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Wealthy Affiliate Review [2020]: Does It Still Work?


People who are in the affiliate marketing world must be aware of ClickBank, jvzoo, CJ and wealthy affiliate. All of these are reputed names in affiliate marketing for over 15+ years now. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was founded by Kyle & Carson in 2005 and currently boasts over 2 million members. That’s right, 2000000+ strong.

You may be wondering now, with 2 million people trying their hands on affiliate marketing, is it even worth trying? Well, strap on your seat belts on for this roller coaster ride where we are going to expose everything about WA.

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

In one line, WA is one-stop solution for affiliate marketing. You name a thing related to affiliate marketing and you will find the information about it in WA. Finding an affiliate marketing niche? no problem. Wanna develop an affiliate marketing website? you got it. Getting stuck and looking for help? you are covered. Don’t know any damn thing about affiliate marketing? no worries, you can learn everything from scratch. That’s WA for you.

Here you will not only find the step by step training related to affiliate marketing but you will also be able to host your WordPress websites for conducting your business. It also includes a lot of tools that will help your life much easier while creating your website that gets ranked faster.

And do you know the best part? There are no upsells. Everything is included in your membership. That’s what we love about WA. The program is very transparent. They don’t promise you stars and moon. They don’t promise overnight success. However, if you keep walking on the path shown by them then there are good chances that you will become a wealthy affiliate marketer in real life.

If you are a visual person then you can check the video walkthrough of wealthy affiliate member’s area in the video below, else skip to the next section.

Training Program

On the face value, affiliate marketing is simple. Just sell someone else’s products and bag the commission. Some affiliate marketers are earning thousands of dollars per day just from one website or product.

But is it that simple? Is every affiliate marketer earning money? certainly not. In fact, 8 out of 10 are not even earning $10 per day.

That means these 8 people are not doing something right. What if someone with 15+ years of experience teaches these 8 marketers everything from scratch? Pretty much hold their hand and give step by step directions? Will these 8 people succeed with affiliate marketing?

If these people are not lazy and impatient, they will surely succeed.

That’s what the WA training program is capable of. They are doing it for the past 15 years. They have seen, absorbed and implemented the changes in the affiliate marketing world. Then they put those learnings in the form of step by step training.

These trainings are very thorough and action-oriented. They make you take action after every training so that you get a chance to implement everything that you are learning. Most of the training is available in both video (visual) and text format with screenshots. Thus it caters to both visual learners and reading learners.

Let’s see what is covered in this training.

Certification Training

There are two main certifications

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification: This course has 5 levels and 50 lessons (as of Feb 2020). Out of these 5 levels, the first level (10 lessons) is free. These lessons help you familiarize yourself about the core concepts of affiliate marketing. As you can see in the screenshot below, the first free level itself is very detailed which is very rare to see anywhere else. It also has the actions to keep you engaged in learning.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Module

From level 2 to 5 (which is available only for premium members), you start learning all nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing world. This gives you a head start with making money online compared to other affiliate marketers who are clueless and throwing darts in the dark.

The aim of this certification course is to teach you how to find a profitable niche and create an affiliate business from scratch. It teaches you how to make a website, create meaningful content, get traffic using paid and free methods and so on

Wealthy affiliate certifications

  • Affiliate Bootcamp: This course has 7 levels and 70 lessons (as of Feb 2020). This certification focuses on make money online niche by promoting various affiliate products. Like the earlier certification even these lessons are very detailed and action-oriented. Check out the image below for the coverage.

We mentioned the date above because these training sessions are updated regularly. Outdated training are removed and new ones are added. When you join, the count of the lessons may vary a little.

Live Training

Things do change almost on a daily basis in the online world. Wealthy affiliate conducts live training every week, where their trainers pick up a topic and dig it deep in a live session. Usually these sessions are planned for one hour but they usually overrun.

This way they stay relevant to the changing technologies. You can also ask the questions to the trainer directly in these sessions. When you join, you get the recording of all previous live training conducted.

Usually such training are the avenue to upsell something but at wealthy affiliate such training are purely from the purpose of teaching you something and adding value. They don’t sell anything in the live training. We love that about wealthy affiliate.

Training Created By Members

Wealthy affiliate is 2 million members strong. Some members are with wealthy affiliate for over 15 years now. These people are pro when it comes to affiliate marketing. Whenever they come across something useful, they don’t hide it. They share with other members in the form of video training or a blog post.

If you ever get stuck, just search your question and we are pretty sure that you will find the answer.

Support for the members

Outstanding. I can’t think of any other word to describe their support. The members of the wealthy affiliate are spread across the globe. You can ask any query and you should have the answer within minutes irrespective of your timezone. In Addition, they have live chat too where you can ask your questions.

The members are very supportive and treat each other like a family. If you want to get something technical done then there is a dedicated support group available for this.

Rest assured, your queries, issues, technical challenges will get sorted within minutes.

