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Website Search Optimization : A Key To Money Minting?


Everyone has heard about the website search optimization. Many even have a vague idea about it. Today, I am going to tell you whether it is essential and how it translates into money. If you master the art of SEO, you can mint money. Grab your cup of tea (or coffee or your favorite drink) and dive deep into SEO. I will try my best not to make this article boring 🙂

How SEO Helps?

Every person who has seen a computer has heard about Google. Some have even heard about Bing (and still using it). These are the search engines resulting in a list of websites answering your search query (Duh, why am I even telling this?).

Now imagine your website appearing on the first page of the search result in google. You can expect a lot of visitors to your site. Some of these visitors are your future clients, and do you know how much money you need to spend to come on page 1 of google? Zero, nada, nothing.

It is possible because of SEO.  Let’s consider a hypothetical example. Let’s say you are selling a product related to weight loss and your average profit after all expenses are $10. Let’s say your website appears on page 1 for the search term ‘weight loss’.

Weight loss keyword traffic

As per Jaaxy, a keyword research tool, there are 172125 searches every month for weight loss. If your website manages to appear on page 1 of the search results in Google, you can expect 29262 visitors per month. Let’s say just 1% of people buy your product. That’s 292 clients. Assuming your average profit is $10 you can earn $2920 per month for the products related to search term weight loss.

This is just for one search term. Of course, your website is going to have many keywords, your average profit will be much higher than $10 and surely more than 1% visitors will buy something. Even if products related to 10 different keywords are appearing on page 1, you can multiply $2920 by 10. That’s the money you can expect to make per month. Not to mention, you can rent your website places to run ads too. Imagine, the amount of moolah popular websites must be making.

You too can do that. All you need to is keep updating your website regularly and perform 3 different types of SEOs on your website mentioned in the next section. Just remember that SEO is a slow process. You won’t be making money immediately. Sometimes not even within one year. But once you start making money from your website by doing SEO properly, there is no stopping 🙂


Types Of SEO

There are three different types of SEOs that you can perform on your website

1.On-Page SEO: It is the SEO that you need to do whenever you create new content. It can be a blog post, video upload, or a review of your product. There are certain checklists that you need to perform each time you create the content (mentioned in the next section).

It helps Google (and Bing) to understand the details of your content and how it can be valuable for the viewers. Google (and Bing) then ranks and displays your content in the search results.

2. Technical SEO: Technical SEOs are (almost) one time checks that you need to perform. It deals with the site backend to improve the readability of the website for the crawlers. It focuses on site speed, indexing, site architecture, security, and so on.

This is a little technical and not very easy to understand. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it. Just hire the right people and get it done if you don’t know how to do it. After all, we are not superhumans to know everything about everything 🙂

3. Off-Site SEO: This is about strengthening the authority that your website has with other websites. It talks about building and improving the authority of your website. You must have heard about the backlinks. It is nothing but a link pointing to your main website or sub-pages on other reputed websites. Google treats your website as a reputable website if another reputed website is pointing to your website. If you keep building ‘Good Quality Backlinks’ over the period of time, Google will start treating your website as an authority website.

Generating backlinks is a big topic in itself and it has many ways to do it. They can be built using white hat methods (legal methods) as well as black hat methods (illegal methods).  White hat methods are slow (rather very slow) but reliable and black hat methods are fast but unreliable.

Again, you may not know how to do it and there are experts who can get it done for you using both black and white hat methods. You may implement both methods but remember, if Google finds out about your black hat backlinks, it will surely punish the ranking of your website.

SEO Checklist

You must keep on creating content on your website.  Each time you create content, you must perform the following activities. I assume that you have already performed the keyword research activity and ready with your content.

