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Start Affiliate Marketing Business: 6 Must Have Tools


It is very easy to start affiliate marketing business. Just find a good product, sell it to people in need and bag the commission. Many products give 75% commission. It is very easy to earn thousands of dollars per month (or per day) in a short span of time.

Was that your understanding of affiliate marketing too? Then you are on the path of disappointment my friend. While it is certainly possible to earn a thousand dollars, it is not easy and certainly not in the short span of time. Did you think why people will trust you to purchase from you? How will you find them to sell or how will they find you to purchase? Is the product really that good? Did you plan money for investing in your affiliate marketing business?

If you ever thought that it is a zero investment business and it is very easy then perhaps it is time for you to face the reality. Don’t just focus on people who claim that they are earning thousands of dollars every day and ready to teach you how to earn. You should not believe the fake screenshots of their earning. It is very easy to create fake screenshots. Even if they were earning thousands of dollars, why will they create competition for them? Won’t they continue to earn more and more? Even if they had to teach someone, then why will they teach some random people on internet? Won’t they teach it to their friends and family first?

Affiliate marketing is a very good business to start with. You just have to be realistic, patient and put a lot of effort. Just be aware that it will be very difficult to earn during the initial few months.

Today, I will tell you the must-have tools to start with your affiliate marketing business.

1. Website

In today’s world of the internet, a website is your shop. This is the place where people will come and buy your affiliate products. It is important to have a great looking website. There are many who provide cheap websites and hosting but you should not compromise on the cost. WordPress websites are the best with millions of themes and plugins available. You will never fall short of stuff to make your website beautiful.

Affiliate marketing Website

2. Extreme Fast Hosting

Just having a website is not enough. It should be hosted on very fast servers and it should load very quickly. The attention span of people is very short these days. If your website isn’t loading quickly then they will just leave. It is obvious that if they leave then they will not buy anything from you.

Again, it is better not to compromise on the quality of hosting. There are many hosting providers are there who will sell you from $2/month to $100/month. While I don’t say that go for the most expensive ones, make sure you do your research. Keep on reading for my recommendations.

3. SSL & Virus Protection For Your Website

Do not even think of starting your website without an SSL certificate. Depending on the security setting levels of the browsers, some browsers like Firefox, Safari, and chrome don’t display non-SSL websites. You don’t want that. The SSL certificate is not very expensive. It starts from $2 per month and most of the hosting providers provide it for free.

Also, it is important to save your site from viruses and malware. It is also not very expensive. Can you imagine what will happen if your site which is earning thousands of dollars per month gets hacked or gets bugged? Not only you will stop earning money but you will also need to start from scratch again.

Please do not try to save those couple of bucks here. One sale can take care of it for years.

4. A Good Content Writer

People may come to your website, see the product but they will not buy it if they are not convinced. Just listing a product on your website will not make them buy it. You need to explain the features and benefits of the products that you are selling. Also, that product is being sold by many affiliate marketers like you. So, your product review should be unique, grammatically correct and plagiarism free. Google doesn’t like grammatically wrong posts and penalizes you for copy-pasted posts.

You will need a good content writer to create the content for your website. It should also check for plagiarism and grammar. There are many tools who either check the grammar or verify plagiarism. Invest in a content writer who can do both together.

5. Email Accounts

Please do not use yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail accounts to communicate with your clients. That’s so not professional. Always use the email ids that have your domain name. Of course, it will again cost you a little but it is important to stay professional.

6. Training

You created a beautiful website, listed hundreds of products. Now what? How will people come to your website? Do you know how to do SEO? Do you know how to run paid ads to bring people to your website? Do you know how to select the best products to sell? Well, do you even know how to write a convincing article that will make people buy your products?

There are a lot of intricacies of affiliate marketing business. It is very important that you understand them first. You should learn them from the best in business. Certainly not from people who promise you moon and stars overnight.

Affiliate marketing training

Perhaps, I should have mentioned this as the first point. You should get trained even before starting to design your website. The training should cover everything in detail. Starting from how to create a website to how to run a paid campaign and sell your products.

