Superiorsolos review

Superiorsolos Review: Are They A Scam?


I have been using Solo ads for quite sometimes from various individuals. I had my share of success and failures with solo ads. This time, for a change I decided to use the solo ad agency instead of an individual. The agency that I chose was Superiorsolos. Let me share my experience with them in this Superiorsolos review post.

What Is Superiorsolos?

Superiossolos is an agency that provides solo ads along with many other things. They offer SMS text ads, contextual display ads, DFY list building, Youtube booste and SERP rank booster along with many solo ads clicks.

Since I availed their solo ads service, I will limit my review to solo ads only. This review doesn’t say anything about their other services.

What Packages Do They Offer?

When it comes to solo ads they have the following packages

Solo ads 200/500/1000/2000/3000 clicks

Solo ads blast: 25k,55k

I guess they have discontinued the Solo ads blast package as it can’t be seen on their website anymore.

Which Package did I choose?

I had chosen solo ads blast 25k package. In this package, they send emails to 25k people and guarantee a minimum click rate of 5%.

In other words, they promise the 500+ clicks to your link.  They claim that 90 % of traffic will be from T1 countries. They also claim 100% human traffic.

superiorsolos guarantee

With a coupon code, it cost me $180 for the 500 clicks.

Good Things About Superiorsolos

  1. 99% of human traffic that I received was from T1 countries.
  2. I received 631 unique clicks compared to a minimum of 500 clicks.

Not So Good Things About SuperiorSolos

But all was not well. In fact, it was worse than well.

1. Very Low Optin Rate: Though they don’t guarantee any optin %, this was by far the lowest optin rate I had ever seen with solo ads. One can argue that my offer is not good and hence the low opt-in rate. Well, that’s not right, you can check the FB opt-in rate. Superior solos rate was 3.4% whereas FB rate was 86.2%.

clickmagick tracking

2. Too Many Fake Clicks: I would have been ok with the low optin rate by real people, however, I received over 40% flagged clicks in addition to the total clicks. I got a lot of fake optins through these flagged clicks which screwed up the health of my mailing list. The same is evident from the screenshot above.

I did an experiment to see how good the list is. I sent a newsletter to this list and I got a whopping 5% open rate and 0.39% click rate after 48 hrs.

Newsletter test


Stay away.

I would like to know about your experience with solo ads. It would be great if you can let me know a few tried and tested solo ads providers of your choice in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Superiorsolos Review: Are They A Scam?”

  1. I have been meaning to try solo ads but they scare me.

    As for Superiorsolos. You can get better by hosting your own SMTP server on Mailwizz. That will cost you about $100 to setup and about $20-$35 to run per month.

    Getting a list is easy you can sign up with one of those lead sharing entities for about $30 a month.

    Then you can send 100K emails 10 times a day if you want.

    • Thank you Carl for the suggestion but there is a problem with that. These people have technically not opted for your product/services and most of your emails will land up in spam. But certainly worth a try than wasting money on people like superiorsolos.

  2. I have tried superiorsolos many times, i used to buy of the owner directly off Facebook years back and i still now after they grown much bigger.

    Most of the time i get awesome results and yes sometimes not so good results. But again this is the nature of Marketing, i run fb ads and GA all the time (when i can get them approved) as it is in the mmo niche, and some runs are okay and some are total waste of money. And i’m always worried about getting the ads disapproved.

    With solo ads it’s much easier, but yes it’s not always great roi, but u must keep ur numbers going, as i learnt it’s a numbers game, keep building your list and the money start coming …

    My average optins in all my superiorsolos runs is around 30% which is pretty good comparing Fb and GA ads …

    And i personally know hundreds of big affiliates recommend superiorsolos, u can google superiorsolos reviews.

    So i think, to not recommend them, or classify a company with thousands of reviews as bad because of one run, is pretty inaccurate, like judging FB or GA that they are not good after one bad campaign.

    I would like to add, 5% open rate and .3 click rate (without comparing to your other mails) is considered good in mmo and weight loss niche, as they are very competitive niches and leads gets hammered with ads daily…

    My average open rate for my 25k list is 3 to 5, click rate is 1.8 …

    Overall very nice write up Prav and i liked the details, but i just dont agree with the conclusion.

    That’s my humble opinion.


    • Thank you Michael for stopping by.
      Good to see that you are getting good results with superiorsolos. I too saw that there were happy reviews on their websites. Personally I don’t care much about the reviews as they can easily be manipulated.
      For me, I would have been ok with the 5% optins (as mentioned in the review) but I am not ok with the flagged clicks it sent. It has polluted my list. Almost over 40% clicks are flagged as per clickmagick and that’s a lot considering my previous experiences with solo ads. Not to mention the huge difference (84% vs 5%) between the other method and solo ads, for me it clearly didn’t work. I will surely not recommend it to others.

  3. Hi Prav,

    No problem mate …

    I just noticed something in the screenshots provided, i think there is something wrong with your tracking though mate…

    3.4% of 594 UC as you mentioned above = 20 Subscribers, But you have 216 Subscribers from that run that’s 37% conversion and and not 3.4% … you need to check how the conversion pixle is firing correctly …

    And as for Filtered FC, that is not called ” Fake Clicks ” , that is Called ” Filtered Clicks ” , it means your Clickmagick filtering settings and Superiorsolos Clickmagick Filtering Settings are not setup the same, and that is very normal when using different settings, they are legit clicks, they dont harm your list as they are clicks that are generated on the Sender side before it came to your landing page. i doubt anyone can send fake clicks in clickmagick, they are known how strict they are and how good their filtering is.

    With Filtered Clicks this happened to me once and when i reached out to, it turned out they have ” Server ” Clicks allowed, and on my settings i had them set to “Filtered” … they dont filter ” Server Clicks ” because they use server level filtering before clickmagick to monitor traffic and monitor conversions, so if you reach to superiorsolos they can actually show you exactly how many ppl opted to your run. they did that for me .

    And looking at your comparison of FB conversion, first. it’s too small of a run to compare results, the FB run has only 29 clicks and 25 of them converted!! this is unheard of … i also see something is not correct with your conversion pixle .

    Sorry if i sound like i’m correcting you… i have been doing this for over 12 years, so i kinda know one or two things by now 🙂

    if you need any help or have any questions you can email me anytime mate.


    • Np problems Michael,

      I am in IT field coding for over 20 years so I know a thing or two technical things. So rest assured, nothing was missed in setting the pixels or clickmagick 🙂 In fact, the link given by superiorsolos and my clickmagick link pretty much matched.
      I never had an issue with 20 subscribers. You were right there were more than 200 subscribers from the run but they came from those filtered clicks which clickmagick doesn’t record. Clickmagick calls them filtered clicks and if you know most of them are bot clicks.
      I clearly said in my article that they are in addition to the real clicks. The 200+ subscribers that got added are from the filtered clicks was the problem. I tried testing if they are real and you saw the results. That would never happen with real clicks. I get more than 9-10% open rate of my all other lists even after few months now.
      I made sure I did my research before writing this review. I have nothing personal against superiorsolos. I tried their service, I didn’t like so I gave them feedback on their website and wrote a review.

  4. I tried them recently. They are not real subscribers. These are bot clicks. The worst performance ever. Stay away from them.


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