Training & Support. That’s All I Get With WA?

Nope. As we said, it is the one-stop solution for affiliate marketers. That means you get everything that is needed to succeed. As we mentioned earlier, you get action-oriented certification courses. After every lesson, you need to take actions and a wealthy affiliate provides pretty much everything. Did we say everything is included in your membership?

  • Keyword Research Tool: Some of these tools can cost you a few dollars each month. Wealthy affiliate has a tie-up with Jaaxy for this and you get the Jaaxy Lite membership for free with wealthy affiliates. Right keywords can help you get your content in front of your potential buyers at the earliest and this research tool helps you narrow down the right keywords.
  • Website Themes & Add-ons: You get over 3000+ ready WordPress themes and over 51,000 add-ons that you can use with your website with just click of a button
  • Domains for your websites: You can purchase the domains of your choice right with wealthy affiliate. These domains come with an all-inclusive package which otherwise you may have to buy separately. Check out the comparison below. All domains come with free SSL, unlimited email accounts, site protection, spam protection, site health, and website analysis.
  • Website Hosting: You can host your WordPress website right within wealthy affiliate. You get 3X times faster websites compared to the ones that you might host outside wealthy affiliate. Sure, you can host fast websites on your own with dedicated hosting but that will cost you a bomb. In fact, you can host 50 different websites in wealthy affiliate. Imagine how much that would cost you if you were to host 50 websites on your own. The domain and hosting itself will cost you over $100 per year. Here is a brief comparison just for the domain name cost.

wealthy affiliate domain price comparison

  • Content Writer: You may say that you are not a writer. How can you create the content? Well, you get a content writer to create meaningful content. This content can be directly published to your website. The content writer comes with the spelling and grammar checker which helps in writing grammatically correct content. Google just loves grammatically correct content and thus your chances of getting rank get higher.

So you see, except for patience and will to succeed you get everything that is needed to succeed with your membership

Good Things About Wealthy Affiliate

Here are some points that we absolutely love about

  1. Training Quality & Content: We are not going to bore you again with the same points that we discussed above 🙂 Their training is one of the best. Period.
  2. Reward System: You get rewarded by earning points for completing tasks, writing blogs, asking questions, answering questions, creating training, and all. The small change in your overall ranking keeps you motivated to keep doing more and more.
  3. Emphasis on Free Traffic: While WA teaches you both free and paid ways to get traffic, they show you how to rank your content organically. This helps in the longer run. Eventually, you want to reach a point where you want to spend very little and earn a lot. WA focuses exactly on that from the beginning.
  4. Amazing Support System: Again, we are not going to bore you with the same points. We have already concluded that their support is just outstanding.
  5. Family Atmosphere: The members are there to help you. There may be times you feel down or frustrated. These REAL people will care for you like a family and motivate you. They are not chat bots. They are REAL people with REAL advice and solutions. Chances are there that you will start loving this family more than your REAL family.
  6. Free for 7 Days: You can try level 1 certification with 10 lessons absolutely free. You can also create 2 websites. These 10 lessons are pretty detailed and it is enough to give you what you can achieve if you go premium. You don’t even need to enter the credit card
  7. No Upsells: If you have purchased something online then you must be aware of the concept of upselling. In short, upselling is asking extra money for extra features after you purchased the basic features. If WA wanted they could upsell each of the functionality mentioned in the previous section, but instead everything is included in the premium package. The combined monthly cost will run up to a couple of hundred dollars easily.

Not So Good Things About Wealthy Affiliate

Well, there are not many but I feel there are some things here that can be little problematic.

  1. Partially Outdated Training: The online world constantly changing. The interfaces of all websites like google, Pinterest, FB are changing. There may be some points where the training screens and the real world screens may not match or that information may be outdated. While these training are constantly updated, sometimes it is just impossible to catch up. That way you may feel confused while completing the assignments.
  2. Language: WA is available only in English, so if you are a non-English speaker then you may not be able to use it. Hell, you may not even be reading this post now 🙂 However, if you can understand English, you can learn and implement the concepts for your non-English affiliate program.
  3. Overwhelming Content: If you are new to affiliate marketing then you may get overwhelmed with the amount of content present here. Many people just get scared and give up. Relax, all this content is not to be consumed in one day. Take your time and slowly you will get used to it.
  4. Getting Lost In The Social Side: You will make some good friends here and you may get lost in the social side of wealthy affiliate rather than focusing on the tasks on hand 🙂 Just stay focused.

Wealthy Affiliate: Final Ratings

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Training Program: 9 out of 10
  • Support: 10 out of 10
  • Tools Availability: 10 out of 10
  • Success Stories: 8 out of 10
  • Price: Free for 7 days, $49/month (yearly package is $1.35 per day)
  • Overall rating: 9.2 out of 10
  • Recommended: Yes

But Is It Still Worth To Join In 2020?

