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What Is Website Ranking & How To Achieve It?: 8 Things To Do In 2020


Everyone wants their website to appear on page 1 of Google search organically. For some people, even page 10 is fine as long as google recognizes its website. But do you know how Google god recognizes your website from the sea of billions of websites? The answer is through website ranking. Let’s see what is website ranking and how to achieve it for your website.

All you need is a website with some content on it. So let’s get started.

Importance Of Website Ranking

Organic traffic to your website is the best form of traffic. You don’t need to pay a dime for getting that traffic. The only problem with getting organic traffic is that you need to compete with other websites out there for the spot in the search results.

It’s similar to competing with other racers in the race to come first. Google is the referee who is setting the rules and monitoring them in this race. It allocates ranks to all websites based on their performance. The top rankers get listed on the first page of the search.

And the best part is that this ranking race never ends. The rankings get changed daily. If you can rank for high traffic searches and the solution that you are offering is even half-decent then you can see a lot of dollars in your bank account. That’s the importance of website ranking.

But as you guessed, competing with billions of websites worldwide is not going to be easy. Moreover, Google god never releases the exact rules of this race. But fortunately, people have figured out a few things to rank higher. Here are the 8 things to do for every content that you create so that your website can start ranking higher.

#1: Content Size & Quality Does Matter

You might have heard this term “content is the king”. This is very true in 2020. Gone are the days when you could simply put a few trending hashtags in your content and rank.

This is 2020. Google can read your content and understand what is it about. Google can understand what you are talking about in the videos too.

E.g. In this article, I am talking about website ranking. If I try to mix up formula 1 racing in this article then google will know and give me poor ranking.

content is king

So in short, the quality of the content is important.

Now let’s see if the size does matter too. This is a controversial topic. Some say that 300 words per article are sufficient, some say 500, and people like Neil Patel say that the length of the articles should be around 2000 words for most of the niches.

For me around 1200-1500 words posts are doing great. So yep, size does matter. But that doesn’t mean you can write anything to increase the length of the article. Remember Google can read and understand too?

Another thing is that Google can identify if you have stolen the article from somewhere. So it is better to write 500 words article in your own words than stealing 2000 words articles from somewhere else.


#2: Keyword Research Is The Key

If your website is new then select your keywords wisely. If you target the high competition keyword from the beginning then you will take a lot of time (over a year) to start ranking even on the 10 pages of google.

It is like running the race directly in the Olympics. First, you start winning the race in your county. Then run in state races followed by the national races before running in Olympics.

Same way, you should focus on low competition keywords first. Once you start ranking for these keywords, slowly move upwards. I have explained this strategy in detail in this article. 

There are many free & paid tools available for doing the keyword research but Jaaxy is my favorite among all.

#3. Everyone Loves Images & Videos

Your article should have 2-3 (optimized) images. Everyone loves images including google. They not only explain what you are writing better but also help in ranking better.

And videos are better than images in 2020. Try to add a video to your article. You can also go back and add videos to your old articles.

But I don’t know how to create the video, you may say and I get it. I didn’t say add your videos 🙂 While your videos are preferred but not mandatory.

Go to YouTube and add videos related to your topic. Don’t worry about the copyright issues as you are not adding it as your own. You are just giving a link.

#4: Frequency Of Posting

Though I am mentioning this at #4, this is one of the most important factors in getting ranked faster.  You need to publish the content frequently.

As mentioned earlier there are thousands of websites get launched every hr but not all get ranked by google. Google wants to see how serious you are about your website. That’s why it puts you in the sandbox and tests your patience.

Every post that you publish regularly makes google god happy and it starts rewarding you slowly with good rankings.

During the initial phase, people post regularly. Some even post daily. But as time goes by, the posting frequency reduces. Every day becomes an alternate day. Alternate day becomes weeks and weeks become months.

Remember that if you don’t post regularly your starting again at the last pole position. The longer it is, the worse it’ll get, the more competitive your niche is, the more you’ll lose rankings if you don’t continue to blog.

#5: Internal & External Links

You should at least give 2-3 internal links and 1-2 external links in your posts. Internal links are nothing but the links of your other related posts to your current topic and external links are the links to the other website articles outside your website.

As you can see I have included a few links in these articles.

This helps you in reducing the bouncing rate of your website. In simple terms, a visitor who visits your post visits other posts on your website by clicking on these links and spend more time on your website.

