘spin it’ and create the content that is unique ( and hence copyright free ). Google can’t flag your content as a duplicate content. Using spin rewriter, you can create unique content for your blogs, magazines, books within minutes.

But every other spinning tool does that. What is so unique about this spin rewriter? There is more to it and I will explain that in this article.

How Does It Work?

You can spin content in three easy steps.

Step 1: Enter a seed article. This is the article that you want to spin. After entering the article click on ‘Rewrite Article’. You can fix the grammar of the original article by clicking on fix grammar. Ofcourse, that will cost you extra moolah ($17/month). I suggest you to not take it.

spin rewriter step 1

Step 2: In this step, the spin rewriter will find the most correct synonyms for the word. It will also spin the sentences and may write new context-based paragraphs in the article. You can select the appropriate synonyms in this step for your content. For e.g. in the screenshot below, it is considering three words for the replacement of the word biggest. You can select which ones to keep and which ones to remove. However, I suggest that you don’t make any changes in this step and click on finalize the article.

spin rewriter step 2

Step 3: In this step, you create the final articles by clicking on generate a unique article. You can also add the relevant videos and images to your article by clicking on the video and image icons.

spin rewriter step 3

At the bottom, it will tell you the uniqueness in the percentage of the new article. You can directly post it to your WordPress website but it will make your pocket lighter by $47. I suggest you do extra hard work of ctrl+c and ctrl+v on the article and save those $47.

You can also check if the newly written article is copyright free and not duplicate using Copyscape. Again, at extra cost but not really required.

If you want the multiple unique copies of your article then click on export in step 3. It will create a zip file with unique article copies in the text format. In this case, I am telling spin rewriter to make 879 copies of this article 🙂 This entire process can be finished within 5 minutes (depending on the size of your article). In other words, I got 879 unique copies of the same article in less than 5 minutes.

Initial Settings

Before you actually start spinning the articles, you need to make initial settings. There are three levels that you need to set

Level 1: In this level, you will tell spin rewriter how to spin sentences and paragraphs. You can also decide if you want new summaries and paragraphs based on your context.

Spin rewriter setting 1

Level 2: In this level, you will decide whether you want more unique articles (low quality) or most readable articles (high quality). If you are not looking for multiple articles then it is best to select the most readable option. You can also tell the words or phrases that you don’t want to spin at all. For e.g. In this article, I don’t want to spin the phrases ‘spin writer’ and ‘affiliate marketing’. Spin rewriter will keep these phrases intact and not spin them. This is one of the important settings that you should do before spinning an article.

Spin rewriter setting 2

Level 3: Just leave the setting as shown in the image below and you are set

Spin rewriter setting 3

What Is So Unique About It?

There are a few factors that make spin-rewriter unique compared to the other spinners.

  • Controlled Spinning: Other spinners simply find the synonyms and replace them in the sentences. They can’t also create new paragraphs based on the context of your article. With spin rewriter you can control the words that you don’t want to spin and select the proper word as synonym before finalizing the article. It can also add summaries and new paragraphs intelligently.
  • Intelligent EML Semantics: With this spin rewriter can identify the different meaning of the words with the same spelling. For e.g. Consider this statement. “I wanted to read a book at leisure so I decided to book my flight tickets first”. Here the word ‘book’ two different meanings. With EML semantics it may rewrite the same sentence as I wanted to read a novel at leisure so I decided to purchase my airplane tickets first. This is a very intelligent way of spinning.
  • Ability To Insert Videos & Images: You can directly include the relevant images and videos from YouTube in your article. You don’t have to do it later. (However I don’t recommend it, will tell you the reason shortly).
  • Ability To Upload The Article To WordPress: With an upsell, you can directly upload the article to your WordPress website.
  • Ability To Check The uniqueness & Copyright Issues: With Copyscape, you can find if your final article can pass the litmus test of uniqueness and if your backside is safe from getting screwed 🙂
  • Availability of SEO Experts & Virtual Assistant: If you take the gold upsell, you get access to their team of SEO. They will spin up to 50 articles per month based on the topics that you give them. You also get a VA to spin articles.
  • Android & iOS Apps: With the gold membership you also get apps and you can spin the content on the go.
  • Free Regular Updates: Spin Rewriter is a SAS application. You don’t need to download anything. You also get all the updates free of cost irrespective of your membership level till your subscription is valid.
  • API Support: It has an API using which you can integrate it with other applications. For e.g. if you are running a news site and want a spun content automatically, you can use the API integration and get spun news articles on the go.

In short, you get a spun article which is unique and ready to upload on your website or magazine in less than 15 minutes.

Not So Good Things About Spin-Rewriter

Though it is one of the best spinning application, here are some points you should consider.

  • Language: Currently it is available only for the English language. If you are looking to spin articles in other languages then it is not for you.
  • Broken Links: If you insert images and videos in your articles and if they are removed from the original link then your article will have broken links. This is not really a limitation of spin rewriter though. That’s why we recommend not to include links using spin rewriter while creating the content. Instead, upload them to your website media gallery and insert them in the article.

Tips On How To Use It Effectively

This is how I have been using it for my other website. The following are the steps that I take before finalizing the articles. It is a little longer approach but it will ensure the quality and uniqueness of the article.

