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Wealthy Affiliate Vs Clickbank: And The Winner Is…


If you are an affiliate marketer then you must have already heard about wealthy affiliate and ClickBank. If not, then I recommend you read their detailed reviews. Wealthy Affiliate Review is available here and Clickbank review is available here. You must be wondering if there is a head-to-head fight then who will win. Today, we are going to exactly find out that. So get your popcorn, sit in your chair, and get ready for the fight. Here it comes… Wealthy Affiliate vs Clickbank …. Roll, Camera, Action…

The match begins.

Match begins

Round 1: Affiliate Product Availability

Clickbank has thousands of products under various categories under their belt whereas Wealthy Affiliate technically has only one product that can be promoted.

There are hundreds of vendors with thousands of products on ClickBank. Then there are thousands of affiliate marketers promoting those products.

On Wealthy affiliate, people are either promoting wealthy affiliate itself or their own affiliate products (that may include products from ClickBank too πŸ˜‰ ).

Though wealthy affiliate does not have their own products, it can recommend products from other affiliate networks that can be sold on your websites that are created and hosted within wealthy affiliate platform

Winner of Round 1: Clickbank, due to the sheer number of products available for the affiliate marketers

Round 2: Product Selling Abilities

If you have a product and you want other affiliate marketers to promote it then you can do it only on ClickBank. The wealthy affiliate does not have an avenue for vendors.

There are other platforms like jvzoo, CJ where you can become a vendor and list your products too, but we will limit this fight to Clickbank and wealthy affiliate

Winner of Round 2: Clickbank. It was almost a knockout but WA managed to get up. Let’s see what happens in the next round.

Round 3: Training

Clickbank has two main tracks of training. One for the affiliate marketers and the other for the vendors who wish to sell their products. Both courses have detailed step by step instructions on how to succeed in the respective tracks.

Besides, there are extra pieces of training on FB, google marketing, and other informative courses on traffic. They do have weekly live sessions with big influencers in the industry giving tips, training, and motivation. The quality of the training is amazing and easy to understand. Clickbank has private user forums where members can discuss their issues and help each other.

On Wealthy Affiliate the training focuses only on how to succeed in your affiliate marketing. The pieces of training are extremely detailed and action-oriented. If the steps in the training are followed to the T with patience and dedication then you should become a successful affiliate marketer. Wealthy affiliate too has weekly training like ClickBank.

WA has more training than ClickBank and it is action-oriented, however, some parts of the training are a little outdated. They are staying updated with their weekly live training though. They have a big repository of live training that happened over the past many years. All these pieces of training are available with your membership. WA also has a very helpful community that helps you in your difficult times.

Winner of Round 3: Tie. WA would have won this round but didn’t win because of a few outdated training.

Round 4: Resources For Affiliate Marketers

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you need many things along with the training. While both platforms have great training, only WA has the resources needed. In fact, here is a brief comparison of the resources that WA offers. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more features than mentioned below. You can try them for free for 7 days. Just create a free account and get started. No credit card required.

Technically you can create websites with ClickBank too but that is available as an upsell. There is a 30 refund but ClickBank is not Free. I will explain that in the next round.

Winner of Round 4: Wealthy Affiliate

Round 5: Pricing

WA’s all-inclusive monthly membership is $49. If you go for a yearly membership then it becomes very much affordable. It comes to less than a dollar per day. And do you know the best part? you get everything that is on the platform in your membership. There are no upsells. If you buy a yearly package then you get $93 off, that’s almost two months free.

On the other hand, Clickbank pricing is $47 month just for the training module and live training. To get the rest of the resources there are upsells which go as high as $594 in addition to the $47 that you are paying per month.

Winner for Round 5: Wealthy Affiliate

The final score is 2-2.

Which One Should I Go For?