  1. Keyword In The Title: Include your main keyword in the Title.
  2. Keyword In The First Paragraph: Include your main keyword in the first paragraph of your post too. Make sure that you use the exact keyword that you used in the title.Things to do in Affiliate marketing
  3. Say No To Keyword Stuffing: Gone are the days when Google used to rank pages where the keyword was mentioned a hundred times. Now Google won’t rank it. It should not repeat more than 2-3 times in the article.
  4. Avoid Keyword Variation Stuffing:  Many people use the variations of the main keyword in the article. They think that they have better chances of ranking but that is not the case. Unless that variation is flowing naturally in your article, avoid using it. Trust me, Google knows what you are trying there.
  5. Use ALT Text For The Media: If you include an image or video in the article, make sure to fill the ALT TXT (or alternative text) property of the media.
  6. Compress The Media: Don’t upload high resolution and heavy media files. Your image size should be as low as possible without impacting the quality. Try not to exceed 500kbs for images. For videos, it is better to give YouTube or Vimeo links instead of embedding the videos directly in the content.
  7. More Than 800 Words: If you are writing an article then you must write more than 800 words. Try to aim for 1000 words and if you can write 2000 per article then it is really great. Don’t go beyond 2000 words as far as possible. Again, don’t stretch the article just for the sake of increasing the word count.
  8. Adhere To Title & Meta Description Character Limit:  The title limit is 60 characters and the description limit is 160 characters. While you can certainly write bigger titles and descriptions, try to fit in your information within these limits.
  9. Add Internal Links: Internal links are the links of other pages within your website. This is your way of promoting the other pages (as long as they are related). For eg. SEO and keyword research are related and as you can see, I have included the link of my keyword research page here. You can add 2-3 internal links in the article.
  10. Add External Links: It is similar to the internal links but this time they are the links of other websites. For technical SEO, you must know how to build an SEO friendly website structure. Since I did not have any related content on my website, I have included an external link here. Again you may add 2-3 external links in the article. Just make sure that you are adding links with high domain rating sites. You may check the domain rating at ahrefs backlink checker. (See I cleverly included another external link there ;))

Useful Tools To Improve SEO

While the above checklist surely helps in staying on top of SEO, things keep changing. There are a few tools that help to stay on top of this SEO game. All of them are paid but some of them have free versions that are equally powerful.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin: Yoast is a WordPress plugin. You can easily add title and meta description, check the readability of your article and do many more things inside the free version of Yoast SEO. The paid version offers many more capabilities.

2. All-In-One SEO: It is another WordPress plugin similar to Yoast. This too has a free and paid version.

3. SEOPressor: While the free versions of Yoast and all in one SEO are more than sufficient, SEOPressor offers all in one solution for SEO.  SEOPressor plugin gives you maximum SEO clarity on your WordPress sites with a host of customization & optimization features designed for controlling SEO with ease. It gives you a clear idea of what needs to be changed on your website and how.

4. Backlink Beast: Backlinks help in creating authority faster and backlink beast helps in creating backlinks faster. It is important to create high-quality backlinks and backlink beast does exactly that.


Before you get all excited with the example explaining high earnings above, let me warn you. The SEO journey is slower than a snail. Google will not grant the authority to your website immediately. Your website will NOT show up on page 1 easily.  There are billions of websites out there and google wants to show the best of best results to its readers, of course, it will test how serious you are with your website before granting you the authority. If it was that easy then everybody would have done it 🙂

Google algorithm will find ways to push you down. You implement something illegal, it will push you down. You don’t publish regularly, it will push you down. Some better article comes, it will push you down.

All you need to do is keep creating quality content regularly. Working on SEO of your website is the best long term game that you can play. It may appear fruitless initially but once you enter the trusted zone of god google, you can literally mint money.

So what are you waiting for? Analyze the SEO of your website and start correcting it at this very moment. All the best.


6 thoughts on “Website Search Optimization : A Key To Money Minting?”

  1. Hi there! I’m currently managing a site as well! I’m also looking for more information that would help me to gain my traffic to my site. SEO really helps! It’s really important to every site and it worth us to spend time on it.
    Your article is full of information and it broadens my horizons as well! I’ll definitely try all the tips you shared while I’m creating a new content for my site.

    Thanks for your sharing!

  2. Thanks a lot for the tips on search engine optimization. This is how you get free traffic to your websites. Finding the right keywords is everything… to find a way to squeeze your post the the vast competitive information highway.

  3. Hi Prav,

    Thanks for this step-by-step article to show people how to do SEO in the right way, so we won’t spend so much time doing helpless implementations on our sites. Among all the suggestions, I do find the backlinks interesting.

    What I learned from my platform that they don’t recommend backlinks to your site, but you do recommend backlink Beast here. Does it help a lot with your site? I would love to hear more from you on this.


    • Though backlink importance has reduced, it is not completely zero. It is no more one of the major deciding factors though. Backlinks are still important. Google expects you to build natural backlinks, aka the white hat techniques. You can use tools like backlink beast to create them. That is called the black hat technique. Everything is fine as long as google doesn’t catch your backlinks. So you should proceed with caution. Thank you for stopping by.


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