  1. Keyword Research: I use Jaaxy and ubersuggest to do my keyword research. I come up with the list of keywords for the article in this step.
  2. Article Research: I go to google and start searching the articles related to keywords. I glance through the articles with high-traffic keywords. In this step, I come up with the reference articles that I want to use in my final article. This step takes the longest time.
  3. Create The Seed Article: I then use the best parts from the articles in step 2 and create a draft article that I want to write. This draft seed article is already unique now except for the duplicate content that is copy-pasted. I never directly spin just one article.
  4. Use Spin Rewriter: The article in step 3 becomes the seed article. I always select the option of most readable from level 2 of the settings above. After all, I just need one high-quality article in my case.
  5. Read The Final Article: Even though the spin rewriter is one of the best spinners, there may be some sentences that will not make sense. You may want to correct those sentences.
  6. Final Touches In WordPress: Take this article to WordPress and format it to suit your website style. Insert images and videos and voila you have got a unique article for you.

For me, the entire process does not take more than couple of hours. That’s how I write at least 10 articles for my various websites per week.

Spin Rewriter At A Glance

  • Name: Spin Rewriter
  • Ease of Use: 9 out of 10
  • Advanced Features: 9 out of 10
  • Effectiveness: 8 out of 10
  • Support: Never needed
  • Price: $47/month OR $77/year OR $497 for lifetime. (Yearly price is $197 but you get a 60% discount with this link)
  • Upsells: Grammar check ($17/month),  WordPress license ($47 one time), Gold membership
  • Trial: Free 5-day trial. You can spin unlimited articles in these 5 days. Cancel if you are not satisfied.
  • Overall rating: 8.6 out of 10
  • Recommended: Yes

But Is It Really Worth It?

The short answer is yes, it is totally worth it. Google loves quality content. The frequency of your post helps a lot in ranking. If you are consistent with your writing, google will love you more and more every passing day.

If you were to hire an experienced writer on fiverr or upwork, it can cost you anywhere from $5 to $20 per article. Let’s say you purchase the yearly membership of $77 (after $60% discount). That’s mere $0.21 per day. Even if you write one article per day using this, you can write 365 articles in a year. The cost per article is just 21 cents. Even if you write one article per week, you can write 52 articles per year. That’s just $1.4 per article. Google will still love you 🙂

Frankly, I am not a writer. Hell, English is not even my first language. Before this, I used to spend days and days writing one article. This has really helped me in coming up with quality articles and saved my time, so I will say that it is surely worth it 🙂

I would love to hear from you about your new article writing process and tools that you used to write the articles. Show me what you have got in the comments.


12 thoughts on “Spin Rewriter: Can It Spin The Best Content?”

  1. Wow, this is the first time I’m hearing about this capability! Technology keep developing it seems!
    Thanks for the detailed review.

  2. I’m really interested in this. I used to cringe at the thought of spun content because I’ve seen what the older simple spinners did. They made up gibberish and I know Google can tell it’s gibberish, it understands English better than I do.

    But I recently read an article that said that article spinning is a legit way to create unique content. I actually enjoy writing but to be honest I know this is a numbers game. To create initial success online you need a few hundred blog posts on your website and if you write everything manually it takes several months to a few years to achieve this. If I could do even 30% by spinning, that would be a huge time-saving asset.

    I already use content curation i.e. artificially increasing post length by quoting different articles and linking back to them. Google seems to really love this as the posts that I’ve used this tactic on are ranking really well. If you combine these two tactics you can create

    I’ll definitely consider buying spin rewriter but I’ll have to check other options out there as well. Any other recommendations or is this the best one out there? I’m willing to pay good money if it’s good.

    • I tried some free ones and cheap ones before trying spinrewriter. Since then I never even bothered to try anything. The final output must be reviewed by human eyes though. Afterall it’s a machine spinning and it can never be equal to human intelligence. But surely it does a fab job at spinning.

  3. Thanks, what a Great labour saving and productivity tool. Your review impressed me so much that I have set up a subscription immediately for myself!


  4. Very interesting tool indeed. You are right that it takes ages to write an article that is original and long enough for google to like you 🙂 Many people hire writers to be able to produce one or two articles a day as that brings the best results for ranking. This seems a big time and money saver.
    Thank you for this review!

    • Most of the people who provide writing services use the spinners. Very few write on their own. Why not do that yourself and save money and time then 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Hello Prav,

    This is the first time I hear of this tool, but it is a life saver for most people because not all of us have the ability of create lots of content fluently. And I know for fact that there is a lot of people that really struggles writing, when I was in college, a lot of students failed writing essays, I often heard them say that they did not know what to talk about. So this tool will very great for a lot of people.

    I feel like you should change the color of your theme, something more appealing, I think is too plain.

    • Hi Adriana,

      Thank you very much for your views. This tool is great but it is not 100% perfect, the final checks need to be done with human eyes. About the theme, then since it is related to money, I wanted to give it the money color green 🙂 I wanted to keep it simple and clean. I appreciate your feedback. I will surely try and spice it up a bit.

  6. Hello Prav,

    The tips you share look interesting, and I am going to try it and will revert to you.

    Which one do you recommend? Spin Rewriter, or Grammarly?

    • Hey Daisy,
      The purpose of spin rewriter and Grammarly is different. Spin rewriter spins the article and creates new article whereas Grammarly is for spelling and grammar checking. They both can be used hand in hand. First spin the article using spin rewriter and then correct the grammatical mistakes using grammaraly.


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