I see that you are confused because the final score is 2-2. But if you pay attention then round 3, 4, and 5 are more important than the first two rounds for affiliate marketers. There is a clear winner there, Wealthy Affiliate. You can try the platform for free for 7 days. No credit card required.

But the winner will differ depending on who you are and what you are looking for.

If you are a vendor who wishes to sell their products: ClickBank is your choice. Vendors can register here

If you are an established affiliate marketer with his own setup and who just looking for the training then you can go for ClickBank. You can create your account here for ClickBank and here for Wealthy Affiliate.Β 

If you are an affiliate marketer who doesn’t have any setup yet then you should trust wealthy affiliate with your eyes closed. You have everything with WA that an affiliate marketer will need to succeed. Just create a free account and get started.Β 

Have you used either of these platforms or any other which can give these a tough fight? I would like to know about it in the comments below πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed the fight and finished that popcorn πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Vs Clickbank: And The Winner Is…”

  1. I thank you for your review of Wealthy Affiliate vs Clickbank, and I do have a question would it be a good strategy for me to use Wealthy Affiliate for my training and Clickbank for my products to promote to get the best from both of these programs?


    • Hey Jeff,
      Thank you for stopping by. In fact, your question itself is a strategy. Joining clickbank as an affiliate marketer is absolutely free (in approved countries). You can join ClickBank as an affiliate marketer. Join Wealthy Affilate for its training and resources. Utilize the training and resources at WA to promote the products from clickbank. I absolutely see no need to pay for training at clickbank university.

  2. I really enjoyed reading, *ahem* I mean watching that fight! (My popcorn was delicious:)) But in all seriousness, I am actually a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community and I love it! When I found them about 5 months ago I was completely new to the affiliate marketing scene. I started with the free portion and got hooked. A few weeks after starting I joined as a member.

    The training provided and community help I have received have been priceless, I honestly wouldn’t have made it on my own. I have a teaching background, so online marketing was a foreign concept to me. Having step-by-step courses to follow has been an incredible resource. I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to any who are interested in checking out the affiliate marketing world!

    • Hi Heidi,
      Glad to know that wealthy affiliate is helping people who did not have ay exposure to online marketing. I am super sold on the fact that if someone has patience and dedication, then he/she can succeed with wealthy affiliate.

  3. This is an excellent overview and review of both Clickbank and Wealthy Affiliate. It certainly informed me. I wonder whether Wealthy Affiliate is also an option for those though that are already established but have not seen the results they had hoped because they don’t have the understanding of how to get ranked organically and how to structure blogs etc. I tend to think it could be an option for them also.

    • Hi Martine,
      Technically, wealthy affiliate is for everyone who wants to earn money online and has patience and dedication. Established marketers can certainly benefit too πŸ™‚

  4. I am currently a member of WA and Clickbank.
    I have thought that WA and Clickbank are totally different entities.
    So, the title was interesting to me.
    Although I am a member of Clickbank, I barely visit there.
    I usually visit WA to learn about the online business.

    Thank you for your objective comparison between two programs.
    As you indicated, Clickbank might be preferable for some gurus.
    But, as a newbie in this field, I will choose WA.
    I have been learning so much at WA with a lot of its helpful programs.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you Jason for you time on my article πŸ™‚
      You got it right. I am a member of clickbank too but I also go there rarely. Not only newbies but experts can utilize the amazing training that WA offers. I am a big fan of their weekly live training. The best part is that I have a huge repository of their live training from past 12+ years. There is rarely any topic that is not touched in WA πŸ™‚

  5. I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option for beginners and people who are looking to earn with affiliate marketing. If I were a vendor, I would go with ClickBank probably. But WA could be also a great way to learn how to promote your own products. After all, the guys teach how to promote other people’s products. So if you have you own, you get to keep 100% commissions πŸ™‚

    • Yes Ivan,

      The value for money at wealthy affiliate is outstanding. Vendors are the only category should go to clickbank, rest all should come to wealthy affiliate πŸ™‚


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