If a visitor is spending more time on your website then google treats your content as quality content and starts giving you a better ranking.

Here is the bounce rate for my website. It means only 3 people out of 100 left just by reading only one post. Rest if they at least read two pages.

Bounce Rate

#6: Meta Title/Description

This is what makes people click on your blog from the search results. You need to make sure that you put interesting and curious stuff in these sections and you update these sections manually.

Also, make sure that you are including the keyword in the title and the description. You can use tools like All-in-one-SEO or Yoast to modify these fields.

Here is an example of the meta title and description for this post.


#7: Use Google Analytics & Search Console

Google wants you to succeed in this race. That’s why Google is offering these two world-class tools for absolutely free.

With google analytics, you can keep track of your visitors, their location, from which site they are coming, bounce rate, and many more things.

Depending on the various tracking data you can further optimize your website. Here is a video explaining how to use Google analytics:

Google Search Console tells you whether your website is indexed or not. It also gives you the search queries for which your website is shown.

Let me quickly clarify the difference between indexing & ranking. The ranking is the position of your website in the search results. Indexing means google knows that your post exists but not necessarily shown in the search results.

Here is another quick video on how to make the best use of the search console. It may be confusing initially but you need to learn it. That’s what will separate you from the rest of the racers:

#8: Sharing Is Caring

Once your post is published you must share it with others. You can share it with your Facebook friends, groups, twitter, Pinterest, and many other social platforms. Try to get as much free traffic as possible.

This free traffic is important in ranking. This tells Google that people trust your blog and slowly Google will start showing your website in the organic search results.

As I mentioned, sharing is caring so please show that you care by sharing this post 🙂

Do you want to see all these steps (and much more) live in action? Then do watch the video below.

Website ranking live

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Hope I could shed some light on how to get ranked with Google. This process pretty much works the same for Bing too. Let me know if I missed something in the comments.

Disclaimer: You don’t need to pay a penny to implement these steps but at the same time you must remember that you are not going to see the results overnight. Depending on your niche it may be a few months before your website starts appearing in the search results. Considering that over 380 new websites get launched every minute, this ranking race is going to get difficult. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t run it.


7 thoughts on “What Is Website Ranking & How To Achieve It?: 8 Things To Do In 2020”

  1. Great article and very helpful for anyone strggling with Googles ranking. I have my website up for 6 months and posting 2 articles a week yet I still don’t seem to get visiters to my site. Those that do visit are enjoying my articles very much so I am not sure what is going on. I have recently started adding pins on Pinterest and Twitter for the last month. And yes I do have pics however no videos yet but will consider adding videos. What do you suggest I can do to help it further? Or should I just start a different website?

    • Thank you Rick for stopping by. Gone are the days when a website could rank in less than 3-4 months. With so many new websites competing, the ranking period has gone up too. I saw your website and your articles are good. You need to increase the frequency, add videos and keep sharing. Videos make a big difference in ranking in 2020. Running paid ads occasionally to get traffic to your site is another way to increase the ranking. You can start another website if you want but I wouldn’t waste the efforts put in for the last 6 months. All the very best 🙂

      • That makes sense, I will wait on the paid advertising for now but will take action on your advise. Thank you so much for your support I really appreciate it.

        All the best to you as well.

  2. Hey! You’ve shared very useful information here in your post about how to increase your website’s ranking. I have heard some of these before but never paid too much attention until I’ve come across your highly useful post which taught me right away to enhance the point mentioned especially the frequency of posting. I thought this was only applicable for the YouTube, not for the website. I will in-cooperate these point on my job’s list from now on.

    Thank you for this amazing share.

    • Thank you Habib. In fact, google and FB are giving more importance to videos from last two years. Fb video ad reach is more than text ad reach and if you notice your timeline then you will see more and more videos these days. So yes, videos make a lot of difference.

  3. Hi Prav,

    Thanks for letting us know all the important key factors that affect your website ranking, I think it’s quite comprehensive & easy to get your points. For me, I think the biggest challenge is the frequency of posting. Do you have tips to write articles like everyday? It would be nice that we can it from an expert like you.


    • Thank you Matt for stopping by.

      Frankly even I am not writing every day. Though I want to get there. I try to write 3 times per week but my frequency is still 2.5 Researching and writing takes time for me as I am not a gifted writer 🙁


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