Perhaps people get disappointed with the fact that there are over two million people trying their hands at affiliate marketing. They think that there is a lot of competition. But wait, we are going to tell you something even scarier. These two million affiliate marketers are just with wealthy affiliate. If you consider all other affiliate programs, this number will easily be 10 times more:)Let’s

Now Let’s consider the other aspects. 80% of these people are not active members. Most of them join with the hope of becoming a millionaire by putting zero efforts. When that doesn’t happen they quit. So your competition is reduced considerably.

The rest of them are active and earning something but all of them are not competing in one niche only. They are scattered across multiple niches. There are thousands of niches with millions of products to sell and earn.

There are over 4 billion people with internet access and credit card ready in their hand. You just need 100 people per month who can afford products worth $50 commission. That way you can earn up to $5000 per month.

And we are just talking about one website here. With wealthy affiliate you can create 50 different websites. Even if you can start 5 websites and each of them starts earning about $5000 per month, we are talking about $25000 per month. Even if you can achieve half of it, it is still not bad right?

Competition will always be there. It will help you stay focused and always on your toe. Soon more and more people will get access to internet. More and more creative products will get launched. Perhaps there is no better time than now to get started with affiliate marketing.

But…. yes, there is a but… It is important to stay focused and patient. If you are starting today and expecting thousands of dollars by tomorrow then don’t even start. Let’s figure out the realistic ways to make money. Earning thousands of dollars overnight initially is certainly not realistic.

It is also important to take the right path. It is very easy to get lost and lose money in this online world. You need the right mentor who knows everything and can guide you in the right direction. Who can do that job better than someone who is in this field for over 15 years? You guessed it right, we are talking about wealthy affiliate.

To answer the question directly, yes, it is worth to join it in 2020. Certainly no harm in trying for free for 7 days right? They are not even asking your credit card details 🙂

WA membership Button

Here is a brief comparison of what you get in free and premium memberships

Wealthy Affiliate premium membership comparison

UPDATE: If you become a premium members post March, 16, 2020, you will get 10 websites instead of 50 and free membership will get just 1 website instead of 2. This is still great because it is difficult to maintain 10 websites for a person in real life. If you are earning from 10 websites and need more, for sure you can afford one more premium membership 🙂

Another Update: As on 13th May 2020 WA has updated yearly pricing as below.

Price: $495 per year
Discount: $93 off (basically a 2 month discount)
Bonuses: Free .com Domain ($14 value), 100 Community Credits, Bonus Live Class (AMA With Kyle, Succeeding in 2020)


14 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review [2020]: Does It Still Work?”

  1. Yes, I believe that Wealthy Affiliate still works in 2020 and will continue to work for many years to come. Its platform just keeps growing every year.

    All the best to your success with Wealthy Affiliate.


  2. Great review of Wealthy affiliate. It seems that the best things come to he who has patience and works for it!.

    I am not technically proficient – will I still be able to follow the training and implement it correctly?

    • Thank you Derek,
      As you said patience is a virtue. If you are not technically proficient, there may be a little learning curve as it is in every new thing that we learn, however it is important to stay focused and patient. The training with WA are very detailed and step by step. Anyone with average intellect should be able to follow and implement them 🙂

  3. If I wasn’t already a member of WA, you would have sold me! I agree with all of your points above. I love WA! I’ve been a member for about 4 months and I have learned SO MUCH from the trainings as well as other community members. There hasn’t been a question I’ve asked that was left unanswered. I have yet to generate revenue, but as you shared it takes time, patience and lots of work. I’m up for the challenge! Thanks for sharing a great review!

  4. What a thorough review. I love how you show the cost breakdown for Wealthy Affiliate vs. Go Daddy and the other hosting sites. I’ve never seen that before. It is really eye-opening. I hate how everyone online these days wants you to go premium and wants to upsell. I think it’s fantastic that Wealthy Affiliate does not do that. I appreciate you sharing this information. I need help with the technical aspects of affiliate marketing and you’ve convinced me that Wealthy Affiliate provides this.

    • Thank you Rebecca for stopping by.
      Yes, WA pretty much provides everything for affiliate marketing except patience 🙂 People think that affiliate marketing is easy and end up getting frustrated. There are 100 other things associated with it and if they are missed then it is difficult to succeed. Ofcourse, there is a learning curve if you don’t know how to do it but that’s the universal truth for anything that’s new to us. I consider myself technically strong but I still learned many things that I did not know earlier here 🙂

  5. Wealthy Affiliate offers great training and support for those new or old to affiliate marketing. You are right though that one has to be carefdul not to get too caught up in the social side. As long as one puts in the effort I believe that the fruits will come.

  6. Wealthy Affiliate is really the best training online and will last for many more years. I am so glad to be a part of it. This article is very informative about the many benefits of becoming a member.

  7. Great stuff! I like your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I tried and tested this program a while ago and it works! I managed to build a few sites and earn a passive income from all. WA is a reliable, affordable, and highly recommended training program.


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