If the training doesn’t last for at least a month, then you are not undergoing the right training.

Is That All I Need?

Nope. There are many more things that you will need. Such as tools for email marketing, bank accounts to receive money, social media management, and many more things. Most of these things are free and the paid ones are not mandatory (at least in the beginning).

The ones mentioned above are mandatory and will cost you some money. If you take everything individually then they will cost you approximately $150 to $200/month. Even the cheap products with poor quality will cost you at least $100 and I did not even consider the training in that.

That’s Expensive.. You May Say…

Didn’t I mention that you need investment in this business? Yes, they may appear expensive but there is one platform where you will get all these above for less than $1 per day. Here is what you can get for $0.98/day

  • WordPress websites: 10 of them (50 if you upgrade before 16th March 2020). That means you can create 10 different niche shops and multiply your chances of earning thousands of dollars.
  • Extreme Fast Hosting: The hosting for these 10 (or 50) websites you get is comparable with $250-$300 hosting packages and it is even faster than them
  • Free SSL, Virus & malware protection: Your website is always secured from the beginning.
  • Content Writer: A content writer with predefined templates, grammar and plagiarism checker ensures the content is best and will rank easily by google.
  • Email Accounts: You get unlimited email accounts. Others give you one to five email accounts at max. You need to keep purchasing more. Here you get unlimited email accounts and you can use various email accounts for various purposes.
  • Training: You get extensive training for affiliate marketing. It covers pretty much everything in detail. You get over 120 lessons and live training every week. You get free access to all upcoming and other member’s training. Did I mention that they are doing this for the past 15 years? Who can be better to teach you than them?
  • 24/7/365 Support: If you ever get stuck, then you will not have to wait for more than 5 mins in most of the cases.
  • Many More: The features that I mentioned above are not even the tip of the iceberg. You get many more things at $0.98 per day that are not even mentioned above.

But What’s That Platform?

I am talking about the ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ platform which gives all these plus more in just $49/month. I know I said less than $1 per day and I don’t tell lies 🙂 If you upgrade to the yearly package then it is just $359/ year. That makes it $0.98 per day (Feel free to calculate 😉 ).

These are the basic tools that you will need. You can either have cheap, substandard and poor quality tools if you buy separately or they will be very expensive.  Why not go for the best ones in the most affordable price.  $1 is less than your daily coffee at Starbucks 🙂

Do read my detailed review of ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ here before making your purchase. This will surely help you in understanding the nitty-gritty of the affiliate marketing business and put you ahead of the other affiliate marketers who are throwing darts in dark 🙂


8 thoughts on “Start Affiliate Marketing Business: 6 Must Have Tools”

  1. I found your article very valuable in starting an affiliate marketing business, I have one question you might be able to help me with, I am using a shared hosting plan so is this type of plan fast enough to be a good hosting plan for an affiliate marketing business?


    • Hi Jeff,
      Thank you for stoping by. Shared hosting is not a bad option, however I would suggest to keep checking the health of your website(mainly the speed). If you go for dedicated hosting then it is very expensive. The wealthy affiliate hosting is the best. This is what they say about their hosting, “The Premium membership is offering next level hosting, with the real services comparable to $250-$300 per month hosting packages out there. But there is one important thing, WE ARE EVEN FASTER!” So to answer your question, yes, WA hosting is the best one 🙂

  2. Hi Prav, this is a very interesting article and I am just about to start with my own website – so the information is very valid. The hosting with WA looks really worth my while because it is affordable. I will be giving it a try.

  3. Thanks for the detailed and useful information about starting an affiliate marketing business. I never compared WA to others in terms of speed, but in terms of value, I agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate offers more than what you pay. You made it clear and in detail, when someone doesn’t see that, nothing you can do.

    • Thank you Lucky,
      The point is simple. You will anyway need to spend approx $50 per month on basic things, why not get more things that are needed for your business along with the training on how to do it.

  4. I have read quite a few of your posts and they are very interesting, value packed with information. There is much to learn for working online and you are covering it perfectly.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Stay safe.


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